QSC KW122 Vs K12

If you are looking for a truly powerful and reliable speaker, QSC has some of the best options available. QSC KW122 and QSC K12 are both viable options for a powered speaker that can deliver impressively accurate and detailed sound at high volume. So, what is the difference between QSC KW122 vs K12? Which one is better?

In this article, we will discuss about:
– The dimensions of QSC KW122 and QSC K12
– The enclosure material and build quality of each model
– The connection options available on each model
– The features of QSC KW122 and QSC K12
– The sound quality of QSC KW122 vs K12
– Which model that is more recommended for the money

Size and Weight
First of all, let’s take a look at the dimensions of these two speakers. In general, both QSC KW122 and QSC K12 are large and heavy. This is not a surprise. After all, they are powerful 1000W powered speakers, so they are somehow supposed to be that way. See also: Audioengine A2 Vs A5.

QSC KW122 is the larger and heavier model of the two. This speaker measures 26 inches (660 mm) tall, 15 inches (381 mm) wide, and 15 inches (391 mm) deep. The net weight is approximately 49 lbs (22.2 kg). The differences compared to QSC K12 are quite significant. One reason for the heavier body weight is the enclosure material.

If you are looking for a compact and lightweight option available for a powered speaker, QSC K12 may be a more feasible solution. It is slightly smaller and lighter than QSC KW122. It measures 23.7 inches (603 mm) tall, 14 inches (356 mm) wide, and 14 inches (356 mm) deep. The net weight is approximately 41 lbs (18.6 kg). So, QSC K12 can be more manageable when you need to move the speaker or carry it to a gig.

The primary difference between QSC KW122 vs K12 is the enclosure material. These two models use different materials for their enclosures. QSC KW122 is generally considered as the higher premium model because of this, whereas QSC K12 is the lower budget model.

The enclosure of QSC KW122 is made from 15 mm painted birch plywood with a beautiful black textured paint finish. The enclosure feels very sturdy, rugged, and durable. You can also feel the quality from the touch. However, in certain situations, the wooden material can be more delicate than plastic, so you should maintain it more carefully to ensure that it will last.

The grille of QSC KW122 is made from 16 gauge steel with a black powder coat finish. The grille is extremely strong and durable. It provides the necessary protection for the drivers. It can withstand even the heaviest abuse.

On the other hand, the enclosure QSC K12 is made from an impact resistant ABS plastic material. It comes with a nice black paint finish. The enclosure is certainly very rugged and durable. It does not get affected in any way by moisture or humidity. So, the keeping and maintenance can be easier. However, the material does not have a very good sound character, and the feel isn’t as luxurious as wood.

Nevertheless, the grille of QSC K12 is also made from powder-coated steel. The grille is really tough and sturdy. It can withstand heavy-duty usage without complaining.

QSC KW122 and QSC K12 come with similar connectivity options. Each of them has a balanced XLR/¼” line/mic combo input, a balanced XLR/¼” line level input, a stereo RCA line level input, dual balanced XLR line level outputs, and a balanced XLR “mix” output. These connection options are certainly sufficient for most setups.

Each of the two models comes with an on-board mixer, so controlling the inputs and outputs is quite easy and practical. To make it clear to you, each unit has three input sources, which are two XLR/¼” inputs and a stereo RCA input. The two XLR and ¼” inputs have dedicated gain controls and also two direct channel outputs. In addition, all of the inputs are summed into a single balanced “mix” output.

Thanks to the on-board mixer, you now have the flexibility to send individual input signals to different devices. You can also send the combined signal to another powered speaker.

In addition to the on-board mixer, each model here also has built-in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to enhance the sound quality. The DMT technology eliminates unnatural dead and hot zones across the frequency response range. The Intrinsic Correction ensures that the speaker behaves equally well across the sound field by actively adjusting frequency, amplitude, and time.

Although these speakers have been designed to maintain balanced and accurate sound quality, they do have impressive bass performance. This is because of the DEEP technology and excursion limiting, which enable extended low-frequency response without degrading the adjacent frequencies or the underlying signal. The GuardRail technology protects the performance and the amplifier module from destructive clipping.

Both QSC KW122 vs QSC K12 have 12-inch cone transducers and 1.75-inch diaphragm compression drivers. The coverage is similar, which is 75 degrees.

Both models are equipped with ergonomic handles. QSC KW122 comes with a suspension kit, the M10 kit, and a cover. Meanwhile, QSC K12 comes with a yoke kit, the M10 kit, and a cover/tote.

Sound Quality
It is true that QSC KW122 and QSC K12 both have a total power output of 1000 Watts. They each have two 500W Class D amplifiers for the LF and HF drivers. The peak power rating is similar, which is 2000 Watts.

However, the enclosure material has a significant effect to the sound quality. QSC KW122 is much better in terms of sound quality due to the quality wooden enclosure. The sound has more warmth and richness. It is especially great when delivering vocals in live performances.

On the other hand, QSC K12 doesn’t have the same warmth and richness due to the plastic enclosure. It is quite accurate and balanced, but the sound won’t be as spectacular as QSC KW122 when performing live. Nevertheless, it is still good for recording purposes.

QSC KW122 Vs K12

- Bi-amped 1000-watt powered speaker with 12" woofer and 1.75" tweeter
- 75-degree coverage angle with square pattern lends itself to cluster applications
- Simultaneous mic, line, and stereo RCA inputs
- 1,000 watt, efficient and lightweight Class D power module Lightweight (41 lb.)
- Professional appearance and rugged construction Directivity Matched Transition (DMT) and Intrinsic
- 1,000 watt, efficient and lightweight Class D power module

QSC KW122 is definitely a better choice. This model has a better enclosure that is made from 15 mm birch plywood. The sound quality is considerably better, with more warmth and richness. It is especially great for delivering vocals in live performances.

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