Bose 151 vs 161

Bose 151 vs 161 may seem to be similar at first, but they aren’t. There are several things that you need to consider when choosing between these two models, such as the weatherproofing and installation as well as the sound quality. Continue reading below to find out which Bose speakers that will give you a better value for the money.

The discussion below will explain further about:
– The dimensions of each speaker
– The build quality and durability of Bose 151 vs 161
– What items that are included with each model
– Which speaker set that is generally easier to set up
– The comparison of their performance and sound quality
– Which Bose speaker that is generally more recommended for you

Although these speakers are quite compact and lightweight, they are different from the portable Bose SoundLink Revolve vs JBL Charge 3 speakers. Bose 151 and Bose 161 are designed for fixed installations, and they even come with their own mounting kits. These speakers are ideal choices if you need a stereo sound system, but they can also be integrated to a larger surround sound system if that is what you want.

Bose 151 comes with two speakers, and each speaker measures 12.5 inches tall, 4.5 inches wide, and 6.0 inches deep. Each speaker weighs about 5.825 lbs.

Bose 161 also comes with a pair of speakers. Each speaker measures 11.0 inches tall, 4.17 inches wide, and 5.0 inches deep. Each speaker weighs approximately 3.25 lbs.

As you can see, Bose 151 vs 161 speakers are a bit larger and heavier, even though the differences are not huge. Still, you need to check the dimensions to ensure that the speakers will actually fit into the available space where you want to place them. If you don’t need to worry about space, Bose 151 is great. But if you prefer the most compact and lightweight option, Bose 161 seems to be the better option.

Also, take note: both Bose 151 and Bose 161 can be mounted vertically or horizontally. They are quite flexible and versatile in terms of installation. You can put these speakers on a desk, mount them on the wall, or place them on a shelf.

Weatherproofing & Durability
When buying a new set of speakers, considering the place where you want to mount them is extremely important. Most speakers can get damaged by excessive humidity. You want to avoid placing speakers in a moist environment, unless the speakers are specifically designed to be waterproof or weatherproof.

Bose 151 should be the way to go if you need a set of weatherproof speakers. It is suitable for outdoor installations and even bathrooms, if you are the type who likes to listen to music while taking a shower. The speakers have been tested to withstand exposure to heat, sunlight, water, rain, ice, and salt. They can withstand various weather conditions while still delivering optimum long-lasting performance.

The 2.5-inch speaker cones of Bose 151 are made from a glass-filled material. The cones are able to deliver consistent high-quality sound across the frequencies, even under extreme weather conditions and temperatures. Meanwhile, the cabinets are made from a glass-filled polypropylene, which is said to provide year-long protection against all kinds of extreme weather.

Of course, the mounting brackets are weatherproof, too. But Bose 151 does not mention anything about magnetic shielding. So, make sure that you place the speakers with some distance from display monitors and other devices that may cause interference.

Bose 161, on the other hand, is a pair of basic indoor speakers. It is neither waterproof nor weatherproof. As the effect, it is only suitable for installation in a dry, safe room. Although technically you can use these speakers in an outdoor patio, as long as the speakers are protected from rain and snow, this is not recommended. The humidity of the outdoor environment varies from time to time, and will affect the lifespan of the speakers.

However, Bose 161 also has a special feature. The speakers are magnetically shielded. So, you can place them in close proximity to TVs and display monitors without having to worry about interference problems. The speakers use proprietary Twiddler drivers which have been designed to produce higher air movement and richer low-frequency sounds, despite their small form factor.

Bose 161 only includes a few mounting brackets. They are solid and rugged. But these mounting brackets are also not suitable for outdoor installation.

What’s Included?
Bose 151 vs 161 come with different items. You get more stuff for different mounting options with Bose 151. Meanwhile, Bose 161 only includes a pair of basic brackets. Keep in mind that these speakers don’t include any audio cable, so you need to get it separately.

After opening the box of Bose 151, you will find the following items:
– The Bose 151 speakers
– 2 mounting brackets
– 4 bracket-to-speaker mounting screws
– 4 wood screws
– 2 bracket locking screws
– 4 wall anchors
– 2 lock washers (#8)
– 4 lock washers (1/4″)

In the box of Bose 161, the following items are included:
– The Bose 161 speakers
– 2 mounting brackets
– Self-adhesive rubber feet

The mounting kit of Bose 151 is really cool because it enables you to customize the brackets however you want. The screws and washers will ensure that the speakers will never fall from the brackets. The instructions are also clear and easy to follow. Even someone with minimum technical experience can mount the speakers without any problem.

Of course, Bose 161 is also easy to set-up. But the mounting brackets are not as customizable. The self-adhesive rubber feet are quite nice, though; they will prevent the speakers from moving around or getting tumbled over.

Both Bose 151 and Bose 161 are actually quite easy to set-up. Unlike most other speakers in the market which deliver sound in a single direction, Bose 151 and Bose 161 boast the Articulated Array driver positioning and Stereo Everywhere technology. In short, these features enable the speakers to radiate sound to all directions evenly.

So, no matter how you mount the speakers and where you are sitting, you will still get optimum sound quality and volume. The company claims that Bose 151 and Bose 161 are able to deliver even, balanced sound to the entire listening area.

You won’t encounter any problem if you simply want to place the speakers on a desk or shelf. If you want to mount them on a wall, you can use the included mounting kit. The process will definitely take a few minutes, but the installation instructions are clear and helpful.

When buying an audio cable to connect these speakers to your sound system or amplifier, make sure to choose the proper gauge according to the distance so that you will get the best sound quality. For a distance of 30 feet, a minimum of 18-gauge (0.75mm) wire is recommended. For a distance of 45 feet, you can use a 16-gauge (1.5mm) wire. For a distance of 70 feet, you need at least a 14-gauge (2.0mm) wire.

So, how is the performance of Bose 151 vs 161? What many people didn’t know is the fact that Bose 151 is actually a newer model and comes with more drivers, whereas Bose 161 is an older model with fewer drivers.

Each Bose 151 speaker is equipped with 3 drivers. As the effect, the speakers are able to deliver better overall sound quality. The sound has better definition and detail. The lows, mids, and highs have good separation, though you need a real subwoofer if you want to actually get thumping bass. The speakers also seem to be more powerful, as they tend to deliver louder sound.

On the other hand, each Bose 161 speaker only has 2 drivers. While the overall sound quality is still good, you can easily notice that the sound of these speakers has less definition and detail compared to Bose 151. The lows, mids, and highs are good, but not the lows may muddle the mids in certain tracks.

Available Color Variants
Both Bose 151 and Bose 161 are available in two color variants, black and white. You may choose whichever color that suits your taste. But the designs of the two models differ a little bit.

The grille of Bose 151 covers the entire front panel. This is because the speaker has more drivers, and the grille needs to cover them all. The black variant has a matte black finish, but the border of the grille is a bit glossy. The Bose brand is written in white. Meanwhile, the white variant has a white grille with the Bose brand written in dark gray.

The grille of Bose 161 only covers about the two-thirds of the front panel, as the speaker has fewer drivers. Under the grille, there is a slot that may be prone to collecting dust. The black variant comes with a matte black finish without any glossy border, and the brand is also written in white. Meanwhile, the white variant has a white grille and silver brand logo.

Bose 151 vs 161

- 2-1/2 full-range, glass-filled speaker cone delivers reliable
- Glass-filled polypropylene cabinet provides added yearlong protection against weather extremes
- Adjustable weather-resistant brackets provide secure installation to most surfaces
- Engineered and tested to withstand snow, rain, salt and temperature extremes of -40? F (-40? C) to 158? F (70? C)
- Versatile speakers in black for music and movies, ideal for use in bookshelf or wall-mount applications
- Performance rivaling much larger home stereo speakers. Custom brackets included for easy installation and flexible placement possibilities
- Stereo Everywhere speaker performance produces balanced stereo sound over a wide area
- Magnetically shielded speakers allow for speaker placement in close proximity to your TV; Syncom computer tested to ensure one of the highest levels of quality and reliability in the audio industry.

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Between these two speakers, Bose 151 is better and more recommended. It is weatherproof, suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. It also has better sound quality and more powerful sound.

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