Bose SoundLink Color Vs Mini

Can’t choose between Bose SoundLink Color and Bose SoundLink Mini? Both of them are compact wireless speakers made by the same manufacturer, Bose. The American company has been known worldwide to produce high-quality audio equipment, so we can’t really underestimate the two products. Anyhow, Bose SoundLink Mini is quite pricier than Bose SoundLink Color. Why is it more expensive? Which is the one with the best value for our money? Let us compare the two models now!

Bose SoundLink Color Vs Mini

The very first difference that we can promptly notice is the design. Putting the two models side by side, actually, they are both very compact and portable. There is no considerable difference in weight as well. However, Bose SoundLink Color has the shape of, well, something like a toast. Bose SoundLink Color is rectangular and thin. Meanwhile Bose SoundLink Mini has a shape like a small box or a long piece of brick. Depending on the circumstance, both of them can be brought along easily. Bose SoundLink Color may be easier to slip into the bag, but Bose SoundLink Mini can take place in your pocket or at the corner of your bag. You may also want to read: JBL Charge 2 Vs Bose SoundLink Mini.

Battery Life, Ports, and Accessories
The next significant difference between Bose SoundLink Color and Bose SoundLink Mini is the battery life. The Mini has a better battery life; it is able to last up to 10 hours in continuous usage. At the contrast, the Color can only last up to 8 hours in continuous usage. Both of them primarily operate wirelessly via Bluetooth with a maximum range of up to 30 ft. You can also connect them to your audio devices using the 3.5mm aux input or the Micro-USB port.

Their bundles are quite the same, except that Bose SoundLink Mini comes with a charging cradle that serves as a convenient home base for your speaker and let it play while you charge. Each of the Color and the Mini comes with a wall charger and the cable.

While there are a lot of similar functions and features, such as the easy-to-use voice prompt feature for effortless pairing with your Bluetooth devices and the ability to remember up to eight most recent devices, only Bose SoundLink Color that is able to connect to two devices simultaneously! Hence, as the effect, as it finishes a music track from a device, it will immediately play the track from the other device. A nifty feature for hanging out with your friends.

Bose SoundLink Color Vs Mini

Bose SoundLink ColorBose SoundLink Mini
Key Features- Voice prompts make pairing your devices easier than ever - Up to 8 hours of music from rechargeable lithium-ion battery- ultra-portable - BOSE SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker

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In choosing between Bose SoundLink Mini and Bose SoundLink Color, you need to consider whether you really need the extra battery life or the two-device simultaneous connection. If you value the additional feature more, choose Bose SoundLink Color. Otherwise, you can go with Bose SoundLink Mini for the battery life.

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