Marshall Acton II Vs Fender Monterey

Speakers are a fun way to enjoy your music, and Bluetooth speakers are perfect for convenience. Marshall Acton II Vs Fender Monterey are ideal options for home use as they can get quite loud. Both companies are no strangers in the audio equipment segment, and they produce pleasant sound delivery. Since none of these speakers are cheap, let’s see what you can expect from the two and which you may like better.

In this comparison, we will talk about the following:

  • What are Bluetooth Speakers
  • What are Marshall Acton II and Fender Monterey
  • How is the Design of Marshall Acton II and Fender Monterey
  • How is the Performance of Marshall Acton II and Fender Monterey
  • How is the Connectivity Mode in Marshall Acton II and Fender Monterey
  • What are the Features of Marshall Acton II and Fender Monterey
  • Marshall Acton II Vs Fender Monterey

Bluetooth Speakers

Speaker’s primary function is to convert an audio signal into an audible sound wave. This equipment is everywhere, from smartphones to smart TVs and laptops. Traditional speakers receive the audio signal from an audio player through the cable, while modern speakers can work wirelessly through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Bluetooth speakers are regular speakers but have Bluetooth technology built-in, making them compatible with other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Bluetooth speakers differ from smart speakers, which have Wi-Fi and built-in smart assistant, but both options can play your favorite songs.

 Marshall Acton IIFender Monterey
Product Dimensions5.9 x 10.4 x 6.3 inches
16.8 x 14.6 x 9.3 inches
Shipping Weight6.7 pounds
18.55 Pounds
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About Marshall Acton II and Fender Monterey

Depending on your preference and goals, the speaker choice may vary. If you only use the speaker to listen to songs or videos, Bluetooth speakers are ideal and convenient. This speaker type is compatible with most modern audio players, while some also have wired connectivity. You have plenty of options from brands like JBL, Sonos, Sony, Marshall, Fender, etc. Many are familiar with these names because they have been around for quite some time, especially the Marshall and Fender. Most people know these names from their famous amplifiers, but they also have consumer speakers.Marshall Acton II and Fender Monterey are suitable for home use, especially if you love the aesthetic. Some people may already have the amp and want a smaller speaker that looks like their professional equipment. These speakers are Bluetooth only, so if you are looking for a smart speaker, check Marshall Acton II Vs Sonos One. Besides the handsome design, these speakers have built-in features to adjust the audio, so you don’t have to rely on the smartphone app.

Manufacturers tune their speakers differently, which often doesn’t fit your taste. These settings are handy for adjusting the speakers and finding a sweet spot for varying genres. Marshall Acton II and Fender Monterey offer similar features and sound quality. But none of them is a guitar amp despite having a wired input. These speakers can get quite loud, but we don’t recommend using them at the highest settings because it will distort the audio quality.

Marshall Acton II and Fender Monterey Design

Most people who want to buy Marshall Acton II and Fender Monterey are attracted to the design. Unlike JBL or Sony Bluetooth speakers, these two adopt a more classic look, like the actual amplifier. Both speakers even mark the volume knob with 1 to 10, similar to their guitar amp. The build quality is impressive and rigid, but none of these speakers have water sealing, so we recommend keeping the speakers indoors. The power port is on the back, and the controls are at the top.

Marshall Acton II and Fender Monterey Performance

Marshall Acton II and Fender Monterey look fantastic, but the sound quality should be the most important. We are happy that the preset sound is already good and you can always tweak the settings later. These speakers’ sounds are bigger than the size because you can dial the volume higher and enjoy a very loud production, which compact Bluetooth speakers often lack. Unfortunately, you can’t play these speakers without the power cord, as none have a rechargeable battery.

Both speakers produce tight and rich bass with good mid and high-frequency details. You don’t need to adjust the equalizer because the preset already satisfies most people. The most stand-out frequency is the bass because it can create good texture without affecting the other frequencies. The mid and high-frequency ranges are less fantastic than the bass but are still enjoyable. Our main issue with these speakers is that they can’t maintain the presentation at a higher volume; even halfway up can sound too much.

Marshall Acton II and Fender Monterey Connectivity

As for connectivity, the main method to play songs on Marshall Acton II and Fender Monterey is through Bluetooth. You can pair these speakers with your smartphone or a similar audio player. Acton II uses Bluetooth V 5.0 versus Monterey Bluetooth V 4.2. However, Monterey also supports aptX and AAC, while Acton II only supports SBC codecs. If you have an older audio player, these speakers can use the 3.5mm physical jack, adding convenience and removing the possible latency or Bluetooth distance issue.

Marshall Acton II and Fender Monterey Features

Since Marshall Acton II and Fender Monterey are not portable speakers, there is no battery life. But you can adjust the volume directly from the speaker and fine-tune the equalizer to meet the preference. We suggest using the low to moderate volume because these speakers don’t sound as good at the higher settings, despite both can get very loud for the size. The equalizer is handy, but the preset sound is still excellent. The knobs are easy to use, and Acton II has an LED light to show the level settings.

Marshall Acton II Vs Fender Monterey

Marshall Acton II and Fender Monterey are good home speakers but not ideal for outdoor use or active people who will bring the speaker to their activities. The significant difference is in design because both produce good sound quality, especially at low to moderate volume. Marshall seems to aim for a relatively flat delivery, while Fender is slightly warm. The details are similarly good at low to moderate volume as both speakers lose the performance when set to higher settings.

These speakers also have the same feature with 3.5mm physical input, bass, and treble knobs to tune the sound. The other difference is Monterey supports aptX and AAC codecs while the Acton II only supports SBC codec; aptX encodes audio slightly better than SBC.

- Revolutionary sound now with Alexa.
- Control your music without lifting a finger -Now you can play and control your music hands-free with Alexa.Maximum Sound Pressure Level: 98 dB SPL @ 1 m
- Endless ways to listen - Consider This speaker your backstage pass to every song on the planet. Access to all the world’s music has never been easier, just Ask Alexa. Connect with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RCA or the 3. 5mm input.
- Let Alexa do the heavy lifting -Just like a roadie, Alexa is there to help carry the weight while you’re busy doing other things.
- Retro '68 Custom grille cloth and amp-style volume, bass, and treble controls evoke a vintage feel
- 120 watts of power
- Two woofers and two tweeters are precisely matched to reproduce sound accurately
- Plays your music via Bluetooth or the built in 3.55mm auxillary jack


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The decision is yours because you may have a different preference. We suggest getting the Monterey if you can find the new unit because it offers slightly more with more codecs and is best for users who prefer a warmer presentation. But Acton II is a similarly excellent choice, especially for users who like the flatter character and those who love Marshall’s aesthetic.

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