Audioengine A2 Vs A5

Audioengine A2 and Audioengine A5 are powered speakers that come from the same company. They have mostly similar features, but the A2 is smaller and considerably cheaper than the A5. Below, you can learn more about the differences between Audioengine A2 vs A5 to determine which model is better for you.

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– The comparison of the power and overall performance
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Size and Weight
The very first difference between Audioengine A2 and Audioengine A5 is about their dimensions. If you have a very limited space, you probably want your speakers to be as compact as possible. However, if your studio room is quite large and spacious, the speakers should be large and powerful. See also: Adam A7X vs Focal Alpha 65.

Audioengine A2 is the smaller one of the two. It has the same dimensions for both the left and the right speakers. Each speaker measures 4 inches wide, 5.25 inches deep, and 6 inches tall. So, if your studio room is quite small, and you want something that is compact and perhaps portable, Audioengine A2 makes a better choice.

However, the left speaker is slightly heavier than the right speaker. The left unit weighs 3.55 lbs, while the right unit 3.15 lbs. This is because the left unit is the powered one, while the right unit is a passive that receives powered input from the left unit.

Audioengine A5 have different dimensions for the left and right speakers. The left unit is larger and much heavier than the right unit. The left unit measures 7 inches wide, 9inches deep, and 10.75 inches tall with a weight of 15.4 lbs. Meanwhile, the right unit measures 7 inches wide, 7.75 inches deep, and 10.75 inches tall with a weight of 9.6 lbs.

Audioengine A5 is much larger and heavier than Audioengine A2. It is great if you actually have enough room. Both models are suitable for near-field monitoring, but Audioengine A5 is much better for listening at a distance.

Finish Options
Before we proceed to the more technical aspects of these speakers, note that they come with different finish options. Audioengine A2 is available in three options, which are satin black, high-gloss white, and high-gloss red. You can find the red color only on Audioengine A2.

Audioengine A5 also has three finish options, but the last one is different. There are satin black and high-gloss white options. It does not have the red color. Instead, it has a solid carbonized bamboo finish, which is nice if your setup has mostly brown or wooden finishes.

Design and Construction
The next big difference between Audioengine A2 vs A5 is the position of the bass port. Audioengine A2 is front ported. As the effect, it is less affected by the placement. You can place the speaker close to the wall behind without ruining much of the sound quality.

Audioengine A5 is rear ported. So, you have to put some space between the speaker and the wall behind. However, if you have enough room to put the speaker in an ideal position, it will give better overall performance.

Both models are well-built. The wooden cabinets feel very sturdy and durable. Both models use Kevlar woofers and silk dome tweeters to give excellent sound quality. However, Audioengine A2 has 2.75-inch woofers, whereas Audioengine A5 has 5.0-inch woofers. Both models have 0.75-inch tweeters.

With either model, it is the left speaker that is the powered one. Most of the connection ports are located on the rear panel of the left speaker. There is a pair of RCA variable outputs to send the amplified sound to the passive right speaker.

When choosing between Audioengine A2 vs A5, note that they have different connectivity options! At first, they seem to be similar because they both have 3.5mm stereo, RCA, and USB ports. However, Audioengine A2 is the one that can actually receive an input from the USB port. It has an integrated DAC unit behind the USB port, so you can deliver hi-fi sound straight from your computer or mobile device.

On the other hand, Audioengine A5’s USB port is only for charging a mobile device. You can’t send an input through the port. It is not completely useless, though. You will find that it is pretty handy when you need to charge your smartphone or tablet but the power outlets are all used for your equipment. In most cases, the 3.5mm and RCA inputs are already sufficient.

Power and Performance
There is a significant difference between Audioengine A2 and Audioengine A5 in terms of power. Well, both of the two models are suitable for near-field monitoring, and you will find that they sound similar in such situation.

However, Audioengine A2 is almost strictly only for near-field monitoring. It is not the best choice for a large studio room, as the total peak power is only 60 Watts. When listening from a distance, you will find that the sound is less defined. In addition, it has a narrower frequency response range, which is 65 Hz – 22 kHz. The bass performance won’t be as good as Audioengine A5.

On the other hand, Audioengine A5 should be your choice if you perform a decent amount of active listening from a distance. The speakers are able to play louder, as the total peak power is much higher (150 Watts). It retains sound imaging well enough, even when you are listening from across the room.

Audioengine A5 also has more low-end extension. The frequency response range is 50 Hz – 22 kHz. So, the bass performance should be better. It will be deeper, fuller, and more accurate.

Audioengine A2 Vs A5

- Excellent sound with elegant simplicity for computer audio.
- Versatile connections, including USB digital audio and subwoofer output
- Designed for your desktop but also sounds great across the room
- Integrated USB DAC delivers Hi-Fi sound straight from computer
- Hand-finished wood cabinets. Cables included
- Built-in power amplifiers, 50 watt per channel RMS
- Compatible with any computer (Mac or PC)
- Custom Kevlar woofers and silk tweeters
- Improved thermal management
- Remote control, 1/8" and RCA inputs, USB power, all cables included

In general, Audioengine A5 is more recommended. Despite the larger dimensions, it has a rear port and a larger woofer, and the bass performance is fuller and more accurate. The total output power is higher. It retains sound imaging better. Audioengine A5 is more versatile, as it is suitable for near-field monitoring as well as active listening from a distance.

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