Bose AE2i Vs OE2i Audio Headphones

Bose AE2i vs OE2i – As a fifty years old manufacturer, the Bose is already well known on its audio equipment products, particularly the noise canceling headphones, among any other audio products such as amplifiers and loudspeakers. For almost ten years, Bose has been producing headphones that not only worked in high level, but also the ones that are more portable and customer friendly, yet with lower price.

Bose AE2i vs OE2i Audio Headphones

Within range less than a year, in 2010 and 2011 Bose produced the headphones that are a developments from its predecessors, the Bose OE2i and Bose AE2i. The main difference between the two products is laid on the type of the headset. The Bose AE2i is an around the ear headphone type, where the cups would mold into the ears. While the Bose OE2i is an on the ear headphone type, the cups would just fall flat into the ears. Generally, most of the review stated that the sound quality of both of these types is not much different, yet the a lot of customers still made the Bose AE2i vs OE2i comparisons before making any decision. Don’t forget to see all Bose comparison here.

The similarity of both Bose AE2i and the Bose OE2i is that these products manufactured and specialized for the iPhone and iPod users. The products are added with the inline microphone for better hands-free calling moments and also the inline remote control that are placed on the string of the headphones’ cables.

For comfortable trips, the portability of both the Bose headphones products is higher than expectation. The customers would be given an easy storage case on the package, which the headphones cups would be easily store in it.

Bose AE2i Vs OE2i

Bose AE2iBose OE2i
Key Feature/s- A new standard of audio performance immerses you in your music - Inline remote for control of iPhone®/iPod® - Inline microphone for hands-free calling - Improved ear cushions for hours of comfortable listening - Earcups fold flat in custom travel bag for easy storage and transport- Advanced acoustic design brings out the depth and clarity of your music - Inline remote for control of iPhone®/iPod® - Inline microphone for hands-free calling - Lighter, updated design features slim headband and memory foam ear cushions that reduce pressure points for hours of comfortable listening - Fold-flat, collapsible design allows easy storage in carrying case

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The sound quality of the Bose AE2i and the Bose OE2i are quite excellent, amongst the other mid range headphones. Even though both AE2i and OE2i have closed ear cups designs; yet the Bose AE2i excels more on its’ amazing sound stage feature and the perfect pitch bass. Because of the around the ear type, the AE2i also has higher ability to block noise than the OE2i. Generally compared, the Bose AE2i and the OE2i are hardly different, beside for the type. Both of the products have the same convenience and the quite the same good sound quality.

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