QSC KW122 Vs K12

Are you confused in choosing between QSC KW122 and QSC K12? Indeed, these two speakers seem to share a lot of similarities, to the point where they are almost identical to each other. On paper, they have similar input and output power. However, QSC KW122 is being priced quite considerably more expensively than QSC K12. So, what’s with the price step-up? Is QSC KW122 really better than QSC K12? Let us see the comparisons to decide!


If you put these two products next to each other, you will find QSC KW122 to be a thud bigger than QSC K12. However, neither is excessively too big. They are both still quite portable, allowing for easy transport for live applications. Well, you also may have noted that QSC KW122 is a little bit heavier than QSC K12. This is because QSC KW122 features a birch enclosure, whereas QSC K12 has a plastic construction. The different materials do cause not only different weights, but also affect the durability and audio output characteristic. QSC KW122 comes with unreal headroom, solid and full bass, relative to QSC K12.

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Of course, on paper, QSC KW122 and QSC K12 come with similar power. They both have 1000 W continuous output power, with 2000 W peak output power, utilizing Class D internal amplifiers. With 131 dB maximum SPL, QSC KW122 and QSC K12 are the real deals. They can easily deliver punchy sounds for live applications. They can also perform as monitor speakers quite accurately and satisfyingly. Both models make use of 12” cones as LF transducers and 1.75” diaphragm compression drivers for HF transducers. They each has a frequency response range of 53 Hz – 18 kHz, which allows for decent bass, midrange, and treble. So, both models are able to reach similar lows, mids, and highs. However, as mentioned above, the different materials that they use play an important role in the audio reproduction. QSC KW122’s DEEP processing technology also helps in extending your system’s bass response. Thanks to the high-quality birch enclosure, QSC KW122 is able to deliver more accurate notes and tones, with superior headroom. Even without any additional amplifier, you can still use it for indoor parties. The sound will still be hard-hitting and full.

QSC KW122 Vs K12

Key Features- Bi-amped 1000-watt powered speaker with 12" woofer and 1.75" tweeter - 75-degree coverage angle with square pattern lends itself to cluster applications - Simultaneous mic, line, and stereo RCA inputs - DEEP processing extends your system's bass response - Four-position mic/line gain knobs- Two-way powered speaker with 12-inch woofer - 75-degree vertical and horizontal coverage angle - 1000-watt continuous Class D power amplifier, via a 2 x 500-watt bi-amped system - V-LOCK locking IEC power cord prevents unintentional unplugging

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All in all, QSC KW122 is certainly worth the money. It delivers much better audio reproduction than QSC K12. Therefore, QSC KW122 should be your way to go!

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