Monster Diesel VEKTR Vs Beats Studio

In this article, we will see the comparison between Monster Diesel VEKTR vs Beats Studio, two popular foldable headsets that are available in a similar price range. They both look cool and stylish. But they have different designs and features. So, which one is better? Continue reading below to determine the answer.

What we will discuss in this article includes:
– The size and weight of each headset
– The available color choices that each model provides
– The comparison of the comfort and portability
– The distinctive features of the two headsets
– The sound quality of Monster Diesel VEKTR vs Beats Studio
– Which model that is generally more recommended

First of all, let’s compare the dimensions of these two pairs of headphones. Actually, both Monster Diesel VEKTR vs Beats Studio are highly portable. They both are foldable, so you can easily put either headset in your backpack and bring it along while you are travelling. See also: Beats Studio vs Executive.

However, Monster Diesel VEKTR is a little bit bigger than Beats Studio. The ear cups are pretty large and thick. There are some parts of the ear cups that protrude longer than necessary – the real pads are actually smaller than the ear cups. Such a design indeed looks cool and sporty, at least in the eyes of some people. But, for some others, it is inefficient and impractical.

Beats Studio is slightly smaller and lighter. The frame is really streamlined, so that it looks simple and minimalist. The design is modern and elegant. The ear cups are pretty wide, but this is because the actual ear pads are indeed wide. It is different from Monster Diesel VEKTR because it doesn’t have unnecessary protruding parts.When folded, Beats Studio becomes extremely compact.

Color Choices
If you care about fashion as much as you care about music, you probably are looking for a pair of headphones in your favorite color. Unfortunately, Monster Diesel VEKTR does not provide many color options. It is only available in two colors. You can get it in either black or white.

Make no mistake. Monster Diesel VEKTR is still a good-looking headset. The issue is that, if you are looking for a particular color that is neither black nor white, Monster Diesel VEKTR can’t give it to you.

Beats Studio probably will get along with your style better because it is available in many more color options. There are Glossy Black, Matte Black, Titanium, White, Champagne, and Metallic Sky – you can consider these colors as ‘neutral’ because they can suit just about any person.

The more ‘specialized’ color options are Blue, Red, Pink, and Orange. You probably don’t want to choose any of these colors unless it is your favorite color or it matches your other clothing items. The reason is that these colors are too vibrant and may attract too much attention.

In terms of comfort, there are several things that you may need to consider. Do you prefer on-ear or over-ear headphones? How much padding do you want on the headband? Monster Diesel VEKTR vs Beats Studio differ in these factors.

Monster Diesel VEKTR is generally less comfortable, unless you strictly prefer on-ear headphones. Yes, it has on-ear headphones. The ear pads are designed to sit directly on your ears. Some people don’t like on-ear headphones because of the pressure. However, on-ear headphones are nice when you don’t want to completely block sounds from the outside, for example when you are working with a team or running. You will still be able to hear some sounds from around you.

The other reason why Monster Diesel VEKTR is less comfortable is the thin padding on the headband. The padding is too thin, so that you can still feel the solid frame on the top of your head.

Beats Studio is better in terms of comfort because it has over-ear headphones and a thicker padding. The over-ear headphones will envelop and cushion your ears rather than pressing on them. So, your ears can stay comfortable even after a long period of time. Meanwhile, the padding on the headband is soft and thick, so that the top of your head won’t feel the solid frame.

Noise Cancellation
A big distinction between Monster Diesel VEKTR and Beats Studio is the noise cancellation feature. There are two types of noise cancellation, active and passive. Monster Diesel VEKTR does not have any noise cancellation, whereas Beats Studio has both active and passive.

The active noise cancellation is usually powered by a battery. It uses a mini microphone that picks up ambient noise, and then it produces a sound wave which is 180-degree out of phase through the drivers so that you won’t hear the ambient noise. This is especially useful for silencing loud sounds from the environment. Meanwhile, passive noise cancellation simply uses well-designed ear cups to block sounds from the outside, and is effective for noises that aren’t too loud.

This also means that Monster Diesel VEKTR doesn’t require any battery at all to work. On the other hand, Beats Studio has a built-in rechargeable battery. You always need to re-charge the battery, as the headset won’t work without the battery.

Even if you use an audio cable, Beats Studio still needs to have some power left in the battery. Otherwise, it will produce no sound. Fortunately, the battery life is great. It can last for about 20 hours per charge. If you use it only for one or two hours a day, the battery can easily last for a week or more.

Monster Diesel VEKTR sounds pretty good. The output is very neutral and balanced. The sound is pretty much accurate. If you are looking for powerful bass, you won’t find it here. Monster Diesel VEKTR only gives bass in the amount that the recording has. It won’t boost or enhance anything. Nevertheless, if you push the volume too high, you may notice some cracks in the audio.

Beats Studio certainly has more powerful bass. It thumps and rattles the ears without muddling the mids or highs. The bass is deep, full, and accurate. But Beats Studio is not only about bass; the detail and clarity are also great. You will enjoy listening to the rich dynamics and audio details.

Monster Diesel VEKTR Vs Beats Studio

- Ultra performance folding headphone co-developed by Italian fashion designer, Diesel and Monster
- Tangle-free cable, features a unique triangular design with ControlTalk Universal
- Touring case secure protection for your ear gear while on the go
- Connectivity Technology: Wired/Wireless
- The Beats Acoustic Engine makes your listening experience intimate, personal, and real
- Mute: Silence the noise from your daily commute or the drama
- The New Beats Studio has a a 20-hour rechargeable battery
- Our signature DSP software is designed to generate an emotional experience

All in all, we recommend you to choose Beats Studio. This model is better in terms of design, features, and overall performance. It is more comfortable, thanks to the over-ear headphones and thick padding. It has both active and passive noise cancellation. The bass is great without muddling the mids or highs.

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