Logitech Z623 VS Klipsch Promedia 2.1

Speakers are very convenient and you can use them almost anywhere as long as the sound is not bothering the people around. For those who often watch videos or listen to music at home, the Logitech Z623 Vs Klipsch Promedia 2.1 are perfect choices to accompany your computer or laptop. These speaker systems are easy to use and sound good too but they are not identical so let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Headphones Vs Speakers
  • What are Logitech Z623 and Klipsch Promedia 2.1
  • How are the Design of Logitech Z623 and Klipsch Promedia 2.1
  • How are the Specs of Logitech Z623 and Klipsch Promedia 2.1
  • How are the Sound Quality of Logitech Z623 and Klipsch Promedia 2.1
  • How are the Setup with Logitech Z623 and Klipsch Promedia 2.1
  • Logitech Z623 Vs Klipsch Promedia 2.1

Headphones and Speakers for Computer

There are so many types of entertainment that we can enjoy on the computer from streaming on demand videos to finding information for our next project or homework. The internet is a large space where so many things can be found easily and many of us are also working with them on a daily basis. Oftentimes it is a boring job and will be much nicer when your favorite songs can help elevate the mood. Whether you prefer heartbreak songs or hype party music, we will need a type of speaker to listen to them.

Personally we are a headphone or earphone guy because it is just more convenient to use them and we don’t have to worry about other people or coworkers judging how three songs have been playing on repeat since yesterday. However, we also think that speakers have their own charms and it is still the best choice for many of us. The decision between using speakers or headphone and earphone is highly subjective to how you want the experience to be.

The best thing about headphones or earphones is always the isolation. It is a perfect solution when you have to work in a place where there are other people around such as in an office, library, coffee shop, in the public transportation, etc. This way we don’t have to worry about bothering others and can listen to any song or music or even audio books without other people judging us. It is also easier to notice the details of music with the driver close to our ears.

On the other hand speakers are the most effective equipment when you want to broadcast the audio to a wider audience. Speakers have a larger driver than headphone or headset so they can drive more volume as well to your ears. The best thing is everyone can enjoy the same audio and with the ideal placement along with technology, they can deliver a much better experience to the content we enjoy such as the movie theater’s surround sound system.

We do think the main difference will be whether you want the sound to be heard by other people or not and whether you prefer the comfort of a speaker or headphone and earphone. Wearing earphones or headphones for prolonged time can be uncomfortable because they warm the ears and some people can easily get fatigue from them. In this case listening to speakers with modest volume will be a wise decision so we can enjoy the content without any comfort concerns.

 Logitech Z623 Klipsch Promedia 2.1
Product Dimensions17.31 x 11.87 x 12.25 inches
5.67 x 4.2 x 8.5 inches
Shipping Weight18.15 pounds
17 pounds
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About Logitech Z623 and Klipsch Promedia 2.1

Just like headphones, there are plenty of speakers in different price ranges to choose from and there will be options in the budget or mid and high-end. There is no specific price point for each choice but we can guess which option we will like better. If you are here then we assume that speakers are the most ideal option and we also prefer to use them for the computer at home since the sound won’t disturb other people and it is also more convenient if you don’t want to wear any earphones during daily tasks.

So many speakers to consider but it is wise to shop from well-known names such as Logitech and Klipsch because popular names are like a guarantee that their products will always be reliable. They may also have better customer service or warranty in case our product is not working as it is designed. Logitech for example is a very convenient option since they carry plenty of computer peripherals; not only mouse and keyboard but also speaker for your computer or laptop.

Depending on the space where you place the speaker or how big you want it to be, we can decide based on your own preference but typically we want them to be at modest size, at least not as huge or tall compared to the monitor or processor. Most computer speakers are actually very compact too such as the Logitech Z623 and Klipsch Promedia 2.1. These speakers are some of the best and most popular in the market with satisfied customers in various applications.

Mostly it is for entertainment purposes only because if you want to listen to music critically then we recommend buying a monitor speaker. These speakers are for casual users and in comparison they are very easy to connect to the computer or laptop, come with simple features, and are also pretty loud. In comparison however, the Logitech Z623 seems to be more pleasant or satisfying to listen to. If you can add a sound card, it will help elevate the sound quality as well.

Logitech Z623 and Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Design

From the setup both Logitech Z623 and Klipsch Promedia 2.1 are quite different already because as you can see, they carry a different fashion. The satellites are what most people will put on their desk while the subwoofer will be placed below or on another side of the table. The dimensions are not far different if you remove the styling. The satellites of Z623 is 7.7 inch tall and 4.6 inch wide or 4.9 inch deep while its subwoofer is 11 inch tall and 12 inch wide or 10.5 inch deep.

The satellite of Promedia 2.1 is also angled with the help of its feet and in comparison, a bit taller than Z623 at 8.5 inch tall and 4.2 inch wide or 5.7 inch deep. As for the subwoofer, it is 9.5 inch tall, 9.8 inch wide, and 10.2 inch deep. The build quality of both speakers and their subwoofer are very nice and you can definitely count on them but mostly also made of plastic. Read also: Logitech Z623 Vs Z625 here.

Logitech Z623 and Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Specs

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Logitech Z623 and Klipsch Promedia 2.1 can offer starting from the sound quality but first, Z623 satellites output 2 x 35 watts of power and its subwoofer is 130 watts while on the other hand the satellites of Promedia 2.1 is 2 x 18 watts with the subwoofer at 65 watts continuously. In total the continuous power of Logitech is 200 watts or 400 watts peak and Promedia being 100 watts or 260 watts peak.

Logitech Z623 and Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Sound Quality

In real life the audio quality is not only affected by the speaker but also the content source so if you are listening to lossless audio files compared to anything coming from the TV, they will produce a different experience. With the same setup from computer and free music streaming service, both are very pleasant to listen to yet they are not identical. We do think Promedia 2.1 is sharper or bright which is probably best if you pair them with TV where most audio is speech.

For the music application, the Logitech Z623 is more pleasant and this is because the bass is deeper and also not too bright. It may be subjective but we prefer this type of character for music since it gives more impact to the overall sound. The only complaint we have is somehow the speaker creates a hum too which is not present on Klipsch’s.

Logitech Z623 and Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Setup

Lastly for convenience, connecting the Logitech Z623 and Klipsch Promedia 2.1 to your computer or other main media players is very easy. Starting with Z623, the satellites are already coming with the cable attached and we only need to connect them to the subwoofer then subwoofer to the computer using a 3.5 mm cable or RCA. As for Promedia 2.1, there is a Bluetooth variant for this speaker if you want the wireless connectivity.

This one is their standard variant and similarly, you need to connect the two satellites to subwoofer using the included cable but, instead of connecting the computer to subwoofer to receive input, the computer connect to the right speaker instead; you can do this with Z623 too since it has both headphone and input on the satellite. On the additional features, both have the built in volume and bass boosted setting on the speaker.

Logitech Z623 Vs Klipsch Promedia 2.1

These are good speakers for your computer and they are also very easy to use. Many seems to be satisfied about how they sound and how well they last but in comparison, the Logitech Z623 and Klipsch Promedia 2.1 are not identical and in our opinion, the latter is brighter so it may be better for movies where the sound is mostly speech while for the music and gaming Z623 is more satisfying thanks to the tighter bass and a warmer nuance to it. The speaker is also performing well at creating imaging.

- THX-certified 2.1 speaker system brings your music, movies and games to life in immersive studio-quality audio; Satellites: 2 x 35 Watt
- RCA and 3.5 millimeter inputs make it easy to plug in up to 3 audio devices - your computer, iPod, game console, DVD player and more
- 2 satellite speakers and a powerful subwoofer deliver sound big enough to fill even large entertainment rooms.Please Note: Kindly refer the User Guide before use.
- Compatible with Television,Computer,Smartphone,Tablet,Music player,DVD player,Blu-ray player,PlayStation,Xbox,Wii. System Requirements: Works with any device with either a headphone jack (3.5 millimeter) or RCA input.
- LEGENDARY SOUND EXPERIENCE FROM KLIPSCH AND THX - The Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified Speaker System pairs the legendary sound of Klipsch audio with the revolutionary THX experience, filling the room with incredible sound for gaming, movies, or music
- KLIPSCH MICROTRACTRIX HORN TECHNOLOGY makes a major contribution to the ProMedia’s amazing clarity. Their highly efficient design reproduces more sound from every watt of power, controlling the dispersion of that sound and sending it straight to your ears
- POWER AND ATTITUDE - The two-way satellites’ 3” midrange drivers blend perfectly with the ProMedia THX Certified solid, 6.5” side-firing, ported subwoofer for full bandwidth bass response you can actually feel
- MAXIMUM OUTPUT: 260 watts of peak power, 110dB (in room) – to put that number into perspective - live rock music (108 - 114 dB) on average


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Both Logitech Z623 and Klipsch Promedia 2.1 are promising options but you may like one better and we will recommend the Z623 here because it sounds better for music and also still very easy to connect or use, moreover the speaker is currently much cheaper than Promedia 2.1.



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