Adam Audio T7V vs T5V

Speakers are everywhere and they are used to deliver the audio file to your ears but just like everything, not all of them are made the same. Depending on which seems to fit you better, the options are infinite but, for those who plan to use the speaker for a monitor, Adam Audio T7V Vs T5V are two good affordable options we can rely on. They are similar as in the same line but also different and do check what they can offer here first before buying.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What to Consider in a Studio Monitor
  • What are Adam Audio T7V and T5V
  • What Adam Audio T7V and T5V Look Like
  • How are the Specification of Adam Audio T7V and T5V
  • How are the Sound Quality of Adam Audio T7V and T5V
  • What ports Adam Audio T7V and T5V can offer
  • Adam Audio T7V Vs T5V

Studio Monitor

Most people have one or two sets of speakers at their home for casual listening session and some of us prefer to wear headphone or something smaller for the sake of their convenience and versatility but, for those who are making music, speakers will play a more important role and required to be properly chosen compared to those who only listen and enjoy their favorite songs. Monitors in general need to be accurate and give uncolored presentation; something the majority of speakers are not made for.

While being accurate is the first consideration when looking for a studio monitor, there are still some factors that you may want to consider first in order to get the best option such as these options:

  • Passive or Active Speakers

As we all know, there are two types of speakers; active and passive but the recording industry itself is built over the passive monitors. There is no better between the two and they are equally good based on their capacity as well yet, keep note that you will also need to find the matching speakers to the appropriate amplifier and crossover with passive type as they are modular in nature. Active monitors on the other hand have everything built in the unit for convenience.

  • Monitor Speakers Power

As with just any speakers, the power handling of the unit is going to affect the overall sound and this is not only about volume. Power in general also determines the dynamic range and the amount of headroom before signals peak. The higher wattage or more powerful speakers the more details we can capture and this is very necessary to make a more precise decision about your song whether they need something to correct or already fits the way you like it.

 Adam Audio T7VAdam Audio T5V
Product Dimensions11 x 13 x 8 inches
15 x 16 x 10 inches
Shipping Weight18.36 pounds
0.01 ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
  • Built-in Features

Almost everyone loves being convenient and in some cases you may want to have some features as well in the monitor especially today where you can find some type of EQ in the unit to tune the speaker following the room or some even have digital processing to optimize their performance for our acoustic space. While they sound good to have, usually EQ and room are those that will play the most important role when it comes to a bad-sounding room.

  • Monitor and Subwoofer

For this decision it is highly related to what you will be doing because not all producers will need them since subwoofers are usually used when mixing sound for TV or motion pictures while for music demo tracks, a stereo pair of studio monitors will be enough. If this audio will be played through home theater and an expensive set of audio gear then a subwoofer is essential but if not, chances are we can get by with the basic setup.

About Adam Audio T7V and T5V

Now when we already have an idea or image on how the monitor should be or what they need to offer, it is the time to see what the market has to offer because there are quite the options out there and it is not going to be a quick shop as we have to consider the choice carefully. If you want to ensure the quality or shop faster, we do recommend going for known names or popular brands as they tend to have better quality and more options to choose from.

When talking about studio monitors, one of the best options you may want to rely on is Adam Audio and it is not without a reason. This company has been long known to be the choice of producers with different levels of experience. They have various great models to offer based on your preference and budget range so everyone can get their best monitor. However, just like everything else, their higher options are also usually better than the lower-end speakers.

You can shop from lots of different brands that carry affordable monitors like Mackie CR4 Vs CR3 but not all are reliable enough for production practice and here where Adam comes with their T line which is not only designed for the purpose but also put in lower tag to attract users. Among the low to mid end, we have Adam Audio T7V and T5V which are siblings. These two are probably made in China to meet the end cost but as quality goes, you don’t have to worry about their reliability.

Being close to each other as you can guess they will be quite similar as well and this can be confusing for some but in general the model number in speaker will tell you about the size of their driver so between Adam Audio T7V and T5V, the T7V will have 7-inch driver and if this what matters the most for you, we can shop only based on this information yet, it is better to learn more about what they actually can give.

Adam Audio T7V and T5V Design

As brothers, these two are also made in the same fashion and side by side the big brother is indeed slightly taller than its sibling. The T5V itself is measured at 298mm tall by 179mm wide, and 297mm deep compared to 347mm tall by 210mm wide, and 293mm deep so the gap is not very prominent between the two. They have this basic design with matte black fashion while the woofer itself is made from polypropylene. Size wise however, we do think they fit a small room the best.

The cabinet itself is made from MDF just like most monitors or speakers out there with a characteristic of angled stealth shape familiar in Adam speakers. They are also rear ported and the port exit is flared in order to reduce the noise from turbulence while the polyester wool is used in the internal cabinet to dampen the sound. For the connectivity, all of them are compiled at the rear panel of these monitors.

Adam Audio T7V and T5V Specification

Just like with any speakers, the first thing you may want to know is what they can offer and for these Adam Audio T7V and T5V, their main difference will be on the driver size as the big brother has the bigger woofer at 7-inch instead of 5-inch yet, they are still made from the same material. The cumulated power of both monitors are the same at RMS 70 watts but the frequency response is different with T5V ranging from 45kHz to 25kHz compared to from 39kHz in T7V.

For this T series Adam created a new version of their Accelerated Ribbon Tweeter and it is what you can find in both models. This tweeter is made from pleated polyamide film which will draw air into and then out of its fold as it expands and contracts in response to the inputted audio signal. This design is claimed to be very efficient in creating air movement 4 times than a piston-based design like in many other speakers. 

Adam Audio T7V and T5V Performance

The next important part is how they sound and based on their difference you will hear some differences as well when playing them side by side. First model T5V is already good but you may want to play it for quite some time first to open the full potential and after burned, this model is giving a very much details if you love listening to the subtle parts of songs and the low-end itself is actually great for the size with bass instruments produced convincingly and tunefully.

For the latter, the high-end is still the same superb one you get from T5V but the lower-end is quite different and it all thanks to larger driver since the additional extension will give you a further details in the bass range so if your songs prone to appear muddy on the lower end, it won’t sound so in this monitor as it gives smooth result. Overall, it images well and is able to give a wide, expansive sound-stage rather than pin-point focus on individual instruments.

Adam Audio T7V and T5V Ports

The last part we want to mention is their ports and both Adam Audio T7V and T5V are the same here as class-D monitors. The inputs are all available including IEC power connector with switch and a choice of balance XLR and unbalanced RCA phono inputs with an input selector slide switch as well as non-detented rotary sensitivity control. In addition the LF and HF shelving filters will allow the low and highs to be adjusted one by one or can be boosted and cut too.

Adam Audio T7V vs T5V

Both of these speakers are great for the budget and also equally nice choices for budget studio setup but since the T7V has a bigger driver, expect to listen to some detailed low-end as well. For the high parts they are very much similar to each other but since the big brother has reached further into the bass area, somehow the treble sounds more present as well. Overall we do think they are sounding nice with slight bloom on the lower end.

- A member of the T Series, ADAM Audio’s affordable line of professional 2-way active studio monitors
- the T7V features a 7" polypropylene low-frequency driver that delivers bass extension down to an impressive 39Hz
- while the company's U-ART accelerated-ribbon tweeter provides pristine highs extended up to 25kHz
- quite remarkable for a monitor in this price range. The tweeter's broad
- Junior partner in the T Series, ADAM Audio’s affordable line of professional 2-way active studio monitors, the T5V features a 5" polypropylene low-frequency driver that delivers bass extension down to 45Hz
- while the company's U-ART accelerated-ribbon tweeter provides pristine highs extended up to 25kHz
- quite remarkable for a monitor in this price range. The tweeter's broad, uniform dispersion pattern is assisted by a precision waveguide modeled on the High Frequency Propagation (HPS) waveguide used in ADAM’s premium S Series studio monitors
- which provides an impressively wide sweet spot that liberates you from being constrained to a rigid listening position


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All in all you can pick any of them as they are amazing for the budget and size. Personally we are into monitors that are further reaching which is why the Adam Audio T7V is a better choice in our opinion but if you are limited by budget, the T5V is an already reliable choice.

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