Sennheiser HD 439 Vs 518

If you are looking for a decent pair of headphones with a budget around a hundred bucks, then Sennheiser would be glad to offer you their Sennheiser HD 439 and Sennheiser HD 518. Between the two, Sennheiser HD 439 serves as the model that will let you save some money from the budget, while Sennheiser HD518 is the model that will require you to use most of the budget. Anyhow, there are indeed several differences that set the two models apart. Here, you will be able to find the comparisons between Sennheiser HD 439 and Sennheiser HD 518. Hopefully, after reading the article, you will be able to determine which model is best for you! (See also: Sennheiser HD 558 Vs 518)

Sennheiser HD 439 Vs 518

The first difference that you should understand is that Sennheiser HD 439 and Sennheiser HD 518 have different basic designs! Do not be fooled by the grille-like texture at the backs of Sennheiser HD 439’s earcups. It is closed-back headphones. On the other hand, Sennheiser HD 518 is open-back, circumaural headphones. As the effect of the different designs, they have different audio characteristics. Sennheiser HD 439 deliver sounds to be ‘in your head’. It attenuates the outside sounds, and it indeed attenuates very significantly, so that you are isolated with the sounds produced by the headphones. This is very useful if you prefer to focus on your music without any disturbance from the environment. Meanwhile, Sennheiser HD 518 delivers sounds to be ‘around you’. The model does not isolate you and lets outside sounds reach your ears. The sounds that the earcups produce will blend with other sounds, making a very realistic and lively audio experience.

Furthermore, Sennheiser HD 518 also has a wider frequency range than Sennheiser HD 439. It is able to reach lower and higher frequencies. So, its audio output can be more accurate and detailed. On the other hand, Sennheiser HD 439 boasts a lower impedance and a higher sensitivity. Sennheiser HD 439 requires less power in order to reach a similar volume level as Sennheiser HD 518. If you use your headphones with your mobile devices, Sennheiser HD 439 eats less battery life than Sennheiser HD 518.

Last but not least, Sennheiser HD 439 is quite noticeably heavier than Sennheiser HD 518. With only 255 grams of mass, Sennheiser HD 518 is comfortable to be put on your head. Sennheiser HD 518 also has a longer cable. Sennheiser HD is only compatible with 6.35mm input, but comes with an adapter for 3.5mm input. Sennheiser HD 439 has both 6.35mm and 3.5mm inputs.

Sennheiser HD 439 Vs 518

Sennheiser HD 439Sennheiser HD 439 518
Key Features- Powerful neodymium magnets for an enhanced bass experience - Closed circumaural headphones designed to isolate against ambient noise - Ergonomic design provides a comfortable fit - Choice of two single-sided cables for flexibility and convenience - Optimized for portable audio including MP3 players, CD players, iPad, iPod and iPhone- State of the art Duofol diaphragms for transparency and minimal distortion - Distinctive grille-like ear cup casing design - Soft, crackle-free ear pads - Audiophile headphones prove that quality and affordability can go hand in hand

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The primary consideration in choosing between Sennheiser HD 439 and Sennheiser HD 518 is whether you prefer open-back or closed-back. For monitoring and sound isolation, choose Sennheiser HD 439, which has a closed-back design. To enjoy a realistic and lively performance, Sennheiser HD 518 is the way. But, if you are fine with either design, then choose Sennheiser HD 518 for the most convenient usage!

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