Ausdom M09 vs M06

Ausdom M09 and Ausdom M06 have taken some interest in the market. These are affordable wireless headphones with excellent battery life. In the discussion below, you can read the detailed comparison of Ausdom M09 vs M06 which will help you choose the best headset for the money.

Continue reading below to learn further about:
– Which headset that fits better and is more comfortable
– The connectivity features of Ausdom M09 and Ausdom M06
– The comparison of their sound quality
– The comparison of their battery life and charging time
– The included accessories that come with each model
– The available color choices on Ausdom M09 vs M06
– Which Ausdom wireless headset that’s generally better

Design and Comfort
Let us start from the things that are visually apparent on these headphones. Both Ausdom M09 and Ausdom M06 are wireless models that connect to mobile devices via Bluetooth (see also: Audio-Technica ATH-M50XBT vs Sony WH-1000XM3). They run on built-in rechargeable batteries when working wireless, though they don’t need to draw extra power when working with regular audio cables. Anyhow, despite these similarities, Ausdom M09 and Ausdom M06 look radically different from each other.

Ausdom M09 is a better choice if you want a good-looking headset that you can wear for a trendy appearance when commuting. It has a simple yet classy design which may remind you of Beats and Sony headphones. The hard plastic frame is finished with a black matte layer, and there are orange lines around the ear pads and on the ear cups which add nice accents.

The fit is good, although it is not really snug. The ear cups will sit on your ears properly, and the headband has minimum movement when you are moving your head around. There is some padding on the headband to keep the top of your head comfy. You will find this headset really comfortable if you don’t like headphones that press hard on your ears.

The frame is reasonably solid and durable, but you should avoid bending or putting too much force on the headband. Also, the ear cups can be folded up for storage, but they don’t fold flat and they can’t be rotated.

Ausdom M06 is definitely not as good-looking as Ausdom M09. It seems to be beefier and bulkier. The frame is obviously plastic, and the somewhat glossy finish doesn’t help at all in improving the appearance. Like the M09, the M06 has a built-in microphone, but one may wonder why the company has decided to create an eyesore by putting a very apparent grille to cover the mic.

Nevertheless, Ausdom M06 still has some degree of professionalism in its aesthetics. It almost looks like a studio headset, though the performance is nowhere near that level. It does come with rotating ear cups, which will allow you to adjust the wearing position or even perform one-ear monitoring. The ear cups fit much more snugly, and the headband padding is very thick and surprisingly soft and very comfortable.

Do you like the idea of playing music directly from a memory card? This may sound weird, but this is a question that you need to consider when choosing between Ausdom M09 vs M06. If you think that storing your favorite music in a memory card for direct playback on your headset is a great idea, then Ausdom M09 can be your choice. If you think that it is an unnecessary or outdated concept, then Ausdom M06 is probably better.

Ausdom M09 is quite innovative in terms of connectivity. Besides coming with Bluetooth 4.2 that supports various profiles including A2DP, HFP, HSP, and AVRCP, Ausdom M09 also comes with a slot that accepts TF cards and Micro SD cards for wireless listening.

So, you don’t really need to pair or plug the headset to your phone. Simply save your favorite music in a memory card and insert it into the slot. This will also give you a wireless experience, and your phone can save some battery as it doesn’t need to turn on Bluetooth continuously. Though, you won’t be able to stream from online services like Spotify or Deezer.

In addition, there is a standard 3.5mm jack for use with an audio cable. When you use an audio cable, the headset doesn’t need to draw power from its internal battery. There is also a Micro USB port for charging.

Ausdom M06 initially comes with Bluetooth 3.0, but it has been updated to Bluetooth 4.0. Nevertheless, it also supports multiple Bluetooth profiles such as A2DP, HFP, HSP, and AVRCP. But, unlike Ausdom M09, Ausdom M06 doesn’t have a memory card slot. The lack of a memory card slot is probably not a big deal for people who prefer to use music streaming services.

You can easily pair the headset to your phone, and then use your phone to stream music. Of course, there is also a standard 3.5mm jack. When the battery runs out, you can still continue listening by using an audio cable. The headset is also charged through a Micro USB port.

Sound Quality
So, how is the sound quality of Ausdom M09 vs M06? They are actually quite similar. After all, they both are armed with 40mm drivers. They both have a frequency response range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz and an impedance level of 32 Ohms.

Perhaps the best things about Ausdom M09 and Ausdom M06 is that these headphones don’t sound offensive. They do have some sparkles in the treble, but they never become too sharp or harsh. Their mids are a bit muddy, but vocals and most instruments still have enough clarity. These headphones are often claimed to have deep bass; while they indeed can be strong and punchy in the bass, the lows aren’t particularly deep.

Ausdom M09 and Ausdom M06 have just enough dynamic range and vibrance so that they don’t sound too dull or flat. But you shouldn’t expect much from these sub-fifty-bucks headphones in terms of soundstage, detail, and definition. At least, they do sound quite enjoyable.

Although they are closed-back headphones, Ausdom M09 and Ausdom M06 won’t provide any real noise isolation. When you are wearing any of these headphones in a public space, where there are people chattering and communal music playing, you will still hear the noise. Vice versa; if you are playing music at high volume, the people around you will hear your music as well.

Battery Life and Charging
A wireless headset is nothing without a good battery life. Fortunately, Ausdom M09 has a decent battery life. It can run for 8 continuous hours when used wirelessly. Meanwhile, the charging time is only about two hours to get the battery full from zero.

However, Ausdom M06 should be your choice if you want the longest lasting wireless headset that you can get in this price range. Its battery life is impressive. It can run for 20 continuous hours. If you only use your headset for two or three hours a day, this headset can easily last for a week per charge. It takes about three hours to recharge.

What’s Included
Ausdom M09 and Ausdom M06 come with similar items. Well, these are just the basics that will allow you to start using these headphones right away. However, they don’t include 1/4-inch adapters or airplane adapters. You need to purchase such adapters separately if necessary.

First, there is the 3.5mm audio cable. Interestingly, Ausdom M09 comes with a slightly shorter cable, which measures ‘only’ 4 feet (1.2 meters). Meanwhile, Ausdom M06 is give a longer cable that goes for 4.41 feet (1.3 meters). The difference is not much, but can be useful when you need to stand up from your desk without pulling your laptop or phone.

Secondly, there is the USB charging cable. Now, their cables are similar. This is a standard USB 2.0 cable with a Micro USB connector on one end. No power adapter is included. You can charge the headset via a computer connection, or use your phone’s charger. However, make sure that the voltage and output current of the charger that you use aren’t too high, otherwise it may damage the internal battery. Thirdly, they do come with user manuals.

Available Color Choices
Last but not least, a difference between Ausdom M09 vs M06 is available the color choices. The M09 headset has more options than M06, though the variety itself isn’t much.

Ausdom M09 is available in Black and Cape Blue. We have discussed about the Black version above, which has a matte black finish with orange accents. The Cape Blue version is actually pretty similar, except that it comes with a dark blue matte finish and silver accents. Both variants look cool and stylish. You may choose whichever variant that suits your taste.

Ausdom M06, on the other hand, is only available in a single color. It only comes in black. Some people may consider this a serious disadvantage if they don’t like the glossy and very obvious plastic construction. But, if you will only wear the headset in your home or office, you don’t need to worry too much about the appearance.

Ausdom M09 vs M06

- Bluethooth V4.2 connect, super longer battery life
- Flexible switch to Wired connect or wireless connect, never worry battery drain
- Support TF card playback, you could switch music at any time
- Bluetooth Headphones with Mic - Built-in microphone and control buttons located on each ear cup allow you to control the volume directly and phone calls.
- Long Battery Life - This bluetooth stereo headphone featured with a 400mAh battery, which provides 250 hours of standby time and 20 hours for music stream and phone calls.
- Ultimate Comfortable Bluetooth Over Ear Headphone - Superior material on each ear cup cushion, adjustable band and the super lightweight make M06 a great choice for bluetooth headset.

NOTE : Product prices, availability, ratings and save money information are accurate as of the date/time indicated on post time (as seen right bellow the tittle) and are subject to change. Any price, ratings, availability and save money information displayed on Amazon Site or Headphone Authority at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

These headphones aren’t flawless, but they are still great budget headphones with enjoyable sound and long battery life. In general, Ausdom M09 is more recommended because of the nice, trendy look and the handy memory card slot.

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