The gaming industry has come a long way in improving the gaming experience by constantly adapting to new technology. One gaming component that had undergone several changes is the gaming headphone. Headphones have been used in gaming for quite some time now as they help the player to focus more on the game by shutting out all outside noises while providing the sound quality that makes the gamer feel like they are actually in game. Initially, headphones were usually attached to the game set through wires.

Today, headphones have gone wireless so as to remove the inconvenience of short wires which tend to tangle themselves. At the same time, several companies have dedicated themselves to creating high quality products in order to improve the gaming experience and as a result, their products are rapidly becoming popular. Here are some of the best wireless gaming headphones currently in the market.

1. Astro Gaming A50

The Best Wireless Gaming Headphones in the Market

Astro, despite their expensive products certainly know what the customer wants and most gamers would be very satisfied with the A50. This headset is considered to be amongst the best wireless headphones designed specifically for gaming due to its superior sound quality and comfort. Most gamers have described them as robust and easy to use during gaming. The design isn’t too stylish though and distinguishes itself from the A40 by having a partially visible red internal wire. It is also highly comfortable and does not push against glasses of those who wear them. Overall, it is one of the most recommended headsets in the market. Look the comparison between Astro A40 Vs A50.

2. Sennheiser PC 360 Headset

The Best Wireless Gaming Headphones in the Market 1

One of the most praised gaming headphones in the market, Its Open Acoustic design keeps the ears cool and to some extent, dry. Something most headphones are unable to do with their closed designs. The design also provides some of the best audio positioning in addition to sound quality that is only rivaled by the Astro A50. The headphones have a very good sleek design that has been appreciated by most gamers and like most Sennheiser products, they are very durable thus are definitely worth the high price tag.

3. SteelSeries Siberia V2

The Best Wireless Gaming Headphones in the Market 2

SteelSeries is known for its quality products and this is most certainly amongst the best. Stylish, comfortable and yet not as expensive as the Astro or Sennheiser range of wireless gaming headphones, the SteelSeries is for the budget conscious who do not want to compromise too much on quality. The only slight drawback of of the SteelSeries Siberia V2 is the sound quality which is not as superior as that of the Astro A50 ot the Sennheister PC 360 though not by much for most gamers to notice a difference. It however matches the above two in every other aspect.

4. Astro Gaming A40

The Best Wireless Gaming Headphones in the Market 3

Like all Astro products, the A40 is a high quality product. It is the predecessor of the A50 and what differentiates the two is that the A50 combines the A40’Mixamp base and a belt base receiver while also being more comfortable and durable than the A40. The A40 sells only $20-$40 less than the A50, thus one can simply upgrade to the A50 for a more comfortable experience.

5. Razer Kraken

The Best Wireless Gaming Headphones in the Market 4

This wireless gaming headphone scores quite well on sound quality as the audio is clear and loud and is relatively one of the most affordable headphones. However, it does not quite match a large number of headphones in the market when it comes to surround sound. It may be good for light and moderate gamers but not for those who value sound quality of the game above other specifications. The design is not as good as the other headphones mentioned. However, Razer Kraken headphones score quite well on durability and comfort while being used.

6. Logitech G930

The Best Wireless Gaming Headphones in the Market 5

Like the Razer Kraken, the Sound quality is not as superior as that of the Astro headphones, the SteelSeries or the Sennhessier. The Logitech is much more suited for other PC applications like VoIP than hig end gaming. Despite this, the sound quality is decent enough for low end gaming and for those not too picky about sound quality. The headphones are quite affordable and has quite a long range of up to around 40 feet. The design is quite good though not as stunning as some of the headphones in the market.

The above headphone brands each have their own unique characteristics which make them the best wireless gaming headphones although some are more suited for high end gaming while others are more suited for gaming that does not require surround sound. However, the diversity in specifications are what enable the gamer to chose which headphones suit their tastes as well as their pockets and thus have unforgettable gaming experiences.