Bose SoundLink vs JBL Flip 5

Speaker is an essential device or equipment for any music listeners for this is the one we often used to enjoy our favorite songs. For those who are also active and prefer to listen using speakers, Bose SoundLink Vs JBL Flip 5 will be an amazing option to choose as they are not only compact but also sound very good. If you are also going to get one of these speakers, go check what they can offer and pick the one that fits your preference the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Headphone or Speaker
  • Why Choosing Bluetooth Speaker
  • What are Bose SoundLink and JBL Flip 5
  • How are the Sound Quality of Bose SoundLink and JBL Flip 5
  • What else Bose SoundLink and JBL Flip 5 can offer
  • How are the Battery Performance of Bose SoundLink and JBL Flip 5
  • Bose SoundLink Vs JBL Flip 5

Headphone and Speaker

Being able to listen to your favorite music anywhere is a given because chances are there are people near you who don’t share the same fancy in genre or like to listen to anything while being in the same environment. However, this should not be a problem as we can use earphones, earbuds, or headphones because all the sounds are kept to ourselves except when there is something wrong with your equipment. For personal and casual use, everything is about taste and preference.

Producers and professionals may debate whether it is better to treat their room and get expensive bookshelf speakers or to spend on a high end headphone for their purpose but we as end-users who only listen for fun, we can go with anything. In most cases, the situation in which we will be listening affects the most of our decisions. Of course we can use speakers or anything at home but stepping outside, the size and volume will also play an important role.

Wireless and Bluetooth Speaker

If you are here then it means that speaker will be the most ideal option to have around and besides the bookshelf speakers we used at home, they can come in a much compact size as well for your traveling companion. Bluetooth or wireless speakers are everywhere, they have been a huge trend back then and many are still worth to notice these days. The best part is undoubtedly their wireless connectivity so we don’t have to mind where to plug or how to fit the media player.

They have batteries to last for hundreds of songs and can work with your smartphone to play anything with some models also have memory card slots to save battery and just overall being more convenient. Since they are made to be taken everywhere, one quality everyone loves about wireless or Bluetooth speakers is their compact size; in most cases they are about as big as a 500 mL water bottle or soda can. This makes them ideal inside a backpack or being carried around with no fuss.

Unlike a bookshelf speakers, there will be no installation required for them and they are working in a very straightforward manner which is instantly useful right out of the box especially with simple and useful controls. Sound quality wise, it is very subjective and can be affected by lots of factors but there are many of them that are not only loud but also able to give a satisfying sound such as tight and powerful bass or light and clear highs.

About Bose SoundLink and JBL Flip 5

While sound quality is very personal and not all of us have the same taste or preference on which sounds better, price will mostly decide how the sound recreation results in and this is why investing on a good speaker will not only ensure good product quality but also overall performance including how they will sound like. To shop quickly, we do recommend deciding the price point about how much we can spend or if you have a favorite brand, then we can shop from their collection.

You can find tons of wireless or Bluetooth speakers out there ranging from those we are familiar with to those brands we never heard of but to ensure the quality, it is wiser to shop from well-known names as they have a higher chance to be more reliable than some unknown manufacturers. Talking about speakers, two of the brands we are thinking are Bose and JBL, especially in this specific market as they seem to always offer high-quality products loved by many.

They also carry quite the options so everyone can get the model that fits their personal taste the most and for those who plan to spend a budget around $100, the most ideal choices from these brands are Bose SoundLink and JBL Flip 5. Note that we are talking about the SoundLink Color option from the series because there are another 3 models in this line; Revolve, Micro, and Mini. This is also the first or original model as opposed to the newer Color II which has slightly design change.

On the other hand Flip 5 is the newest addition to the Flip family by JBL which is one of their popular line of Bluetooth speakers and following its predecessors, this model seems to still carry what loved from the original speakers but also introducing some new qualities. While Flip 5 was coming on the market around last year, the original SoundLink Color was first introduced in 2014, making the latter may lack some of the newest technologies Bose have. 

Bose SoundLink and JBL Flip 5 Design

Design wise, Flip 5 is probably easily more comparable to SoundLink Mini as the shapes are quite similar. The SoundLink Color is pretty unorthodox for Bluetooth speaker as it is shaped in a rather thin layer, standing like a humidifier but is rectangle and measured at 5.3-inch high, 5-inch wide, and 2.1-inch thick which also available in various different colors to fit your taste such as blue or white. It can fit nicely inside a handbag or backpack without much fuss.

Compared to the previous Flip speaker, the new Flip 5 is marginally bigger and heavier but side by side you may not notice the difference. This tubular speaker is measured about 44mm wide in diameter and 18.1-inch wide in length. You may plan to sit this speaker in an upright position or standing tall but we don’t think this is such an ideal option because it doesn’t stand entirely vertical, making a small shake may cause the speaker to fall. Read also: Doss Soundbox Vs OontZ Angle 3.

Bose SoundLink and JBL Flip 5 Sound Quality

The first and most important part of the speaker must be the sound quality and let’s see what Bose SoundLink and JBL Flip 5 can offer. Side by side, they are amazing for the price point and for the size but they are also different because while you can drive their volume pretty high without distorting the sound, the bass side seems to be better in the Flip 5. Back in the day with Flip 2, the comparison was won by SoundLink but now the latter will be much better.

On the other hand, the SoundLink Color is prominently appealing when the song you play is heavy on vocals but it is also a bit lighter when the instrument comes. You can be satisfied with any of them for typical genres and unless you will be monitoring or dedicated your focus to the song, we don’t think that these speakers will sound bad at all. 

Bose SoundLink and JBL Flip 5 Features

The next part we want to talk about is their features and here starting with the SoundLink the controls are simple with only play/pause button on top with the volume control yet there are no speakerphone capabilities. It can be paired with up to 8 devices including the complete artificial voice when you turn the speaker on. For the Flip 5, they are arrayed along the grille in a row and this model has PartyBoost to allow the speaker to be paired with other JBL models to stream the same music.

Besides this function, all buttons are meant for the basic functions which are volume control and play/pause. What’s impressive is that the USB-C port here is uncovered but the speaker itself is IPX7 rated which makes it able to sustain being submerged up to a meter unlike the SoundLink Color with no water proofing for the original model.

Bose SoundLink and JBL Flip 5 Battery 

The last point we want to talk about is their battery power because all of us want to have equipment that lasts for a pretty long listening session. In this part both Bose SoundLink and JBL Flip 5 are the same or lasting for about 12 hours depending on how loud your music will be. This should be enough for most users and you can bring them to a party or to your office to be listened to together.

 Bose SoundLink vs JBL Flip 5

There are lots of wireless or Bluetooth speakers out there and not all will fit our pocket or our preference. Bose SoundLink and JBL Flip 5 are an amazing option for the price point but now JBL Flip 5 as the newer model have various advantages including being waterproof and able to be paired with other JBL speakers to play the same song. For the mid and highs it seems that SoundLink has a slightly better sound while for the bass or low end Flip 5 is more satisfying.

- Clear, full-range sound you might not expect from a compact speaker
- Voice prompts make pairing your devices easier than ever
- Up to 8 hours of music from rechargeable lithium-ion battery
- Wireless connection to your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled device
- Wireless Bluetooth streaming
- 12 hours of playtime
- IPX7 waterproof
- Pair multiple speakers with party boost

You can pick any of these speakers and still be satisfied with the performance but we personally like JBL Flip 5 better over the original SoundLink Color as it sounds better on the low-end and also offer some features not available on the former.

NOTE : Product prices, availability, ratings and save money information are accurate as of the date/time indicated on post time (as seen right bellow the tittle) and are subject to change. Any price, ratings, availability and save money information displayed on Amazon Site or Headphone Authority at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.



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