Bose Companion 20 Vs Audioengine A2+

The Bose Companion 20 and the Audioengine A2+ are speaker systems made for maximum performance for your home. Both of them can connect to all electronic device including a computer, gaming device or mp3 player. If you want a hand, we will help you to decide if the Bose Companion 20 or the Audioengine A2+ is right for you by comparing the two speaker systems in the categories of performance or features and specifications inside the Bose Companion 20 and Audioengine A2+. We offer a recommendation on the last paragraph of conclusion.

For the speakers, The Bose Companion 20 comes with two speakers and also a control pod. The control pod is featured by rotational volume control, single touch mute, a headphone jack and a connection for a second audio source. The Audioengine A2+ speakers have two great speaker system for your computer audio and the speakers are special made to plug in to your desktop then it produces a powerful enough sound to fill an average size room. How about sound? With the Bose Companion 20 sound system you can be assured it fully with natural sound will be able to fill every room. It will produce an integrated signal from the speakers delivers lifelike performance at any volume level you want. Discuss about the integrated signal, the Bose Companion 20 also features an active electronic equalization which balances low, mid and high frequencies and creates a great and clear sound.

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The measurements for the Bose Companion 20 are 8.6 inches x 3.5 inches x 4.7 inches. The Audioengine A2+ speakers measure 6 inches x 4 inches x 5.3 inches each and weigh just over 3 pounds. Also, the Bose Companion 20 speaker system includes the right and left speakers included a speaker and an audio cable. You also can get a power pack & cable and a control pod & cable. While Included the Audioengine A2+ speaker systems are having the right and left speaker as well as a 2 meter long speaker wire and power supply along with an AC power cord. There is a mini-jack audio cable and a USB cable that measure in 1.5 meters too. Plus, there are microfiber speaker bags as well as a microfiber power supply bag and a microfiber cable bag inside the packaging.

Bose Companion 20 Vs Audioengine A2+

Bose Companion 20Audioengine A2+
Key Features- Convenient control pod to adjust or mute volume, connect headphones and add another audio device - Sleek, space-saving design complements your computer and eliminates need for dedicated bass module- Excellent sound with elegant simplicity for computer audio. - Versatile connections, including USB digital audio and subwoofer output

Ratings4.5 out of 5.0 stars4.5 out of 5.0 stars
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Both the Bose Companion 20 and the Audioengine A2+ are having a great and good design, performance, and features too. They have been designed to high standards and quality of the sound on each speaker systems. But, you must choose one between them, and we recommend the Bose Companion 20 speaker system with its slight advantage that can edge the Audioengine A2+ system.

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