Fugoo XL Vs UE Megaboom

Among those many Bluetooth speakers available in the market, the name Ultimate Ears and Fugoo must sound familiar to you. These brands are famous with their amazing Bluetooth speakers. Today in our article, we are going to compare both Fugoo XL and UE Megaboom.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Fugoo XL and UE Megaboom
– What Fugoo XL and UE Megaboom can offer to you
– Fugoo XL vs UE Megaboom

About Fugoo XL
Fugoo Style XL is probably one of the biggest portable speaker you can find in the market today. The speaker has come with a jacket, similar to its previous versions. The Style XL in this speaker means the jacket that cover the actual speaker, while the speaker is rated with IP67 and has 8 drivers that able to produce a max volume output of 97 Dba. The XL speakers has been released since 2015 and continue to being one of the best portable speaker today. The company claims that the battery life of this superb speaker will last until 35 hours.

The complete measurements of Fugoo XL is 11.33 x 4.52 x 3.81 inch. Taken from tomsguide, the Style XL appearance is very similar to the original 6.5 x 2.6 x 2.1 inch Fugoo Style, but the XL version is of course larger than the original style. Compare to Megaboom, the Fugoo XL also a few inches bigger. The weight of this speaker is about 3 pounds, so it might not be suitable for those who wished lighter speaker. Located at the top of the unit, you can find the volume and speakerphone/voice control button, they also added buttons to control the track playback.

Fugoo XL Features
The Fugoo XL is without a doubt able to produce big and wide sound. The speaker has a nice balanced bass and treble tones. The XL is said to produce more bass compare to the original Fugoo Style. As the company claims the Fugoo Style XL is also impressively loud. If you play it in normal mode, you will find the speaker is playing at 93 decibels at max volume and the sound also didn’t distort. Commonly many Bluetooth speaker will be unlistenable after 85 decibels. This speaker with its 360 degree sound is undoubtedly will be able to fills a large room with music easily.

While the company claims that the speaker will last until 35 hour when played at 50% volume on full charge. In fact after played for about 20 hours at moderate volume, the battery only left about quarter half of it. Similar to many larger Bluetooth speaker, the Fugoo Style XL also charged using a DC adapter instead using micro USB, which is commonly only used by smaller speaker. The Fugoo XL battery also act as power bank and can be used to charge your mobile devices.

About UE Megaboom
The UE Megaboom is practically the larger version of the original Boom. The Megaboom improves what is already impressive in the original Boom with even more powerful sound and fuller bass. Similar to its brother, the Megaboom is also waterproof and the Bluetooth range also has been upgraded combined with more excellent battery life. Unlike the previous UE speakers, this Megaboom came only in four colors, which are electric blue, charcoal, plum, and lava red.

As you already guessed the Megaboom appearance is the same with the Boom 2. The complete measurements of this speaker is 8.9 inch in height, 3.3 inch in diameter and weigh about 1.9 pound. The speaker is IPX7 certified, so you can bring it to your pool without worry. Similar to the original UE Boom the packaging of UE Megaboom is very simple with just a cardboard sleeve that covers the hard-shell plastic carrying case. Inside the package you will find a USB cable, wall charger and a manual.

UE Megaboom Features
The company claims Megaboom will last up to 20 if played in a moderate volume when fully charged. Some people test this and some of them report that the speaker actually able to last until 22 hours. The Megaboom charges pretty quick, when tested using the wall charger the speaker need about 2.5 hours to completely charged from its empty state.

The Megaboom lives up to its expectancy, this speaker do produce better sound than the Boom 2. It boasts the powerful sound that is filled with crispness and heady bass. Using this speaker you will be able to fill a room with the impressive audio. The 360 degree audio effect from Boom 2 was noticeably better in Megaboom.

Some features that we can compare from Fugoo XL and UE Megaboom are the waterproof rate. We can see that Fugoo is IP67, which means the speaker is dust proof and water proof, while Megaboom is only IPX7, which means the speaker is only waterproof. By performance, UE Megaboom is able to deliver better vocals and more bass than Fugoo XL. From the battery life Fugoo XL is able to last longer than Megaboom. From the portability, Fugoo XL is heavier than Megaboom.

Fugoo XL Vs UE Megaboom

Fugoo XLUE Megaboom
BrandFugooUltimate Ears
Key Features- 360 degree sound with 8 symmetrically placed drivers crank out clean highs, midrange punches and deep, roaring lows. 4 tweeters, 2 mid/sub drivers, 2 passive radiators and a 97 db. sound pressure level, the CORE-X fills produces rich audio. - 100% Waterproof and the perfect teammate for the beach, paddle boarding and sailing. IP67 rating insures it can go 3’ under water for 30 minutes, though it will float as well for easy retrieval- Freakishly amazing 360-degree sound with deep bass.For Audio Playback: Smartphones, tablets and other devices that support Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart wireless audio profile [Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)] or 3.5 mm audio output. - Waterproof (IPX7) grab n’ go shape that is shockingly light—1.93 pounds

Ratings4.3 out of 5.0 stars4.0 out of 5.0 stars
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You might already able to choose which one suit your preference better than the other. In our opinion if you plan on taking your speaker in your nature related adventures, the Fugoo XL is better, since the speaker is dust proof. But if you only planning on bringing your speaker to pool party or block party, it is better to choose the UE Megaboom, since the quality sound it can deliver is better than Fugoo XL.


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