Marshall Acton II vs Stockwell

Marshall is a well-known audio equipment manufacturer with varying product ranges, including Bluetooth speakers like Marshall Acton II Vs Stockwell. These Bluetooth speakers are perfect for home use and sound fantastic for the size. Both options also carry Marshall’s design to improve your interior. But they are quite different so let’s see what you can expect from the two, the differences, and which you may like better.

In this comparison, we will talk about the following:

  • What are Bluetooth Speakers
  • What are Marshall Acton II and Stockwell
  • How is the Design of Marshall Acton II and Stockwell
  • How is the Performance of Marshall Acton II and Stockwell
  • How is the Battery Life of Marshall Acton II and Stockwell
  • What are the Features of Marshall Acton II and Stockwell
  • Marshall Acton II Vs Stockwell

Bluetooth Speakers

Speakers are transducers that convert electrical signals into sound waves created by physically moving the speaker components. The most modern speaker type we have today is Bluetooth speakers, which are like regular speakers but have Bluetooth chips to receive and transmit information wirelessly. Bluetooth speakers are famous for their convenience and portability because manufacturers can insert a rechargeable battery, making the unit work even without constant power input. You can also connect the speaker to many Bluetooth-enabled devices, allowing your friends and family to use the same speaker.

 Marshall Acton IIMarshall Stockwell
Product Dimensions5.9 x 10.4 x 6.3 inches
7.1 x 6.3 x 2.8 inches
Shipping Weight6.7 pounds
2.6 pounds
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About Marshall Acton II and Stockwell

Bluetooth speakers are ubiquitous, and many companies offer different price ranges and sizes. We suggest getting one from a familiar name because it is almost like a quality guarantee. You can also buy from your favorite brand because many people usually already have their favorite companies like Sony, JBL, Sonos, Marshall, Fender, etc. If you want a unique-looking speaker, Marshall has some of the most exciting options, especially for home use and a relatively fixed application.

Marshall Acton II and Stockwell are some of the best Bluetooth speakers for home use. Marshall is a well-known name in the audio equipment segment, especially if you are familiar with their amplifier. Neither of these speakers is a guitar amp, so they are regular speakers. Unlike typical home speakers like Klipsch R-41 PM Vs Audioengine A2+, these speakers are smaller and more portable if you don’t have much space on the table. One main difference between both models is portability because Stockwell is more portable.

This speaker has a built-in battery, meaning you can also bring the speaker for outdoor use or anywhere and still be able to listen to it. The Acton II may look portable, but it doesn’t have a battery and needs constant power like typical bookshelf speakers. Marshall Acton II and Stockwell can get louder than they should because neither is distortion-free. If you don’t need to bring these speakers outdoors, the Acton II is a pleasant surprise at the price point.

Marshall Acton II and Stockwell Design

Another significant difference between Marshall Acton II and Stockwell is the dimensions and styling. The Acton II is approximately 6.3 x 10.3 x 5.9 inches, and around 4.5 pounds versus 5.7 x 10.1 x 2 inches of Stockwell weighs 2.7 pounds. The two speakers adopt a Marshall design and look like a mini guitar amplifier with a set of knobs at the top. The housing is polished with a leather-looking material which looks convincing and expensive. Instead of modern or futuristic, Marshall goes for classy authentic design.

Marshall Acton II and Stockwell Performance

Let’s see what the speakers can offer, starting from the sound quality and impression, which can be subjective. But, Marshall seems to use the more balanced output for both speakers meaning the character is identical. The goal is to attract purists who prefer a more natural-sounding speaker and Marshall Acton II and Stockwell get the job done up to a point. These speakers can get very loud, and Acton II can cause some surfaces around it to vibrate at higher settings.

The Stockwell is also a very loud speaker for the size and is a battery-powered model. Both options don’t have an intense sub-bass, so your favorite tracks that sound heavy on this low range may not sound as good. However, they sound fantastic for a less-challenging track. The bass is deep and rich, the vocals are clean, and the instruments are presented well. Of course, you can still tweak the bass and treble using the built-in EQ. One thing to note is that these speakers introduce distortion at higher volume levels.

Marshall Acton II and Stockwell Battery Life

Battery-powered speakers are convenient because you can bring them outdoors and to other activities like camping or hanging out with friends or family. The Acton II is not for outdoor use as it doesn’t have any IP rating, and the speaker requires constant power, meaning it is non-removable unless you want to use a cable extension. The Stockwell doesn’t have an IP rating, so we doubt it will be wise to bring it near water. But, the battery life is pretty good, up to 25 hours at low to moderate volume.

Marshall Acton II and Stockwell Features

Another part that Marshall Acton II and Stockwell perform better than similar speakers is the features. Unlike most Bluetooth speakers, the two have Bass and Treble knobs to adjust the sound character. You can do this from your audio app, but having the features on board is always handy. In addition, besides Bluetooth, you can connect these speakers to a more traditional audio playback device through the 3.5mm jack. This option saves your phone’s battery life and any possible latency that comes with Bluetooth.

Marshall Acton II Vs Stockwell

Bluetooth speakers are always convenient, but different options give a different experience. Marshall keeps their authentic design for Acton II and Stockwell. Both speakers have the same sound character, giving you a neutral and full presentation of the tracks without being too heavy on a specific frequency range. These speakers can get very loud for their size yet are not free from distortion, making them best at low to moderate volumes. The main difference is that Acton II is slightly louder but is bigger and requires constant power.

- Revolutionary sound now with Alexa.
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- Stockwell II offers 20+ hours of portable playtime on a single charge. Its pint-sized frame and guitar inspired carry strap make it perfect to take with you
- Utilizes True Stereophonic, a unique form of multi-directional sound from Marshall. Experience absolute 360° sound where every spot is a sweet spot
- Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology for wireless music play. Play music with any Bluetooth device at a range of up to 30 feet away from the speaker
- Silicone exterior and steel metal grille, making it supremely rugged and durable


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The Stockwell is undoubtedly the ideal choice if you want a portable speaker. This speaker has a very compact form and a rechargeable battery for convenience. Stockwell also sounds very loud for its size, even when compared to the bigger Acton II. If you want a stationary speaker, the Acton II is much cheaper and still looks awesome. The speaker has a similarly neutral presentation and can get very loud.

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