JBL Professional 305P vs LSR305

Monitor is one of the most important part in your setup because they will let us hear the record accurately to help us then make a decision and adjust the mix as needed to achieve your preferable result. JBL Professional 305P vs LSR305 are two nice option for artist and any other users who look for a fairly neutral, affordable studio monitors out there. But, go see how they differ below before going for a hunt first to decide which the better option is and what they can offer.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– How to Choose Studio Monitor
– What are JBL Professional 305P and LSR305
– What JBL Professional 305P and LSR305 Look Like
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– JBL Professional 305P vs LSR305

Studio Monitor
Most of us if not all are having at least one speaker at home for entertainment use whether it is connected to your stereo system or your computer for gaming and many other purpose. Speaker is a necessary unit in your home entertainment system because it is delivering sound that we enjoy such as while watching television, listening to your favorite artists songs and give you a nuance that support your gaming experience just like we are in the middle of a different world chasing and slaying our enemies.

A speaker for entertainment purpose can be anything you like because its purpose is solely to please your ears so as long as they sounds good to you, we can pick any model without really considering their capabilities. At the other hand, those who are having a studio setup in their home and use the speaker for critical listening will need something better because our goal here is to make sure the recording or mix is already matching your preference and to do so we will need to make adjustment.

We are actually in the get what you can afford team but many of you may need more than just what the standard speaker can offer and for studio monitor, the key is neutral or flat which mean it doesn’t boost anything comes out of your speaker to sound better or brighter and punchier because the goal is not to make them sound good but to make them sound exactly like how the recording is so we can see what’s need to be done about the audio later.

Most monitors made for the studio setup purpose are all designed to have an appropriate neutral, flat response but when you go into the real world, there is actually no completely flat speaker because even those priced high up there must also have some subtle coloration and we have to choose the one that is still fairly neutral, has an overall tonal balance that we are comfortable and can work with.

In addition, while the speaker play a vital role in your music composing, it is still part of the equation and there are various other things which is going to affect your recording such as D/A converters and your room where we listen to the speaker as well. This is because our room will affect the sound we heard from a speaker so different position or area may show a little bit different result.

About JBL Professional 305P and LSR305
If you already decide how much you want to spend in your next monitor, now is the time to see what the market has to offer. There are so many good options out there which is designed for studio monitoring activities but not all of them will satisfy your ears so we still need to check what they will sound like and see if there is any additional feature that will be useful in the activity such as fine tuning.

If you are coming with less budget and need something with a much versatility, PreSonus Eris E3.5 vs Mackie CR.3 will be a nice pick to get but if you are willing to spend more and getting something better, JBL is offering many reliable monitors for your studio with their Professional 305P and LSR305. As for the first, we are picking their newer version or the MK II which has been taking much attention thanks to the success of their predecessors.

Comparing both of them, the LSR305 is actually older because this model is released back then in the end of 2013 and since then has been one of the most well-known studio monitor among its users both from audiophile to novice users. As for the 305P or sometime called as the 3 series is released not long ago in early 2018 to re-introduce the amazing sound quality of JBL on your home studio. With a similar price range and quality, these speakers are a very hard decision to make.

JBL Professional 305P and LSR305 Design
When first checking these speaker, what comes to our mind is how similar they are in term of design since they are coming with the same design and overall look like the same monitors in a glance with a small difference in detail since the older LSR305 has the brand logo in near bottom while the latter is boasting it in the middle of the face. Both of them are a little bit over 10 pounds which is heavier for a speaker at this size.

When you flip the speaker, we can see what the difference on their connectivity and additional features but first, they are coming with ported case which mean the monitor has a hole in its case that is there to level out pressure between the inside and outside of the speaker. The switch and plugs stays the same but the LF Trim in LSR305 is now replaced with a Boundary EQ yet, the function is the same with LF yet slightly better.

JBL Professional 305P and LSR305 Sound Quality
JBL Professional 305P and LSR305 are popular for its sound quality and this is introduced by the technology comes from the older model which is called as JBL Image Control Waveguide technology. This is claimed to break up audio frequency for an expansive center image from nearly any listening position while still allow the user to hear their recording along with reliable accuracy throughout the soundstage and surprisingly, both of them are producing a very similar sound so it is pretty hard to decide which sounds better and if there is actually difference here.

The Control Waveguide is very vital to the sound both of these speakers can offer and it is actually located around the tweeted and looks like a horn but is a patented technology to give the user a broader sweet spot. It means there is a broader good location in case you are not fond of sitting only in one spot inside the room and wherever we sit, the sound will be even. What’s amazing is we can even feel the detail in the high frequency with the ability to hear more reverb or microphone placement.

JBL Professional 305P and LSR305 Feature
However, when you check their specification, it seems that in term of audible difference, the newer speaker 305P is featured with a new tweeter that has a smoother transient response thanks to the use of ferro fluid that dampens the motion in comparison with the older LSR305. This optimized woofer causes the low frequency to be more linear and solid through the range so it can be pushed harder but will stays centered to prevent distortion. The last interesting part is the boundary EQ.

As it has been mentioned above, this new switch is actually the LF Trim that we can see on the LSR305 an what’s changed is now it has -3dB, -1.5dB and 0dB settings in which on the previous speaker only -2dB, 0db, and +2dB. It is low-shelving filter that will filter the sound to reduce boominess in case you also place the speaker near a wall or cabinet and corner so there will be no problem common in these types of speaker.

This additional attenuation settings is also providing a more options to those people who have no choice but to put the speaker near a wall yet, now we don’t have those boost option at +2dB anymore. However, in regular setup, we do recommend user to leave the knob as flat because it means to optimized the sound.

Overall, JBL Professional 305P and LSR305 are a reliable model for anyone who need to get a good speakers for their setup because their sound quality are just as good as how other people describe it and probably only those who are having thousands of hours of monitoring activity will feel insufficient with how they work. But, in our opinion, they are already offering much more than the price tell us.

Now, let’s compare JBL Professional 305P with LSR305. As you may already know, it is hard to hear the difference in sound coming from both of these speakers but due to the new tweeter, it feels like there is a smoother transient response compared to the LSR305. In addition, there is no bass boost here in the new 3 series that we can get from the older model.

JBL Professional 305P vs LSR305

- Flexible connectivity with balanced XLR and 1/4" Trs inputs, +4dBu/ -10Dbv input-sensitivity switch and adjustable volume control
- Broad sweet spot: neutral frequency response across a wide area allows you to fine-tune your mix even while listening off-axis
- Updated HF and LF transducers: new design improvements result in optimized Damping for superior transient response and impressive deep bass with lower harmonic distortion
- New boundary EQ: restores neutral low frequency response when speakers are placed on the work surface and adjacent to walls
- See the next-generation JBL 305P MkII studio monitor for the latest in top-quality sound
- Increased HF Detail: You'll experience greater depth and ambience in recordings. Subtle details can be heard, even in a dense mix.
- Room-Friendly: This means you don't have to be right in front of the speakers to make accurate adjustments to your mix.
- Broad Sweet Spot: 3-Series speakers deliver neutral sound across an unusually large working space regardless of room acoustics.

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different things to consider as well as budget to spend but since the older model is hard to find, they can get quite expensive and even higher than the newer version so if we are to choose, we will definitely go with JBL Professional 305P.

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