Polk PSW505 Vs PSW125

Are you now looking for a nice and reliable subwoofer? Polk is one of the most reputable manufacturers of speakers, and there is a good chance that you’d end up choosing between the company’s products. In this article, we are going to compare two Polk subwoofers, which are Polk PSW505 and Polk PSW125. These two models are very popular choices on the market. Polk PSW505 is actually an older model, but the quality and performance make it remain as people’s choice. On the other hand, Polk PSW125 is a newer model that offers nice design and looks. How do they compare against each other?

Polk PSW505 Vs PSW125

We will start from the designs. Even though Polk PSW125 is a newer model, we must say that it is not as well-built as Polk PSW505. This is because it has a vinyl covering instead of the real wood veneer like the one on Polk PSW505. The construction factor can affect the performance and output quality of a subwoofer. In addition, Polk PSW505 comes with a removable cloth grille, which is handy and useful for protecting the bass driver. Polk PSW125 has no grille at all. Nevertheless, each of the two models comes with a 12” bass driver for full and solid lows.

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Another difference that can be easily noticed is the output power. Polk PSW125 is actually quite powerful with 150 Watts continuous power and 300 Watts dynamic power. However, those numbers are inferior if compared to Polk PSW505. Polk PSW505 is actually more powerful, able to deliver louder volume levels for a larger room without compromising the audio quality. Polk PSW505 is powered by the Canadian Bash Amp that delivers 300 Watts continuous power and 460 Watts dynamic power.

Polk PSW505 also offers better bass quality. As mentioned by the manufacturer, most subwoofers are only good for just gut-rumble and boom. But Polk PSW505 will give you real music with tight, precise, and accurate lows. The excellent construction provides distortion-free and accurate response, and Polk PSW505 can reach lower frequencies, to 28 Hz at -3 dB. Meanwhile, Polk PSW125 is just not able to go as low; it can only reach 34 Hz at -3 dB. Thus, the bass performance of Polk PSW505 is more accurate and detailed.

Polk PSW505 Vs PSW125

Polk PSW505Polk PSW125
BrandPolk AudioPolk Audio
Key Features- Real wood veneer finish, Slot Load Venting improves bass response. Polk subs sound better because they're built better. - Huge Hi-Roll Surrounds that support their longer excursion, Most powered subwoofers are good for just gut-rumble and boom.- 12" Composite Bass Driver Delivers Deep, Powerful Bass - 150w Continuous/300w Dynamic Power Amp - Slot-loaded Vent Improves Bass Response With Lower Distortion - Line Level & Speaker Level Inputs

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Between these two models, we recommend you to stick with Polk PSW505. Polk PSW125 is newer, but Polk PSW505 is the better subwoofer. It has better build, higher output power, and better bass quality.

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