RHA MA750i Vs T10i

RHA earphone models have recently gained a lot of attention on the market, as they are able to produce excellent audio performance throughout their extremely rugged, heavy-duty builds. In a prior article, we have ever compared RHA MA750i with Shure SE215. This time, we are about to discuss the differences between RHA MA750i and RHA T10i. To provide you some good idea about these products, RHA T10i is quite considerably more expensive than RHA MA750i. The two boast for having powerful and reliable noise isolation. The two also seem to come with similar accessories. So, which one should you get?

RHA MA750i vs T10i

Audio Performance
We certainly will start from the audio performance, which also happens to be the most distinctive feature that separates these two pairs of earphones. Quite interestingly, both models have the same astonishing frequency response range of 16 Hz – 40 kHz, which allows them to generate excellent bass, midrange, and treble. They each also has 16 ohms impedance and 100 dB sensitivity, so they require the same amount of power to produce similar output volume.

However, you should be aware that they use different drivers. RHA MA750i uses handmade dynamic drivers model 560.1, which causes RHA MA750i to produce precise, articulate, and quite balanced audio reproduction. The sounds are clear and natural, with good depth and soundstage. On the other hand, RHA T10i utilizes dynamic drivers model 770.1 with a tuning filter system. In general, RHA T10i is able to produce even better depth and soundstage, creating such a very immersive audio experience to the user. However, the bass of RHA T10i is somehow very powerful so that the treble is kind of overwhelmed. You can use the tuning filters to adjust and customize the frequency response yourself to compensate, but the bass will still be pretty strong.

Design and Features
The two products are also designed quite differently – RHA MA750i is aerophonic while RHA T10i is ergonomic. They use different materials, though both are rugged and durable. RHA MA750i is constructed of 303F-grade stainless steel, while RHA T10i is made of injection-molded stainless steel. They each has three in-line buttons with a built-in microphone, and a 1.35m oxygen-free copper cable with shielding. Their bundles are identical, each includes ten pairs of different ear tips, carrying case, and clothing clip, though RHA T10i has one extra equipment which is the tuning filters.

RHA MA750i Vs T10i

RHA MA750iRHA T10i
Key Features- 3 year warranty - 303F grade stainless steel construction - Handmade dynamic driver for clear, natural sound reproduction - Reinforced, 1.35m oxygen-free cable - 10 sets of dual density, silicone and memory foam ear tips- Handmade, high-fidelity dynamic driver (770.1 model) - Noise isolating design. - Metal injection molded, stainless steel construction. - Interchangeable tuning filters with holder. - 3-button remote and microphone for use with compatible Apple devices.

Ratings4.1 out of 5.0 stars4.1 out of 5.0 stars
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RHA T10i is priced higher only for the different audio reproduction characteristic, which turns out to be not for everyone. If you love heavy bass, then RHA T10i can be a good way to go. Otherwise, just stick with RHA MA750i for the fullest value for your money, as the output quality is better balanced.

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