Beats Studio Vs Mixr

If you are looking for a fashionable headset that also sounds good and loud, Beats can be a good choice. In this article, we will help you choose between Beats Studio vs Mixr. These two models are available in a similar price range. Even so, they come with very different features and sound qualities.

Continue reading the comparison below to learn about:
– Which model that is more portable and easier to bring along
– Which model that is more comfortable to wear
– The connectivity features of Beats Studio vs Mixr
– The noise isolation performance of Beats Studio and Beats Mixr
– The sound quality of each headset here
– Which Beats headset that is more recommended for the money

First of all, let’s take a look at the design of each headset here. Both Beats Studio vs Mixr are foldable, but their folding mechanisms are different. Beats Studio is generally more portable than Beats Mixr because it folds into a more compact form. See also: Skullcandy Hesh 2 Vs Beats Solo 2.

Beats Studio folds into a neat, compact pivoting bundle. The ear cups sit on the top of each other. When the headset is not in use, you can just put it into the included case and slip the whole thing into the spare space in your bag. This is very convenient. By the way, Beats Studio is a wireless headset (there is a wired version too), so it does not have any cable to tangle.

On the other hand, Beats Mixr simply rotates the ear cups up. The folded form is not as compact and space-efficient as the Studio. It will eat up more room in your bag. However, there is also a potential advantage from this; the pivot points are less vulnerable to wear and damage, so they are less likely to break because of extensive use.

Beats Mixr is a wired headset. Fortunately, the audio cable is detachable, so you can put the cable neatly in the case to prevent ridiculous tangling. Actually, the bundle includes two audio cables. One is a coiled audio cable and the other is the RemoteTalk cable that has an in-line remote and mic.

When choosing between Beats Studio vs Mixr, you certainly want a headset that is comfortable to wear. You want a headset that doesn’t press hard on your head and doesn’t get too hot, especially in a long listening session. Between the two, Beats Studio is much better.

Beats Studio is a pair of over-the-ear headphones. Compared to the Mixr, this headset has larger ear cups. The pads are large, soft, and very comfortable. They can envelope your ears completely. The ear cups fit well without pressing too hard. According to TechRadar,the ear cups should be able to accommodate various head sizes.The padding on the headband is also quite thick, so that the solid frame will not hurt your head.

On the other hand, Beats Mixr is uncomfortable to wear, especially for a long wearing session. It is a pair of on-ear headphones. The ear cups are rather small, as they are designed to sit directly on the ears. This is not a problem if the pads are thick and comfortable. But the problem with Beats Mixr is that it presses very hard, to the point of almost painful. Also, the headband doesn’t have much padding on it.

If you are looking for a wireless headset, Beats Studio is the way to go. This model has built-in Bluetooth, so you can connect it wirelessly to your mobile device or Bluetooth-enabled computer. The Bluetooth connection is convenient because it won’t restrict your movement.

Beats Studio is powered by a rechargeable battery. According to the company, the headset’s battery life is about 12 hours. This is pretty good. However, if you always use your headset for multiple hours everyday, you probably need to recharge the unit on a daily basis.

Beats Mixr is a wireless headset. It does not support Bluetooth. You need to use one of the included audio cables to connect it to your mobile device or computer. Perhaps the good thing is that it also does not have any battery to run out. So, you don’t need to worry about constantly recharging your headset.

Additionally, Beats Mixr has an audio output port for a daisy chain. You can use another audio cable to send the signal to another headset. This is nice for listening the same music with a friend.

Noise Isolation
Next, consider whether you need active noise cancellation (ANC) or not. Beats Studio comes with ANC, and the ear cups are also effective for noise isolation. Meanwhile, Beats Mixr does not have ANC; its ear cups are thick enough to provide good noise isolation, but it won’t cancel loud sounds.

Beats Studio has ANC, which is very useful for protecting your hearing from very loud sounds. It is equipped with a small microphone for capturing environmental noise. The ear cups then produce sound waves to cancel the noise. This way, no sound from the outside will ever get into your ears. Beats Studio allows you to focus without getting disturbed by the world.

Beats Mixr doesn’t have ANC. The ear pads are pretty thick, and they perform a pretty good job in isolating environmental noise. At least, you can reduce the chatters of people around you to a minimum, barely audible level. But very loud sounds can still penetrate through the headset into your ears.

Sound Quality
These two headsets have very different characteristics. However, Beats Studio is still the better product in the end. The problem with Beats Mixr is that it is too flat and plain without any special thing.

Beats Studio is a bass headset. The low-end performance is strong and powerful. The bass sometimes muddles up the mids and highs, hence reducing the crispness and clarity of the sound. This is quite a common issue among bass-heavy headphones. However, the overall sound quality is still good and enjoyable, especially if you are a bass head.

On the other hand, Beats Mixr is more balanced, but the sound quality is very average. It apparently has some bass boost, but the bass is hardly solid or detailed. The treble is harsh and annoying.

Beats Studio Vs Mixr

- Connectivity Technology: wireless
- Pair and play with your Bluetooth device with 30 foot range
- Dual-Mode Adaptive Noise Canceling
- 12 hour rechargeable battery with fuel gauge
- Take hands-free calls with built-in mic
- Beats Mixr on ear headphones
- 3.5mm audio cable
- ¼” adapter cable
- Airline adapter
- In-line control & mic cable (features may vary)

Between these two models, we recommend you to choose Beats Studio. This model is more portable and more comfortable to wear. It also has ANC, so that you can focus without getting disturbed by the environment. The sound is heavy on the bass, but the overall quality is definitely better.

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