AKG K240 Studio vs Samson SR850

Headphone is one of the most important equipment for any person who loves to listen to music because it affects how the song is delivered so no wonder many of us are willing to spend much to get a good pair. However, if you don’t want to spend too much yet, AKG K240 Studio vs Samson SR850 are two good pair to have around especially when listening in a quiet environment but, before making any decision, see what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Which Headphone suit you the best
– What are AKG K240 Studio and Samson SR850
– What AKG K240 Studio and Samson SR850 Look Like
– How are the Sound Quality of AKG K240 Studio and Samson SR850
– Are AKG K240 Studio and Samson SR850 Comfortable
– AKG K240 Studio vs Samson SR850

Headphone Types
Listening to music is fun and give us different experience depend on which song currently sit in our ears. Each person may have different taste and it is fine to like one or more genres as long as we do enjoy them because we should be free and don’t need to follow what the market is currently hyping. Many of us are just casual listeners and adoring various artists while some are walking in the same path as their favorite musician and dreaming to achieve the same level.

No matter if the music is just a thing to please your ears or a way to find a living, there must be various equipment we need to have to allow us to enjoy them in our own taste. Musician will need instrument or sound collection to create a song and of course the computer for processing as well as an output to monitor the result. For us who only enjoy them to pass time and keep our mind focus at work, a music player and a pair of good headphones or earphones are already enough.

While things seem simpler and won’t ask much from the user, they are equally necessary to deliver a satisfying result because before the song is reaching our ears, the song file have to be in acceptable quality and the headphones need to be giving a good sound as possible. The definition of good headphones and earphones can be different depending on personal taste but in general, the one that sounds pleasing is usually the best option so we don’t necessarily need an expensive model.

Another important thing is the comfort since we will use them for hours, so they also need to feel nice on our ear or head. Especially for headphones, there are on ear and over ear whether it is closed back, open back, and semi open back. They are similarly a headphone but depend on the type, they will sound different as well. Open back is adored because this type allow no build up pressure that affect the sound so the result is more natural.

A closed back which is the most popular type of headphone is the opposite but while the sound may not be as natural, it is able to block both outside noise and the sound coming out from the driver. The last semi type is a combination of both by being not fully open and closed so there will be some air going pass the elements; it is having some benefit of open back and all of the disadvantage yet not as much. Read also: Audio-Technica ATH-M20x vs Sennheiser HD 280 Pro here.

About AKG K240 Studio
If what you are looking for is something that can be useful for critical listening and don’t plan to carry the headphone outside, a good open back or semi open back will be a great option. There are so many headphones from this category in the market and while looking for one is time consuming, we can get them almost anywhere. For an audio equipment, one of the most trusted brands is AKG and we are sure many people are also agree with this.

This popular brand have so many to choose whether you need a closed back or open back and if you want something that less prominent than a full open back, one of the recommended model from this company is AKG K240 Studio. While this is indeed labeled as “studio”, you don’t have to worry about price range since it is very affordable so we don’t have to spend much to get a good sounding headphone. If you have more to spend, there is also a new upgraded MK II for this model.

AKG K240 Studio Design
This headphone is actually based on a design that has been created decades ago but the original version had 6 passive radiators inside to boost the bass response but then revised to the one we have today. From the outside, this headphone is looking like any classic piece so it won’t be very fashionable if it is important. The whole unit made mainly from plastic with a matte finish and combination of black and gold. However, the gimbals on ear cups are smooth and rotating nicely.

AKG K240 Studio Sound Quality
When looking for a headphone, we should agree that their sound is the best part and most important point to consider. The goal of using an open back or semi-open back is to get natural sound and AKG K240 Studio is actually offering those incredibly detailed and clean mids as well as highs. For song heavy on vocal, they sounds perfect along with guitar as well as wind instruments and cymbals. You can feel the detail and resolution on high notes which is exceptional.

Overall, the mids and highs are mimicking those headphones in higher price range and we are very surprised with this. However, the low ends are not going to satisfy many people, remembering that bass is something adored by the huge population since in this model the bass is rolled off dramatically at the lower end and only gently present accurately without any punch or energy.

AKG K240 Studio Comfort
As for the comfort side, the majority of headphones are usually comfortable enough for hours of listening session and AKG K240 Studio is also one of them. Unlike many, this model has no padding on the suspension head strap with only some kind of leather material while the ear cups are not extensively padded as well. What good is the unit fairly light so users don’t have to worry about getting dizzy and feels the head getting heavier along the hours.

About Samson SR850
Because there are so many good options out there, you may want to see what the other manufacturer is offering in this price range and model so then we can decide which the better of them. If you are looking for a semi open back that won’t take so much from the budget, Samson SR850 is another great pick. This headphone is very similar to the AKG one we have talked above which is why they are often seen side by side.

Due to the nature of open back, a semi headphones like this is not suitable for recording inside a studio since it will leak sound when you are recording something else but is a very nice pick for monitoring or just for casual listening session.

Samson SR850 Design
The build of Samson SR850 is very much the same as any other cheaper headphones out there by being made from mainly plastic and quite lightweight that will enhance the comfort later. It has the same form but now only have black matte finish so comparing it with AKG, there is definitely a lack of presence here. It wasn’t built to be stylish or attractive but they are not important for monitoring and since it is fragile, we do recommend people to store and handle it carefully.

Samson SR850 Sound Quality
On the sound quality, this headphone will get you the same feeling like wearing the K240 from AKG because it is equally good and very surprising for the price range especially when you know it is almost half the price of the other. This headphone indeed sounded big with generous sound range, making many of us impressed on how good it deliver the songs. It is also safe to say that people can hear the details on recording with this pair.
The bass part however, stays lean so heavy bass is not something Samson SR850 will give to you. While the sound quality is amazing, somehow it also lack of depth or impact we often found on pricier headphones.

Samson SR850 Comfort
As for the comfort, the headphone is fairly comfortable since it is not build to enhance comfort whatsoever so we can’t compare it with those made to pamper the ears. The clamp feels tight at first but normal for new items and will get better as we used it more often. If it feels too tight, we can bend the headphones bands a little to relieve some of the pressure. Overall, it is acceptable comfortable for regular listening session.

Now, let’s compare AKG K240 Studio with Samson SR850. As you may already know, both of them are similarly a semi open back headphones so the sound quality are practically equal with details and amazingly pleasant on the mids and highs. The bass is kept lean and not overpowering but also lack of presence but still there. They are equally comfortable and have standard build quality too but the price is far lower with Samson SR850.

AKG K240 Studio vs Samson SR850

- Semi-Open, Circumaural Design
- Self-Adjusting Headband
- Patented Varimotion Speakers
- Thick Around-Ear Cushions
- Professional studio reference headphones
- Over-ear design for maximum isolation
- 50mm drivers for exceptional reproduction and wide dynamic range
- 10Hz-30kHz frequency response, Self-adjusting headband for a secure, comfortable fit

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different preference so it is always best to pick the one that seems the best in your eyes. However, if we are to choose, we will recommend people especially those who want to spend as little as possible yet still getting a pleasantly detail and nice sounding headphone picking Samson SR850.

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