Edifier R1280T vs R1700BT

You can prefer to listen with headphones or earphones due to their advantages but, it is undeniable that speakers will be the option if you are fond of a more natural sound. There are almost unlimited amounts of speakers out there but not all will present the best quality in a lower budget range. Edifier R1280T vs R1700BT are two you may want to consider if price and quality are important. To decide which will fit your taste better, see what these units offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What is Studio Monitor
  • What are Active and Passive Monitor
  • What are Edifier R1280T and R1700BT
  • What Edifier R1280T and R1700BT Look Like
  • How are the Sound Quality of Edifier R1280T and R1700BT
  • How are the Ports in Edifier R1280T and R1700BT
  • What else Edifier R1280T and R1700BT can offer
  • Edifier R1280T Vs R1700BT

Studio Monitor

Alexander Graham Bell created phones and to make it work he also needed a speaker which then became the basis of what we have today. Speaker is a transducer that translates the electric signal into a sound wave that we can hear through our hearing organ and while all speakers are capable of sending your audio file to be listened to, not all of them are the same because in general everything used to build the speaker will affect its final sound.

Buying a speaker is a hefty task especially if done from home as you can’t actually listen to the unit first and even through demonstration, it is difficult to get the accurate sound as we are also listening through a type of speaker which may add colors into it. However, for casual users we usually don’t really pay attention to what’s specified and more often than not, we just go for which seems to offer the best experience both for the ear and for the pocket. Read also: Edifier R1280T vs R1280DB.

For casual listeners who also want to get a more serious type of sound, an ideal option will be monitor speakers as they are designed in production activity. Monitor speaker or studio monitor is actually a common type of speaker which comes in a cabinet that can be made out of wood or plastic; very similar to any bookshelf models. Most of them are consisting of two drivers or speakers with both woofer and tweeter respectively from the bottom.

Behind the driver there is an electromagnet pulsing on and off rapidly to cause the driver to move back and forth. Tweeters are dome or cone shaped and then constructed from a wide range of materials. In function, this part is assigned to produce higher frequencies or usually starting at around 2 kHz. The bigger driver or speaker is called a woofer and generally comes in cone shaped and responsible to produce the low and mid frequencies. In certain types, there is another driver and it will take care of the mid-range better.

 Edifier R1280TEdifier R1700BT
Product Dimensions6.9 x 9.5 x 5.8 inches
8.4 x 9.1 x 9.9 inches
Shipping Weight10.8 pounds
14.52 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Active and Passive Monitor 

Studio monitors are available in both active and passive type because the signal that comes inside the monitor have to be amplified before playing through the drivers. Passive monitors means the unit needs an external amplification to produce the sound hence there is something between the file source and speaker itself. This additional equipment is meant to amplify the input and the process happening inside the monitor itself is often called a crossover network that separates the input signal into multiple based on their frequency. 

Active monitors are probably the most common and popular as they are convenient due to the inclusion of amplifiers inside the monitor. The input signal entering the unit will pass the crossover first just like in passive speakers and then send to the relevant drivers. What’s different is that all of this happens inside the monitor housing. Usually, this type of monitor, especially for studio purposes, has two amplifiers for each driver, often called as bi-amp.

About Edifier R1280T and R1700BT

Depending on your preference, we should pick the one that fits with our taste the most and especially for those who don’t buy speakers too often, it is great to spend a little bit for a better audio quality. If you are here then we are sure that an active speaker is the most convenient option and we also agree that this usually compact unit will serve a good purpose as a part of your home entertainment, moreover, there are lots of amazing products with cheaper tags today.

However, we tend to stick to well-known or popular brands as they are more accessible everywhere and they also have a higher chance of delivering reliable products with a good quality. Speaking about monitor and home audio equipment, you can never not mention Edifier too because they are among the main players in this segment. Their bookshelf speakers are favorite among many other manufacturers, not only for the friendly price but also for their amazing sound that seems to be enjoyed by lots of people.

Just like any manufacturers, chances are you will find more than one or a pair of models from their catalog and this one too, have various monitors for you to decide. If you will be looking for an active speaker or near field monitor on the lower budget range, Edifier R1280T and R1700BT will be two ideal options you may want to consider. Both of them are designed for those who want to enjoy a great experience at home without the clutter and messy setup.

The fact that you can use both of them for PC or home stereo makes the monitors even more attractive for a wider audience such as us who love gaming and watching movies or shows on the computer or laptop. The R series are combining traditional and modern interfaces to make sure we can use them in different systems but side by side, though they are quite identical to each other, the $50 price gap does affect the sound exiting their driver.

Edifier R1280T and R1700BT Design

Even from the external part Edifier R1280T and R1700BT are already quite different because the former is boxy and symmetrical in all side while the latter has this 10-degree angle which makes the driver face a bit upward probably mean to deliver the sound directly to its listeners as it reduces interference. This model also comes with the dark brown, classic wood finish which compliment any setup with a darker theme. The dimension itself is 9.8-inch tall, 6.1-inch wide, and 8.3-inch deep from the farthest distance.

On the other hand, the R1280T is more humble on the exterior as it has this basic boxy shape, still with a wood finish but it now has a brighter or lighter tone. Similarly it supports a control panel on one of the sides for on-board adjustment and the grill cover itself can be removed if desired. As for the dimension, this speaker is measured at 9.4-inch tall, 5.7-inch wide, and 6.8-inch deep. You will also get the remote and necessary cables in both models.

Edifier R1280T and R1700BT Sound Quality

Moving to the most important part which is the sound quality, both of these monitors are amazing considering the price they are offered in and we do think that they can shine on different songs or music you play. The R1280T has 13mm, 4Ω silk domed tweeter with 4-inch 6Ω subwoofer/bass compared to 19mm 6Ω tweeter and 4-inch 6Ω sub. In real life, their difference is quite apparent because the former has this mellower character into the sound with a tight bass but very little mid-range.

Both of them are capable of delivering a very detailed sound but you feel the nuance of R1700BT to be wider and fuller. Their high-end are bright but not overly sharp and even more noticeable in R1280T. The latter has thicker sound and the bass is very deep and prominent as well which indeed gives a fuller sound but it may interfere with the high-end a little bit. Overall the instrument will sound more prominent in the less expensive monitor but have more depth on the other.

Edifier R1280T and R1700BT Ports

The next part we want to mention here is their connectivity because while you can use them with a regular home stereo system and computer, there is also a little difference here. Usually, to connect the active to passive speaker there is a cable needed and in the R1280T model, the golden cable is to red wire clamp and silver cable to the black panel while the audio source is taken care by the RCA. In R1700BT, this port is replaced with a single cable and port which is more convenient.

Edifier R1280T and R1700BT Features 

The last part let’s talk about the feature and what set T and BT model including in these monitors is their Bluetooth compatibility because the latter has this feature and it means beside used with physical cables, it can also play music directly from your smart device like smartphone and tablet. Another difference is the R1280T will play from 2 sources at once; there is no input switching here but you can switch it in R1700BT.

Edifier R1280T vs R1700BT

These monitors are amazing for the price point and we do think they are equally enjoyable. From the sound only, you can listen to instruments easier in R1280T as it is more prominent but only on the surface since it also lacks depth. The bass of R1700BT is very deep and this may affect the overall details especially in mid and high-end but due to it, the sound has more room and somehow appears to be bigger and full. The latter also has Bluetooth for convenience and can switch input.

- STUDIO SOUND QUALITY - Natural sound reproduction from 13mm silk dome tweeter and 4 inch full range unit
- REMOTE CONTROL - Adjust volume at your figure tips. Bass and treble control located on the side of main speaker.
- CLASSIC WOOD FINISH - High quality MDF wood build finished with wood effect vinyl serves as a great compliment to any home decor.
- 2 YEAR WARRANTY - Guaranteed high quality and reliability with hassle-free parts and labor warranty for two years in USA and Canada.
- BLUETOOTH CONNECTION - Pair your phone, tablet or computer for a true hassle free wireless experience, perfect for any iOS, Android, MacOS or Windows device.
- 2 x AUX INPUT - Convenient connection to any device that has a 3.5mm headphone output or dual RCA output. Connect to two devices via AUX at the same time, no plugging and switching needed.
- REMOTE CONTROL - switch input sources, control volume and mute/unmute at your figure tips.
- CLASSIC WOOD FINISH - High quality MDF wood build finished with walnut wood effect vinyl serves as a great compliment to any home decor.


You can go with either of them as sound is highly subjective to our ears. Personally we like the sound coming from R1700BT because it gives a nuance of being played in a bigger room with better mid-range, moreover with the Bluetooth if you will be playing songs from compact devices as well.

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