The best budget Bluetooth speakers should produce incredibly clear and big sound. With the trending technology from phones to laptops, they should be portable as well. The battery should have a long life to ensure that the device is portable. There are various Bluetooth speakers that one can choose from. This article seeks to review some that are in the market.

6 Best Budget Bluetooth Speakers

JBL Clip
A JBL Clip is an ideal speaker that can fit in one’s shirt pocket. It is durable, as it doesn’t break easily. The volume that is produced by this speaker is ideal as it is high with minimal sound distortion. There is a unique feature that makes the speaker to synchronize with phone calls. The battery life is also sufficient as it is rated five hours. This makes it reliable and convenient if one is to move to places that have no electrical power such as going for hiking events.

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Logitech UE Mini Boom
This device is quite similar to the Longitech Mobile Boombox but the major difference is that the device’s volume is directly tied to the source of the sound device (smart phone, PCs etc). It is also amazing to note that there is an app that is on Apple App store that can enhance one see the level of the battery usage. This can make sure that the device won’t go off without the user’s knowledge.

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Photive CYREN Wireless speaker
There are various colors to choose from in this device such as blue, black orange, purple and red. It is very light weighing about 11.5 ounces. The battery is said to be rechargeable after 10 hours which makes it very impressive. The device has an inbuilt microphone that makes you use it on free hands calls, suitable when one is driving. The most unique feature is that the device can be used with non-Bluetooth devices as it comes with an auxiliary cable to connect to the non-Bluetooth devices.

Braven BRV-1
The most amazing thing with this Bluetooth speaker is that it has a very long battery life. The life is estimated to be somewhere between 12-15hrs. It is durable as it can fit even in thin pocket. The device is also made of rubber in most of the parts, to ensure that it has great durability.

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Motorola Roadster 2
The most exceptional feature of this Bluetooth speaker is that it possesses an FM transmitter feature. There is a recorded voice that will tell the user the FM station the device is using. A buyer who loves radios can choose this device solely for that purpose. The sound is also clear and the battery life is also fair.

JBL Pulse
An exceptional feature of this Bluetooth speaker is that it is has a built-in audio and visual experience with programmable LED that pulses to the music that is been played by the device. The rechargeable time is estimated to be around ten hours which makes it to be reliable.

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The best Bluetooth speakers should the one that suits the customers need and there are varieties that one can choose from.