Adam A7X Vs Focal Alpha 65

Are you uncertain whether you should get Adam A7X or Focal Alpha 65? Both of these two products are active speakers designed specially for near-field monitoring purposes. Both models are two-way powered speakers that offer exceptional output power and great sound quality. However, Adam A7X can be quite considerably more expensive than Focal Alpha 65. So, is the power of Adam A7X really worth the money? Or, should you just go with Focal Alpha 65 for the best value for your money? In the article below, we are going to put the two in a comparison. So, before you make a hasty decision, make sure that you continue reading below!

Adam A7X Vs Focal Alpha 65

Generally, you can say that these two speakers are relatively portable, considering that one person can still lift either of the speakers fairly easily. However, by putting the two side by side, you can then tell that Focal Alpha 65 is slightly bigger than Adam A7X. It is also a little bit heavier. So, if you really need the speaker to be compact, Adam A7X is the one that holds the better edge, although the differences are marginal. Focal Alpha 65 comes with a 6.5” woofer and a 1” tweeter. The woofer driver is made from a durable Polyglass material, whereas the tweeter driver is an aluminum-inverted dome. The woofer is 70W and the twitter is 35W, resulting with a total output power of 105W. There are XLR and RCA outputs that are constantly active, along with bass and treble controls and a +6dB sensitivity switch on the back panel.

On the other hand, Adam A7X may have a thing in common with Focal Alpha 65, which is the bass-reflex design. This design is very useful for enhancing the quality of the bass. However, Adam A7X is equipped with a 7” woofer and a 2” tweeter. The woofer has 100W power and the tweeter has 50W power, so the total output power is 150W. On the back, you can find several additional features: a +4dB switch for more gain, two shelf filter for LF and HF, also XLR and RCA outputs.

As indicated by the numbers above, we can easily conclude that Adam A7X is more powerful than Focal Alpha 65. That is true. Adam A7X can easily crank up the volume levels while keeping the sound quality great. Such capability is very useful for a monitor speaker, especially for near-field monitoring. In addition, Adam A7X sounds quite brighter and crisper than Focal Alpha 65. This is because Adam A7X has a wider frequency range which allows the speaker to reach higher frequencies. The treble of Adam A7X is much more accurate and detailed. Focal Alpha 65 has good bass and midrange, but with less presence of treble.

Adam A7X Vs Focal Alpha 65

Adam A7XFocal Alpha 65
BrandAdam AudioFocal
Key FeaturesGeneral Size: Near-fieldSystem type: ActiveConfiguration: 2-wayDriversLow-frequency driver: 7"Mid-frequency driver: Not applicableHigh-frequency driver: 2"Full-range driver: Not applicableDriver type: Carbon FiberSound Frequency response: 42Hz 50kHzMax peak SPL: 106 dBAmplifier class: A/BOutput power: 75WOnboard Features Input connectors: XLR, RCAStandby mode: Info not availableAcoustic space control: NoPower indicator: YesOther Width: 8" Height: 13.5" Depth: 11" Weight: 20.3General Size: Near-field System type: Active Configuration: 2-wayDrivers Low-frequency driver: 6.5" Mid-frequency driver: Not applicable High-frequency driver: 1" Full-range driver: Not applicable Driver type: PolyglassSound Frequency response: 40Hz 22kHz Max peak SPL: 106 dB Amplifier class: AB Output power: 105WOnboard Features Input connectors: XLR, RCA Standby mode: Yes Acoustic space control: Yes Power indicator: YesOther Width: 9.9" Height: 13.7" Depth: 12.2" Weight: 20.7 lb. Enclosure typ

Ratings4.4 out of 5.0 starsn/a
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In general, Adam A7X makes the best way to go. It has better output quality with crisper and more accurate highs. It also has higher amplification power, allowing for high volume levels without compromising the audio quality.

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