Audioengine D1 Vs Fiio E17

Hola! The review on this page will be about a little thing with a huge functions inside. We know that if you are not a lover of this thing will never know about what things are containing those product. We are going to do a comparison between Audioengine D1 and guess the competitor? Yap! The well-known Fiio E17. Without getting any longer words, it is better for you to begin your reading constantly in this article.

Audioengine D1
Audioengine D1 is a USB-powered DAC, which makes it truly portable, combined with a headphone amplifier, which makes it even more so. It has a signal through the USB input that offers hte option of an optical connection and accpet content of up to 192kHz/24-bit rather than the USB connection with 192kHz/24-bit limitation. All of them is making Audioengine D1 is a well-sorted for its primary USB function that will work both PCs and Macs without the need for any extra drivers on the computer. It also comes with complete 2m USB cable. Fed a series of uncompressed and high resolution recordings (up to 24Bit/96kHz) the D1 delivers a tonally well balanced and informative sound. The D1 is happy driving a wide range of headphones – all it lacks sonically is a touch of rhythmic fluidity and a small degree of precision. (Read also : Audioengine D1 Vs AudioQuest DragonFly)

Fiio E17
Fiio E17 has similar shape with a portable MP3 player so that this petite headphone amp/DAC is suitable for your pocket. About the fetures and functionality, Fiio E17 has the smal OLED screen. You may see at the display to double-check what’s being played in other devices in its class use colour-coding systems and minuscale LEDs. There is also a mini USB input, and the function is to connect your computer’s USB socket (Fiio only meets the USB 1.0 standard). If you have 24-bit/192kHz files, you’ll need to go into the E17 via its dedicated digital input, using a coaxial cable and the supplied adapter. If you use optical, bandwidth is limited to 96kHz. There’s also a 3.5mm jack so you can plug in a smartphone or MP3 player and use the Fiio as a basic headphone amp.

Audioengine D1 Vs Fiio E17

Audioengine D1Fiio E17
Key Features- Mac/PC plug-n-play - USB and optical S/PDIF inputs - Stream bit-perfect 24/96 HD with low jitterStandard mini USB interface: Connect to your PC for digital audio transfer and/or charge of the 1500 mAh internal battery

Ratings4.3 out of 5.0 stars4.1 out of 5.0 stars
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The recommendation will be on Fiio E17 has a huge improvement especially in the soundstage department. If you need to be portable and the Audioengine D1 when you are fine to have a tationary setup and no plans for upgrading. However, with the E17 you would have the option to add the E09K at a later stage, which is also a great stationary amp for just $109. And also it would give you the option of using the L7 add on and use the E17 purely as DAC and connect it to any kind of amp in case you want to do that. So on the Fiio side, definitively more versatility. Well, it depends on your laptop and the parts they used for the amp and DAC part. But in general, yes, you will hear an improvement.

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