JBL Clip 3 vs JBL Go 2

When you have to spend all of your time at home, you need good entertainment. Including prepare a suitable speaker to complete your daily activities. Buying a portable speaker can help you to hear your favorite music anywhere anytime. One of them including JBL Clip 3 VS JBL Go 2. Both are excellent speakers to cheer up your day. Not to mention that JBL is a never doubt brand for speakers. However, it might lead you to confusion when you need to select which one is better. If this is your current problem, then you can start reading the below information.

About The Brand

JBL is one of the famous brands for many years. It has been known that JBL stands as one of the best products for headphones, sound systems, and of course speakers. That is why many of the consumers selecting this brand rather than the others. Including many of them prefer to select between JBL Clip 3 VS JBL Go 2. Both of them were great portable speakers to consider. Not only last for years, but it also has a modern design and a good warranty to ensure. For more details and an overview of both products, the paragraphs below will help to explain more. Read also: JBL Clip 3 vs Sony XB12

General Specification

Specifically, all the portable speakers from JBL has several similarities. Such as when you look at JBL Clip 3 and JBL Go 2. Both are generally bringing the JBL specific strength such as:

  • IPX7 certification as real proof that the products are waterproof and able to submerged up to 1-meter water depth. 
  • Bluetooth technology, which suits those that love wireless connection. No worry about any complicated cables to connect with the speakers.
  • A solid and durable device that able to use for long terms. For many years many consumer notes that JBL is one of the durable brands for speakers.
  • Completed with a good warranty applicable to all JBL stores in the world. Therefore, you can make sure that any trouble during your first months buying the product can be claimed to their official representative in your country.

Strength and Weakness

Whether JBL Clip 3 or JBL Go 2, both have several strengths and weaknesses at the same time. Therefore, this shall be an important consideration whenever you plan to buy the product. Start from Clip 3 series that claim that this product will able to give you the following strength:

  • Provided with a durable body.
  • Completed with a longer Bluetooth range. 
  • It has better battery life.
  • Includes integrated carabineer in the package.
  • It floats on the water surface.

However, the product also brings some weakness including: 

  • No battery indicator, this leads people to experience difficulties to track the remaining battery life of the speakers.

A slightly different from JBL Go 2 that claims the following strength.

  • Ultra-portable size, since it has a very small sizing.
  • A solid simple design that looks conservative and suitable for any type of person.
  • Noise-canceling and echo canceling microphone for a crystal clear conference call.

While in terms of weakness, JBL Go 2 has the following same weakness with JBL Clip 3, including: 

  • No battery indicator, this leads people to experience difficulties to track the remaining battery life of the speakers.


There are several specific differences between JBL Clip 3 VS JBL Go 2. If you really care and consider the details, you can find that both have some differences such as the following:

  • Playtime hours, if JBL Clip 3 can last for 9 hours, then you shall be happy with JBL Go 2 that only lasts for 6 hours. This is why many consumers selecting JBL Clip 3 for more hours enjoying music without worry about any batteries off. Mostly for them that are active and not having too much time to charge the speakers several times a day.
  • Both completed with different Bluetooth range capacity. As mentioned above that JBL Clip 3 will manage you to get 100ft Bluetooth coverage. While selecting JBL Go 2 will take you to only 70 ft of Bluetooth coverage. Therefore, those that quite active moving around the house shall prefer for better coverage.
  • JBL Clip 3 gives you a cool camo motive, while JBL Go 2 only available in solid color selection. Therefore, if you care about motives and colors, then JBL Clip 3 can manage to bring you more design variants to select.
  • Loves to traveling around? No worry at all if you select JBL Clip 3, as it is completed with an integrated carabineer that eases you to put it anywhere close to you. Whether in your bag, your belt, or anywhere else. Not like the JBL Go 2 version which not outdoor-friendly.


JBL is always known for its valuable price. Such as JBL Clip 3 that only cost the consumer of about $50 per piece. While if you prefer to select JBL Go 2, then you need to spend less money, which is for about $30. This makes JBL Go 2 is cheaper than the brother. That is why if you want a good speaker with a limited budget, then JBL Go 2 can be your best option to select.

JBL Clip 3 vs JBL Go 2

- Sound To Go: Never leave awesome sound at home again. Clip it with the built-in carabiner, press play and make the moment pop.
- 10 Hour Play Time: A little sparkle goes a long way. With a 10 hour battery life, you can listen to even the longest playlists.
- Water Proof: A speaker and a submersible in one. Immerse yourself in sound that’s not afraid of a little H2O.
- Clip and Play. Like no other, the JBL Clip 3 is a unique ultra-portable, ultra-rugged and waterproof Bluetooth speaker that is small in size but with surprisingly big sound.
- The JBL GO 2 is a full-featured waterproof Bluetooth speaker to take with you everywhere
- The IPX7 waterproof housing makes GO 2 perfect for worry-free listening by the beach or poolside, or even in it.
- Built-in, rechargeable Li-ion battery supports up to 5 hours of playtime.
- GO 2 also offers crystal clear phone call experience with its built-in noise-cancelling speakerphone.


After reading the above information, it should not too difficult for you to select the best and suitable product. Even though both coming from the same brand, getting both products will not be giving you any advantage at all. Therefore, do make a choice and select the best one. For an efficient and economic selection, you might want to consider JBL Go 2 rather than JBL Clip 3. As the price is quite significantly lower but it enough to give you good specifications and features. 

NOTE : Product prices, availability, ratings and save money information are accurate as of the date/time indicated on post time (as seen right bellow the tittle) and are subject to change. Any price, ratings, availability and save money information displayed on Amazon Site or Headphone Authority at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

However, if you’re not happy with the playtime hours or the Bluetooth range, still you can go for JBL Clip 3. It will give you more hours and flexibility to enjoy the music. Therefore, if you think that $50 is not such an amount of big cost, then you shall dare to select JBL Clip 3 for sure. It can guarantee that this choice will never take you to any regret. So, get the speakers now and enjoy your music with JBL!


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