Logitech Z323 Vs Z523

If you are confused in choosing between Logitech Z323 and Logitech Z523 right now, you have come to the right place. In the article below, we are going to discuss the comparisons between these two models. Both Logitech Z323 and Logitech Z523 are 2.1 speaker sets that are quite popular on the market. They are preferred by many because these models are standing in a very affordable price range. They each are available for a budget of under a hundred bucks. However, Logitech Z523 is quite more expensive than Logitech Z323. So, what’s exactly the difference between these two models, besides the prices?

Logitech Z323 Vs Z523

One of the reasons why people choose to buy such a 2.1 speaker system is for the compactness. These Logitech speakers are compact and lightweight, so you should be able to place them fairly easily in your room. However, Logitech Z523 is quite bigger and bulkier than Logitech Z323. If you have lots of space available, then choosing Logitech Z523 wouldn’t be a problem. Otherwise, you may prefer Logitech Z323 instead. The speakers and subwoofer are much more compact and space-friendly.

Both Logitech Z323 and Logitech Z523 come with RCA and 3.5 mm input options. Both models also have integrated headphone output ports for private listening. Each of the two models has the volume control knob placed on one of the satellite speakers. Both models allow bass adjustment, but the bass control knob is located on the rear of the subwoofer on Logitech Z323, whereas Logitech Z523 has it placed on one of the satellite speakers for easier, more reachable access.

Both subwoofers are ported and down-firing, but Logitech Z523’s is larger and has a bigger driver compared to Logitech Z323’s, both of which properties help to enhance the bass performance. Both models also boast the immersive Logitech 360-degree sound. Unlike regular speakers that project the sound reproduction only in a single direction, Logitech Z323 and Logitech Z523 project the sound to all directions to completely fill the room.

Just like what we can expect from the larger subwoofer, Logitech Z523 indeed comes with an improved bass quality than Logitech Z323. Even though Logitech Z323 already has excellent, well-balanced audio quality, Logitech Z523’s bass is more accurate and more powerful, creating such an immersive and realistic performance. The total amplification power of Logitech Z523 is also higher than Logitech Z323.

Logitech Z323 Vs Z523

Logitech Z323Logitech Z523
Key Features- Immersive Logitech 360-degree sound for crystal-clear, room-filling audio - Ported, down-firing subwoofer delivers deep, rich bass - RCA and 3.5 mm inputs for easy connections to gaming console, DVD player or iPod- Room-Filling Logitech 360-degree sound for an immersive music, movie and game experience - Down-firing subwoofer with 6.5-in pressure driver delivers ultra-deep bass without distortion

Ratings4.3 out of 5.0 stars4.1 out of 5.0 stars
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If you have enough space available, then Logitech Z523 makes an excellent choice. It has a better design with the bass control knob being easier to reach, and it also has better bass and more powerful sound. But, if you have very limited space, Logitech Z323 is the more reasonable alternative.

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