Etymotic HF3 Vs HF5

The portable music player has changed the way of listening music. It allows people to enjoy their favorite music wherever and whenever they want. To get the better sound quality, people also need the quality headphone or earphone. But if you expect for the smaller one, earphone is the better choice. Beside it, it gives the better external noise reduction too. Talking about the quality earphone, Etymotic is the good name to consider. This brand has Etymotic HF3 and Etymotic HF5. To know what to choose, let’s take a look to the comparison between Etymotic HF3 VS HF5. See also : Etymotic HF5 Vs Shure SE215.

Etymotic HF3 Vs HF5

At first, let’s start it from the design. Overall, Etymotic HF3 and Etymotic HF5 looks so similar. The difference is just located at the control. On Etymotic HF3, there is Apple control and mic. This is what you cannot find on Etymotic HF5.

For the performance, it seems so similar. But talking about the sound quality, Etymotic HF5 got the better value. At the design, the form factor, the comfort and the noise isolation, Etymotic HF3 won the competition. This is why it reached the better popularity.

Now, let’s start to compare the price. In this aspect, Etymotic HF3 looks more expensive than the brother. With the better feature, course it is not too surprising. But there is in one more thing to note. Etymotic HF3 works better with Apple products such as iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. For this, it might be unsuitable with the non-Apple products.

Etymotic HF3 Vs HF5

Etymotic HF3Etymotic HF5
BrandEtymotic ResearchEtymotic Research
Key Features- Hf3 headset for iPod, iPhone and iPad users, all models - Best-in-class accuracy, noise isolation, fit, durability - Exceptional audio clarity - 3-button remote offers great functional control capabilities- Super-high accuracy provides a near-perfect listening experience - 3-flanged earpiece provides up to 35dB of isolation - Frequency response: 20Hz to 16kHz Impedance: 16 Ohms (nominal) - 4-foot cable - Frequency response: 20Hz to 16kHz and Impedance

Ratings3.8 out of 5.0 stars4.1 out of 5.0 stars
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Based on the features, customer reviews and the rating, Etymotic HF3 is the better deal. The price is also reasonable enough. Just by adding $20, you can get the better earphone. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee for this earphone to work well on every product. But for the performance context, Etymotic HF3 is no doubt. This earphone is better than the brother, Etymotic HF5.

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