Since the advent of technology, earphones have become one of the most important pieces of hardware. The ease of listening to music on the go without having to attempt to seek it out amidst all the background noise and the each of speaking on your cellphone without limiting the ability to do other things because your hand is occupied, are no doubt two reasons that spawned the invention of earphones.

8 Best Earphones for Jogging

For most runners listening to music is a necessity but not every earphone is suitable for this purpose and so here we will discuss the top eight (8) best earphones for jogging.

Though this earphone racks up a $170.00 bill it is worth it. One of the biggest disadvantages to using earphones while you work out is the fact that the strings will almost definitely get in the way, getting tangled and flapping all over the place while you run. These earphones are a Bluetooth headset that whose cord hang in a loop on your back or fit snuggly over your shoulder while you jog with your musical device safely strapped to your arm.

When it comes to sound quality and battery life these earphones have a eight hour battery life and a life time warranty against sweat induced problems. Once you plug the earphones in you will realize that you get a good sound quality, deep base and good high to mid range frequency. Another big hit for the Jaybird is that it has patented sports lock cushions that grip your ear above and below prevented the earphones from coming lose as you run.

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These earphones are a bit on the big size for in- earphones but it is not an uncomfortable design. This is another Bluetooth ear phone where the buds not only house the speaker drivers but also the battery and charging connections so slightly bigger is really not an issue for such ingenuity. The cord is linguine and a bit on the stiff side and as a result rest where it will but this tiny quirk only adds to its durability. Thanks to the charging case you can get up to 14.5 hours of listening time and without using the case you have about 5 hours on the go. The buds also have moisture protection but it is recommended that you buy a few more dependent on how often you intend to use these earphones. Where sound quality is concerned dependent on the quality of your music download I would give this earphone a 8.5-9/10. They are sold for approximately $82.00

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3. Bose SIE2i
Majority of the reviews that come in about the earphone state just how perfectly it fits in your ear regardless of the pace at which you jog which automatically put the quality of music it delivers high up on the scale. Though they come with strings attached to your device they are not too long and loose to cause a problem and they also come with a case to fit your device and an adjustable remote attached to the string of the earphones which eliminates the need to touch your device at all while jogging.

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These are a definite step up from the Sennheiser CX 680. This newer model comes equipped with moisture protection and a slide-to-fit mechanism. Though this is not bluetoooth enabled, the durability and rugged strain relief design puts this product high on the list for durability, as opposed to its predecessor which had a short shelf- life. Designed specifically for natural sound and acoustics, this earphone delivers good quality and only cost about $30.00

Costing about $118 dollars these earphones come designed with an internal hook eliminating the possibility of external hooks being too big and lose to be an ear piece that fits well enough. This device is not Bluetooth enabled but comes with an in mic control to adjust music sound and playlists as well as they are sweat proof. It also can brag about sound quality as its technology is designed for complete outside noise isolation. A good buy all in all.

The Jaybird brand has consistently delivered quality and the Freedom is no different. This is another Bluetooth headset that cost about $40.00 with a band that loops over your back and stays out of your way. Sound quality admittedly is a little weak but still significantly better than its JB-200 predecessor. It has moisture protection and up to 6 hours of battery life.

7. SHURE SE215
One very unique feature of this earpiece is that it has a detachable cable which makes it easier for storage. The sound quality has been described as ‘rich and creamy’ couple with its isolation design, this makes for an awesome listen. The earbuds are also nozzle design which fit smugly in your ear. The cords are a bit shorter than the average earpiece which makes it perfect for jogging.

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Though not a popular brand and costly only $44.00 with both an external hook, tis earpiece is not to be underestimated. Its lightweight and flexible design keeps comfortable fit over ears and stays in place as you jog. It is also moisture resistant and is expertly designed to consider acoustics, comfort and functionality. If you don’t mind this cord attached to your device this is a highly recommended earphone.

Earphones are not a one size fit all market as each consumer has his/her own needs and specifications but these eight designs and brands have consistently proven to be quality to be the best earphones for jogging.