AKG K240 Studio vs AKG K240 MK II

The AKG K240 Studio and the K240 MK II are fairly similar in terms of pricing and specs but they are not the same headphones. Slight differences between the two that might be difficult to spot at first but they become obvious when you know what to look for.

Design and Build Quality
Design-wise, the headphones are nearly identical. The only thing worth mentioning is the color of the metal components on the ear cups.

Build quality is anything but disappointing. The reinforced head strap and soft ear cushions make them very durable and comfortable to wear. Both the AKG K240 studio and AKG K240 MK II are quite heavy. They weigh about 2 lbs. but they are still comfortable to wear and will not fall off when moving suddenly.

Sound Quality and Frequency Response
The frequency response is almost the same but the K240 Studio and K240 MK II use different drivers. This becomes obvious when put side by side as the Studio version offers a crisper sound while the K240 MK II has a better response for low frequencies. If bass matters more to you, the MK II will prove to be a better choice. K240 Studio caters more towards audiophiles that seek balanced sound and high fidelity.

At high volumes, the AKG K240 Studio performs better. When pushed to the limits, the K240 MK II headphones will have distortions. At regular listening volumes, both headphones are distortion free and perform quite well. See also: AKG K550 vs Sennheiser Momentum.

As they are identical in terms of design and weight, carrying them around is not that comfortable. They do not fold thus they take a good chunk out of a backpack storage space. Ideally, they should be worn around the neck. That is when their 2 lbs. weight will become noticeable.

Earpads are replaceable if needed or if they are too worn to be used any longer. They snap right out of the cup by just pulling on them. Because they have quite large earpads and go all the way around the ear they provide a good seal and some noise cancelation. While that is great for the listening experience, using them outdoors in the sun during a hot summer day will make you sweat a bit. Ideally, they should be used indoors or in cooler environments.

As for usability, they both have replaceable cables, adapters and work with mobile devices, laptops and pretty much anything that uses a jack audio port.

AKG K240 Studio vs AKG K240 MK II

- Professional studio headphones
- Semi-open
- 3 m replaceable cable
- Audio Interface type: Stereo plug – 3.5mm (1/8-inch) with 6.3 mm (1/4”) screw-on adapter
- Over-ear designfor comfort during long work sessions
- Semi-open technologyfor solid bass and airy highs
- Self-adjusting headbandfor optimum fit
- Patented Varimotion 30 mm XXL transducerfor accurate signal transfer and great dynamic range

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Which One Is Better?
From a practical perspective, they are the same headphone with different drivers. The AKG K240 Studio vs AKG K 240 MK II battle is just between high fidelity and more bass. It depends on which side of the fence you are and what you expect from a pair of headphones. From any other point of view, the headphones are well built, sturdy and reasonably priced.

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