Bose SoundLink Micro vs JBL Clip 3 

Speaker is a very common equipment that almost everyone has because we love listening to music but, depending on what you want from the transducer, our choice can vary widely as well. For those who want big sound in a form of compact gear, Bose SoundLink Micro Vs JBL Clip 3 will be an amazing option to consider. They are convenient but loud and before you head to shop for one, let’s see what these speakers can offer below so then we can choose wisely.

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  • Bose SoundLink Micro Vs JBL Clip 3

Speaker History

Everybody loves music, chances are you have more than one genre that fills up the music player, CD collection, or digital playlist on certain platforms. Music is also everywhere no matter where you go from those restaurants across the road, shopping center, public places, or various places that we often visit except probably the library. Before we can listen to audio reproduction, there must be speakers first for if there is no transducer ever invented, we may can’t enjoy our favorite songs today. 

Of course everyone is already familiar with who invented the first electric loudspeaker and yes, it is Alexander Graham Bell in his telephone back then in 1876. Later, this is followed by Ernst Siemens with a more advanced version of the electric loudspeaker. Traditionally, speakers are able to produce the audible sound by using an electromagnet to push and pull on a flexible cone and in general there are three basic types of driver that produce different types of sound; woofer, tweeters, and midrange.

Speakers use these drivers to help translate signals into physical vibrations so we can hear those recorded sounds. The driver will move a flexible cone or a diaphragm back and forth very quickly to produce what are called sound waves. The difference between woofers, tweeters, and midrange drivers is highly related to the size. As you may already know, the biggest among them is the woofer itself made to produce the lower frequency while on the opposite tweeter is made to recreate the highest frequency sounds.

Speaker and Headphone

Even our small earphones and headphones are also coming with drivers that create the sound wave and deliver it directly to our ears which is why they are quite different when compared to regular bookshelf or standing speakers. The prominent one will be on volume level as the smaller driver will also be powered less and doesn’t need to sound very loud, unlike your loudspeaker that can be heard even by your neighbors if played at the highest volume in a non-insulated room.

 Bose SoundLink MicroJBL Clip 3 
Product Dimensions1.4 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches
2.4 x 5.7 x 7.8 inches
Shipping Weight10.2 ounces
7.8 ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

In modern days, people are becoming busier and want a convenient option to listen to their favorite songs and hence smaller drivers are used to offer better versatility. If you are not a fan of how headphones or earphones insulate your ears, a compact speaker can be the option. They are at least easy to carry but still offer the experience of loudspeaker at home without the weight and form factor. Most of them are also convenient in terms of connectivity for there will be no cable needed.

About Bose SoundLink Micro and JBL Clip 3

If this sounds like what you aim for, a compact, Bluetooth speaker is a great option for the benefits. They are not actually new anymore in the market because it seems that the trend has been extended for about a decade already but, you can still enjoy their convenience today and the system also becomes more standard and cheaper. At least you can find the options in almost any price levels from different brands in which many are quite unheard of.

We personally prefer those from well-known names, not because they are popular but because they will have a higher chance to carry good quality products. However, we also need to prepare a higher budget for these brands because good quality also comes with higher cost as well. Among those many audio equipment manufacturers who made compact speakers, Bose and JBL will be two of the most reliable brands to shop from. We are sure most people are familiar already with these companies and besides the quality, they also carry lots of models.

Another reason why we love these brands is because they always upgrade their products to match the current demand and fix any possible issues on the older units while also improving the overall technology and quality of the speakers. For those who prefer carrying small loudspeakers that they can fit into a hoodie’s jacket or backpack easily, Bose SoundLink Micro and JBL Clip 3 will be two interesting models to consider. Both of them are aimed for mobile users or those who will do lots of transporting.

Bose SoundLink is a very popular series from the company which boasts compact body but powerful and rich sound including the smallest variant Micro. If you will play the speaker for a wider audience, check our Beats Pill+ Vs Bose SoundLink Revolve here. As the name suggests, the Clip 3 is the new model of previous Clip and will also come with improvement over its predecessor. However, we don’t think the difference is night and day for in general this is still the same speaker.

Bose SoundLink Micro and JBL Clip 3 Design

Having a compact speaker is great because you can fit it almost anywhere and this is also what Bose SoundLink Micro and JBL Clip 3 can offer to you. As you can see, these speakers are very compact and in general will fit nicely on top of your palm. However, we can tell them apart quickly because they are coming in different shapes with JBL in a full circle compared to the square Bose. In addition, Clip 3 already features a carabiner to make it easy when you want to hang it somewhere.

On the other hand, SoundLink Micro doesn’t come with a similar carrying system but you can add a strap into the unit to make it more convenient when used in such situations. What’s different is that the strap is wider and probably fits something thicker like a bike handlebar as the unit seems to be made for such application. Build quality wise, these two are rugged and also come with physical controls yet, they can only manipulate the sound level and no further playback functions.

Bose SoundLink Micro and JBL Clip 3 Sound Quality

Moving further, now let’s see what Bose SoundLink Micro and JBL Clip 3 are offering and starting with the most important part which is the sound quality, both speakers are amazing for their size. They are better than many cheaper models with bigger built and capable of delivering a pleasant sound across genres but, side by side, we do think that Bose has the upper hand when it comes to low-end as this speaker is delivering the bass fuller and punchier with lots of taste.

It is also somehow more detailed when there are lots of instruments playing together in your song because we can still notice the difference and pin point each instrument pretty well in which JBL seems to slightly muddle them together. In addition, a good speaker usually will be able to retain the sound quality in different volume levels and here Bose also shines the most because there is no difference in low and high volumes; they just sound louder but, JBL can’t retain its sound signature very well at louder levels.

Bose SoundLink Micro and JBL Clip 3 Features

The next point we want to mention is their additional feature and unfortunately, this portion is also won by Bose in a great gap because usually JBL will offer at least pairing ability to let you stream the same song in two or more speakers but this model can’t use either Party Boost or Connect feature. Bose on the other hand lets you pair Micro with another SoundLink speaker for party mode or stereo mode and to another Smart Home Family to play in sync.

Additionally, both of these speakers have microphone thus we can use them to take calls or as loudspeakers and to increase the durability, they are equally IPX 7 rated so we don’t have to worry about accidentally splashing them with water or knocking them off the poolside.

Bose SoundLink Micro and JBL Clip 3 Battery

The last part we want to mention is their battery life because compact speakers tend to run out of juice very quickly, especially the smaller variants like Bose SoundLink Micro and JBL Clip 3. The new Clip is now claimed to play music up to 10 hours at moderate level which is 2 hours longer than Clip 2. In this part, Bose is slightly weaker than JBL because this speaker can only last for about 6 hours and while it is not bad, we do hope it can gain more power storage.

Bose SoundLink Micro vs JBL Clip 3 

These speakers are amazing for the small and convenient side but also powerful enough for a private entertainment. They sound quite good for the size and can get quite loud as well but side by side, we think Bose is capable of delivering an overall better audio quality because it produces the lower-end pretty amazing and still detailed even when there are lots of instruments playing together. It also has pairing features for playing in sync with other SoundLink speakers but battery wise, JBL can last longer.

- Waterproof Speaker From the Inside Out (Ipx7 Rating), With Soft, Rugged Exterior, Resists Dents, Cracks and Scratches
- Easily Portable With a Tear Resistant Strap to Bring It Wherever You Go, Strap to Your Backpack, Cooler or Handlebars
- Up to 6 Hours of play time from a rechargeable battery and wireless Bluetooth pairing.
- Wireless Bluetooth pairing with voice prompts allows you to easily take calls and access your phone’s virtual assistant — hands free
- Wireless Bluetooth Streaming
- 10 Hours of Playtime
- IPX7 Waterproof
- Integrated Carabiner

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All in all, we do think these speakers are worth the attention but, if you don’t mind about the double price, we do recommend getting Bose SoundLink Micro as it has better audio quality and coming with added features as well.


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