M Audio AV42 vs Presonus Eris E3 5

We will need a speaker to listen to an audio file and both the audio file quality as well as the hardware itself play an important role in affecting your experience. Not all speakers sound amazing but many are good even in affordable price range such as the M Audio AV42 Vs Presonus Eris E3 5. These small speakers are versatile for different applications but also reliable for monitoring. If you are considering them, see below about which will be the better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How Speakers Create Sound
  • What are M Audio AC42 and Presonus Eris E3 5
  • What M Audio AC42 and Presonus Eris E3 5 Look Like
  • How are the Specification of M Audio AC42 and Presonus Eris E3 5
  • How are the Performance of M Audio AC42 and Presonus Eris E3 5
  • What else M Audio AC42 and Presonus Eris E3 5 can offer
  • M Audio AC42 Vs Presonus Eris E3 5

Speakers Mechanism

Almost everyone of us have a specific taste when it comes to music because overall it is all about which sounds the best in your ears. Having different opinions and different favorite musicians are common and normal but, when it comes to speakers, one thing we can be sure of is that those that are made to deliver the sound as similar as what you intended them to be is the best, especially in music production. For casual listening sessions, most people usually prefer those that lend towards their personal taste better.

Speakers is a complex yet simple tool made to deliver audio files in the form of waves that can be perceived by our hearing organ. In general it is transferring a form of energy from one state to another or from electrical waves to the sound pressure waves in the air. The exact mechanism is a circular cone vibrating to push and pull the air, creating sound waves and this conversion from electrical to mechanical energy occurs through an electromagnetic coil and magnet combination that is attached to the cone.

The coil itself moves the speaker cone back and forth as its electromagnetic field changes with the electrical current passing through it. But, speakers will also need much more power to push and pull the air to make sound which is why they also need an amplifier to boost the low power electrical music signal into a higher power state to drive the speaker. This can be separate unit or built together but for today, most compact models usually have the amplifier inside the box for convenience.

Another detailed part of speakers are woofer and tweeter. The size of the speaker itself doesn’t necessarily decide the audio quality but it sure affects the ability to deliver them as the major contributor of their sound is the size of coils itself. In general small speakers such as Beats Pill+ Vs Bose SoundLink Mini 2 sounds tiny and doesn’t give that much of a kick. It is because they have tiny drivers as well that can’t reach or cover larger wavelengths of low frequencies and don’t have enough power to produce them.

The reason why a speaker’s size affects its sound is because smaller speakers move easily and rapidly without requiring much power which is why they are great when it comes to recreating high frequencies. On the other hand larger cones can move more air and extend to cover the larger wavelength of lower frequencies to give you low-distortion bass. But, due to their size, they are also heavier, take longer to move fully, and need more power.

 M Audio AV42Presonus Eris E3 5
Product Dimensions7.1 x 5.8 x 8.4 inches
6.4 x 5.6 x 8.3 inches
Shipping Weight7.49 pounds
6.82 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About M Audio AC42 and Presonus Eris E3 5

Speakers are an essential in almost any home entertainment system because of its function but different people may have different choices to match with their personal setup and overall budget because they can cost quite some depending on the model and its capabilities. Usually smaller speakers are cheaper and for casual listeners they are also convenient because you can use them in different settings as well yet, we also have to compromise on the sound especially low end if going with smaller or compact speakers.

Their build quality is also playing a role in deciding the sound quality so price usually reflects well on the product. But, if we have more time, there are actually so many good options out there without you having to allocate so much and both M Audio and Presonus are two ideal brands to shop from. We are sure these names are familiar among audio gear enthusiasts especially for casual listeners who just want to get a good speaker set for their setup.

They also have various lines and models for you to consider and match with the budget or application but if you are here then an entry-level speaker or monitor will be the best choice such as the M Audio AC42 and Presonus Eris E3 5. Both of them are very similar in terms of price point and the component seems to not differ a lot from each other as well. Many users are pairing these speakers either with media players or computers and they do sit well in this certain application.

M Audio AC42 and Presonus Eris E3 5 are marketed as audio monitors so we do hope to see much from them and the fact they sound amazing ensures that your money will be spent on good products. In comparison however, it is probably a matter of taste or about what you look and like better in a speaker.  As AC42 is a good step up from the other favorite AV32, it will give you a bigger sound while Eris E3 5 brings the famous Eris monitors in a smaller and cheaper package.

M Audio AC42 and Presonus Eris E3 5 Design

As small speakers, these two are very compact and can sit on your table without having to occupy so much space but, we do think they look great when paired with a computer setup if you like watching movies or gaming on them and are not fond of using headphones. Side by side they are about the same measured at 8.4-inch tall, 5.7-inch wide, and 7.4-inch deep compared to Eris at 8.3-inch tall, 5.6-inch wide, and 6.4-inch deep. Eris is also about half a kilogram lighter than AV42. 

In terms of fashion however, we do like how Eris looks better because despite the low price it is made to look simple yet elegant and overall doesn’t have any distinct design that said otherwise. AV42 is more prominent with the deep waveguide of the tweeter but we do hope they play it down a little bit on the finish because it is too glossy for our personal taste. For the overall built, these two are good without any flimsy part and seem to last long.

M Audio AC42 and Presonus Eris E3 5 Specification 

Moving further, you must want to know about what M Audio AC42 and Presonus Eris E3 5 can offer and for this part they are also quite similar to each other. Starting with AC42, you will find a 1-inch tweeter which is paired with a 4-inch low frequency driver right below it and they are wired to a crossover which when combined will give you a total of 20 watts or 10 watts per panel. For Eris E3 5, this model is also paired with a 1-inch tweeter.

But, it has a smaller low frequency driver or as the name suggests a 3.5-inch woofer custom-woven Kevlar that is also pretty standard for the speaker in this price range. However, each of the panels is capable of delivering a 25 watts which in combination resulting in 50 watts total output and this is what makes Eris different from many other similar compact speakers. As for the frequency, Eris further low end is at 80 Hz compared to AV42 75 Hz but the top end is the same at 20 kHz.

M Audio AC42 and Presonus Eris E3 5 Performance 

Now let’s see how they sound and in this part we do think they are more of a studio monitor than a casual speaker because they are more balanced and neutral in general. They don’t have much coloration in the sound and if you are used to the boomy bass, none of them will deliver such satisfaction but for the details, they are pretty accurate. Side by side, in comparison we do think that Eris is slightly more solid probably because it is also louder.

M Audio AC42 and Presonus Eris E3 5 Features

For the last part about features and ports, M Audio AC42 and Presonus Eris E3 5 are keeping everything simple by not offering any wireless capabilities or any modern features but they are solid and convenient with the volume button at the front and aux in or phone jack nearby to ease you reaching it. But, Eris do have a high and low tuning controls at the back which is very useful to match the speakers with your room.

M Audio AV42 vs Presonus Eris E3 5

These speakers are amazing for your budget because they sound good as well. While they are affordable, we do think the sound is pretty balanced and neutral without much coloration but for casual listening, you can go better with other models. In comparison, Eris E3 5 sounds tighter and it is also louder than AV42 but the 4-inch woofer is indeed able to reach slightly further.

- Premium sound reproduction: 4 inch polypropylene coated woofers produce tight, accurate bass and 1 inch ferrofluid cooled silk cone tweeters produce clear, pristine highs
- 10 watt per channel amplifier and optimage IV tweeter wave guides for punchy sound reproduction and superior imaging
- Versatile, conveniently located RCA inputs for seamless connection to gaming systems, DJ gear, mixers and more
- Front panel 1/8 inch stereo auxiliary input for connecting your laptop, desktop computer, MP3 player or other audio sources with a 1/8 inch output
- Studio-quality industrial design. They look as great as they sound. Protection: RF interference, output-current limiting, over-temperature, turn-on/off transient
- 3. 5-Inch woven composite drivers produce a more powerful bass response with a more accurate overall sound
- The only monitors in their class with acoustic tuning. This enables you to get pristine sound quality in any room. Crossover frequency: 2. 8 kHz
- Stereo aux input, headphone jack, volume, and power on/off are located on the front panel for your convenience


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You can choose any of them as there is no bad option between the two but personally we are liking how the Eris E3 5 delivers it sound better because it is more solid and while the bass is not as far as AV42, they are still good both for the monitoring and just casual listening.

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