Grado SR60e Vs SR80e

Grado headphones have become quite popular lately. They are available at very competitive prices, yet they also offer outstanding audio performance! They have been designed for comfort, too. People love them to listen to their favorite music while going through the daily routines. To update the old models, the company has released two new models into the market: Grado SR60e and Grado SR80e. Between the two, of course, Grado SR80e is the one that is a little bit pricier than Grado SR60e. So, which is the model that you should choose?


In terms of design, Grado SR60e and Grado SR80e are actually very, very identical to each other. As you can see, both models have a rather simple and uncluttered design. They each has a leather-padded headband with a pair of smooth and foamy ear cups. They are colored predominantly in black, while the text uses white font. On the back of each ear cup, you can find the name of the product written, and this is very handy to quickly determine which one is which. However, there is another subtle difference that you may not have noticed. Grado SR80e’s ear cups are a little bit larger than Grado SR60e’s ear cups. (Have a look : Grado PS1000 Vs Sennheiser HD800)

The difference is because Grado SR80e comes with bigger drivers. The bigger drivers allow the model to have improved bass performance. Compared to Grado SR60e, the bass is a tad deeper, fuller, and punchier. The larger drivers also allow Grado SR80e to be able to define every note more accurately. Since it seems to have better reach to bass, the low-frequency sounds are staged better from mids and highs. The audio reproduction has more clarity.

Another thing that you need to know is that Grado SR60e and Grado SR80e are open-back headphones. Unlike closed-back headphones, which seal away sounds from the environment so that only the music they produce can get into your ear, open-back headphones have openings on the back of the ear cups. This way, the sounds from the environment can get into your ears, blending with the music. The music itself can be reproduced in such a very realistic immersion. You will feel as if the band is playing in front of you. Though, keep in mind that your music can leak to the outside world, too.

Grado SR60e Vs SR80e

Grado SR60eGrado SR80e
Key Features- 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty from authorized dealers (Amazon or 4OurEars) - 3.5mm mini plug with 1/4 inch adapter - Open Air Operating Principle- Upgraded driver design - Large ear cushions for comfortable listening - Adjustable, soft vinyl headband - Superb sound quality - Mini stereo plug with 1/4-inch adaptor

Ratings4.5 out of 5.0 stars4.4 out of 5.0 stars
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Between the two choices, Grado SR80e indeed makes the better way to go. The audio quality is better, with improved bass performance and clarity.

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