Beats Solo HD vs Monster DNA

In this article, we will see the comparison between Beats Solo HD vs Monster DNA. Both of them are wired on-ear headphones with noise isolation. They are standing in a similar price range, too. So, what are the distinctive features of these two models? Which one does have better sound quality? Find the answer below.

What we will discuss in this article:
– The design and appearance of the headphones
– The build quality of each model
– Which one that is more comfortable to wear
– The noise isolation performance
– The included cables and cases of Beats Solo HD vs Monster DNA
– The comparison of the sound quality
– Which headset that is generally more recommended

There are several similarities between Beats Solo HDvs Monster DNA. Besides the fact that they are both on-ear headphones, they both are also closed-back headphones. They both are also foldable for easy carrying and storage. See also: Monster Diesel VEKTR Vs Beats Studio.

Beats Solo HD is slightly more compact. It comes with a modern minimalist approach. The design of the frame is rather simple, but it is still stylish and good-looking. The audio cable is detachable, and the port is located on the left ear cup. According to CNET, the audio port is stereo 3.5mm. There are four color choices, which are black, white, red, and purple.

Monster DNA, on the other hand, is slightly bulkier. It is mostly because of the triangular ear cups. The headset looks modern, perhaps almost futuristic with this design. One nice thing about the headset is that you can plug the audio cable to either side of the headphones.

In addition, Monster DNA is available in various color choices. There are black (with white interior and ear pads), white (with black interior and ear pads), white/gray, blue/gray, blue, orange, pink, red, gold, and silver on neon green.

Build Quality
The build quality of Beats Solo HD is just pretty good. It is actually rather flimsy. If you shake the headphones rigorously, you can hear some clunky noise. You should not abuse the headphones if you want them to last.

In terms of build quality, Monster DNA is better. The frame is extremely durable. It can bend and twist without cracking or snapping. The headphones don’t even make a sound. It can take a beating and survive, so it is a good choice if you prefer something that you can throw around mindlessly.

Beats Solo HD is definitely better in terms of comfort. The ear pads are soft. Although it has the on-ear design, the ear pads don’t press heavily on the ears. You can enjoy an extended listening session without feeling sore.

Monster DNA’s ear pads are somewhat stiffer. As the effect, it may feel as if the ear pads are pressing more heavily on your ears. Wearing the headphones over a long period of time may make your ears feel sore.

Noise Isolation
Both Beats Solo HD and Monster DNA are on-ear headphones with passive noise isolation. In other words, they rely on their thick ear pads to block ambient noise. They don’t have active noise cancelation, so they won’t be able to completely eliminate loud sounds.

Typically, on-ear headphones aren’t the best when you need high levels of noise isolation. This is because the ear pads don’t completely cover the ears, so some sounds may still get into your hearing. However, if you just need to reduce the ambient noise so that you can mind your own business, they are pretty good.

Both Beats Solo HD and Monster DNA have thick ear pads. They are quite effective in this regard. You can hardly hear people talking from 3 or 4 feet away. Beats Solo HD has slightly thicker ear pads than Monster DNA, so the noise isolation performance may be a little better. Nevertheless, both headphones here aren’t powerful enough to block loud engine noise.

Cables and Cases
Beats Solo HD comes with just one cable. However, the included case is a very nice one. It is padded, so it can protect the headset from bumps and impacts. The carrying case also has a compartment where you can store your audio cable.

On the other hand, Monster DNA comes with two audio cables. The additional cable is nice for a backup, in case that your current cable gets broken. However, it only comes with a drawstring pouch, which doesn’t really protect the headset and doesn’t really look good.

In general, both Beats Solo HD vs Monster DNA have good sound quality. Keep in mind that these headphones are designed for casual listeners, not for professionals who listen to their headphones with premium external amps. Beats Solo HD and Monster DNA sound just good enough and enjoyable, but not as great as high-end models that have superb dynamics and clarity.

If you are a bass head, you will love Beats Solo HD. Compared to the other model here,Beats Solo HD has more powerful bass. You will enjoy the low-frequency thumps and rattles. It delivers an immersive experience.

Unfortunately, the midrange is sometimes drowned away by the heavy bass – this is a common issue in many headphones with powerful bass. By optimizing your music player’s equalizer a little, you can improve the overall quality. When the bass isn’t too heavy, the mids and highs are accurate and well-defined.

Monster DNA is quite the contrary. The bass is significantly more subdued. You won’t get much bass from this headset, so it is not suitable for the bass heads. The good thing is that Monster DNA has more presence of mids and highs. As the effect, it may sound as if it is brighter and more detailed. However, if you alter the EQ to increase the bass, you may find that the mids and highs get somewhat muddled.

Beats Solo HD vs Monster DNA

- Every pair is now constructed of super-durable, flexible material, reinforced with a metal strip to make sure it never comes apart
- No more searching for your phone or music player just to find the right song
- Built-In mic for calls. Switch easily between songs and incoming calls
- Remote control. Take calls, skip songs and adjust volume right from the cord of your Beats Solo HD headphones
- Advanced noise-isolating design reduces ambient sound
- Ear cushions for comfort during extended listening sessions
- Dual audio input jacks let you link your MusicShare headphones together and share the audio
- Durable yet ultra light materials withstand travel and continuous use

Between the two, we recommend you to choose Beats Solo HD. It has a more compact and more comfortable design. It also comes with a nice carrying case. The bass performance is notably better, so it can deliver an immersive experience. When the bass isn’t too heavy, the mids and highs are accurate and well-defined.

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