Jabra Tour Vs Jabra Drive

Everybody loves music, and having a speakerphone in your car to enjoy the best musical pieces as you drive is one great way to pass through the road. Well, listening to your favorite songs can ease the stress of going to work or the traffic jam. In addition, using a speakerphone is a safe solution for answering calls; you can talk to the conversation while still keeping both eyes on the road. Jabra, a big name in the audio equipment industry, has released Jabra Drive and Jabra Tour to fulfill your need. Now, which is the one that you should choose?


By putting the two models next to each other, we can see that they have been designed quite differently from each other. Jabra Drive is a rather simple and compact device. It doesn’t have many buttons onboard and is relatively small. It comes with a single speaker and one mic. There are only power button and volume control buttons. It connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth 3.0 for high-speed data transfer. On the other hand, Jabra Tour is slightly bulkier. The model also features a single speaker and a mic, but there are more features as indicated by the number of buttons onboard. Jabra Tour has eliminated the power button as the model can automatically turn on by utilizing the built-in motion sensor. In addition to the volume buttons, there is also a dedicated mute button for quickly shutting down the sound in case of emergency.

Besides having more features, Jabra Tour also promotes better performance. While Jabra Drive only has a 2-Watt speaker, Jabra Tour has been armed with a 3-Watt speaker, allowing it to deliver higher volume levels without compromising the audio quality. In addition, the advanced digital signal processing allows for HD voice for crystal-clear conversations. Additionally, Jabra Tour also has slightly better battery life than Jabra Drive. Tour has 45 days of standby time while Drive only has 30 days standby time.

We have mentioned the auto-on and mute button above. However, Jabra Tour still has some more offers. Most notably, it offers full voice control for easily taking calls and switching through tracks. It is also able to access the phone’s contact list for the caller ID. Jabra Drive doesn’t have these features.

Jabra Tour Vs Jabra Drive

Jabra TourJabra Drive
Key Features- Built-in motion sensor for Auto On and Auto Off, when device is not in use to save battery life - Easy to set up - In-car charger with additional USB cable so you can charge on-the-go- Wireless speakerphone for car - Clear crisp sound with noise cancellation - Easy to use with accessible buttons

Ratings4.0 out of 5.0 stars3.7 out of 5.0 stars
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All in all, we recommend you to choose Jabra Tour. Besides the improved audio quality, the voice command feature is also very useful. It allows you to take calls and switch tracks without averting your sight.

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