Klipsch X11 Vs X10

Kipsch X11 vs X10 is like the battle between Goliath and David (wait for it) Beckham. Technically speaking, those two products are really similar yet there’s almost $100 in the price tag difference. Judging from the look, you’ll notice that what’s different is only how copper “coating” has been removed from X10 replaced by this grey-looking-metallic material.

Klipsch X11 Vs X10

Yes, X10 is like David Beckham as the basic capabilities of these earbud-phones are already the top-notch. Plug the earphones to your ear and there won’t be any noise you can hear from the world out there. It’s like telling your ears to focus on the music, sound, or anything you play on the earbuds and taste great sound quality out of it.

Kipsch X11 also has just the same sound quality. It’s still as light too. So, what makes it ridiculously more expensive? It’s very possible for the control your playlist while listening to the music without touching your device. Let’s put aside the high price of this earbud-phone for now. This playlist control feature is actually brilliant. Just imagine while you’re wearing gloves (during the winter, perhaps) and suddenly, the music being played is not what your mood wants to listen to. Taking off the gloves to set the playlist on your device and wear your gloves again might sort this situation out. But, after a while doing it, you’ll get tired for sure. That’s why the playlist control feature comes in handy. But, is it really worth the $100 more to pay?

Klipsch X11 Vs X10

Klipsch X11Klipsch X10
Key Features- Smallest and lightest in-ear headphone thanks to featherweight aluminum body - Full range balanced armature for audiophile quality sound - Superior noise isolation for amazing bass response - Patented oval ear tips for superior comfort, passive noise cancellation and enhanced bass - Increased durability and updated tangle free cable- Smallest in-ear headphone ever made - Patented ear tip technology eliminates ear fatigue and discomfort ensuring optimal acoustic seal - Compatible with all 3.5mm headphone jacks, including iPhone - Extremely light - Incredible acoustic performance from single armature design

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Ratings3.9 out of 5.0 stars4.1 out of 5.0 stars
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Which One Is Better?
Come to think of it, Klipsch X11 vs X10 is budget-related if we want to determine which one is better. You can’t deny Klipsch X11’s better comfort but yet again, are you willing to pay such money “just” for that feature? If you ask me, $100 is too much. Thus, I tend to choose the X10 although sadly, its production has been stopped. It might be hard for you to get the brand-new piece of X10. Unless you’re okay with used piece, you should get the X11 and pay more money. Ah, it’s getting confusing for me. I’ll just let you decide on your own. At least I have stated my point of view about those products.

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