Klipsch R-41PM Vs R-15PM

Klipsch makes some of the best home speakers for varying users, such as the Klipsch R-41 PM Vs R-15PM powered speakers. These speakers are perfect for home use with your media player or computer and compatible with various modern devices. Being close brothers, the two share similarities and differences. Today we will see what the two can offer, the differences, and which model fits you best.

In this comparison, we will talk about the following:

  • What are the Powered and Passive Speakers
  • What are Klipsch R-41 PM and R-15PM
  • How is the Design of Klipsch R-41 PM and R-15PM
  • How is the Performance of Klipsch R-41 PM and R-15PM
  • How is the Connectivity of Klipsch R-41 PM and R-15PM
  • How is the Remote Control for Klipsch R-41 PM and R-15PM
  • Klipsch R-41 PM Vs R-15PM

Powered and Passive Speakers

Generally, there are powered and passive speakers, which are different depending on your setup. The main difference between the two is how your speaker is amplified because passive speakers require a stereo receiver to send an audio signal from your home theater gear to the unit. You can’t, let’s say, connect a turntable directly to the speaker. Powered speakers already have a built-in amplifier inside the unit, so you only need to connect it to the box. Powered speakers usually have varying inputs to cater to different devices.

 Klipsch R-41PMKlipsch R-15PM
Product Dimensions8.51 x 5.75 x 11.3 inches8.5 x 7 x 13.3 inches
Shipping Weight8.1 pounds10.6 pounds
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About Klipsch R-41 PM and R-15PM

Depending on your available setup and preference, the powered speakers are the more convenient because they don’t need much to work. You can buy powered speakers from different options or brands like Klipsch. This company is one of the best speaker brands for its time-proven products. They have a variety of speaker models, mainly for home use, like Klipsch R-41 PM and R-15PM. These speakers are well-performing, with pleasant sound quality and adequate ports.

If you prefer a more compact speaker for traveling or outdoor purposes, Bluetooth models like JBL Flip 6 Vs Flip 3 are ideal. Klipsch R-41 PM and R-15PM are powered speakers, noted by the “PM” letters on the model. The main difference between these speakers is the technical specification because the R-15 PM uses the bigger low-frequency driver to extend the low-bass frequency. The sound production is equally pleasing but also different. But, if you want a pair of speakers to accompany a computer or monitor, the R-41 PM is more compact.

Another thing we love about these speakers is the ease of use which is typical for powered speakers. Many may think the Klipsch R-41 PM and R-15PM are only compatible with a wired connection, but these two are also Bluetooth-capable, meaning you can connect the smartphone or similar device to these speakers. These speakers also have a remote control to navigate the song or feature without directly accessing the unit.

Klipsch R-41 PM and R-15PM Design

As mentioned above, one significant difference between Klipsch R-41 PM and R-15PM is the size. The R-15PM is a slightly bigger speaker at 12.5-inch tall, 7-inch wide, and 8.1-inch deep versus the R-41PM at 11.3-inch tall, 5.7-inch wide, and 8.5-inch deep; the R-15PM is also heavier. Build quality is similar as both speakers use MDF for the housing and design-wise, they adopt the bass-reflex via the rear-firing port. You get a remote with the purchase, but they are different remotes, with R-41PM having the longer and more modern remote.

Klipsch R-41 PM and R-15PM Performance

The most important part of a speaker is how it produces audio and delivers it to your ears which often varies among different options. The Klipsch R-41 PM and R-15PM are also different, with the former presenting a more pleasant audio quality. The first noticeable difference between the two is the soundstage because the R-41 PM has a wide sound and good separation, making songs, especially classical music, more natural. This speaker has a more moderate bass which complements the other frequency well.

The R-15 PM bass is slightly stronger but could be richer and more detailed. Surprisingly the 5.25-inch doesn’t make the speaker too heavy if you love bass-heavy songs. Overall the presentation is balanced, but the soundstage is narrower than R-41PM. We recommend trying near-distance listening to get more from these speakers, which is ideal for a computer or laptop setup.

Klipsch R-41 PM and R-15PM Connectivity

The next part we want to see is connectivity because it decides what you can connect to the speaker. The Klipsch R-41 PM and R-15PM have identical ports so that you can connect the two with the same devices. You have optical and fiber input for the digital input, and you can connect them directly to the computer through a USB cable, digital streamer, computer, or TV through the optical input. A 3.5mm RCA input allows connecting an analog source or a vinyl turntable, thanks to the Line/Phono input switch.

If these methods are too complicated, you can rely on Bluetooth connectivity because both speakers are Bluetooth-enabled. The Bluetooth option is the most convenient because you can connect various modern devices to the speakers. To activate the Bluetooth, press the Bluetooth button on the remote control for three seconds and enter pairing mode. In addition, these speakers have a bass output interface, and you can connect a subwoofer to the 2.1 system to strengthen the bass.

Klipsch R-41 PM and R-15PM Remote Control

Lastly, the Klipsch R-41 PM and R-15PM also have a handy remote control. The remote control is different, and the R-41 has a bigger and more modern option. The buttons on R-41’s speakers are also more substantial and give good feedback. The layout is different, but the function stays the same such as choosing the input type, increasing/decreasing the subwoofer, pairing the Bluetooth device, and controlling the playback. These remote controls need batteries, and usually, Klipsch already packed the battery in your purchase, and they are also replaceable.

Klipsch R-41 PM Vs R-15PM

The Klipsch R-41 PM and R-15PM are good home speakers for your various devices, including older audio players and modern devices like computers. The main difference is in size and sound presentation because the R-41 PM is a smaller speaker and sounds wider, making it more natural. This speaker also has a relatively flat presentation and sounds fun for most genres. The R-15PM also has a relatively flat character, but the speaker doesn’t sound as wide as the R-41 PM. Features and connectivity are identical on both speakers.

- Powered monitor
- Bluetooth wireless technology
- Phono/line analog (with switch and ground screw terminal)
- 3.5mm analog Mini jack. USB digital
- Powered monitor
- Bluetooth wireless technology
- Phono/line analog (with switch and ground screw terminal)
- 3.5 millimeter analog Mini jack. USB digital


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The decision is yours because both speakers are excellent. We recommend the R-41 PM because it is the overall better option. This speaker is a good and relatively affordable option, with all the convenient features you may need for daily applications.

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