Sennheiser RS 160 Vs 170

Sennheiser is among the top brands when it comes to audio products like headphones. It can be said all the products are good enough. But, what if we compare the products? Let’s say Sennheiser RS 160 vs 170?

Sennheiser RS 160 Vs 170

Are You Ready for Sound-orgasmic Experience?
Comfort is the first thing you will take note with Sennheiser RS 160. With over-the-ear design completed with sealed ear cups and padded headband, you’ll have sound-orgasmic experience. The Kleer wireless technology along with the over-the-top system of the headphone give you dynamic bass quality. But, unfortunately, Sennheiser RS 160 can only cover 60 feet of range. If you use the headband on your own, it shouldn’t be a problem. However, with the fact how this headphone can be used by more than 4 people at once (with multi-receiver mode), it might not be that enough. See also : Sennheiser RS 170 Vs 180.

In terms of coverage, Sennheiser RS 170 is a lot much better. In total, it’s almost 260 feet to cover. That’s a good improvement indeed. And you will also find how the charging system is good. Connect it with the sound-source device and you’ll get adequate sound result. There won’t be any humming noise and the likes which is usually the “common” problem for wireless headphone. And regarding the quality of the sound, well, sadly said, there’s barely any improvement compared to the 160.

Both products, despite the great sound quality, still show some flaws and in some parts, it can be really irritating for the users. For the Sennhesier RS 160, somehow, there’s a mistake in the design. I know I’ve told you before that it’s comfortable to use. But, it only lasts for a couple of hours. You’ll start feeling your ears sore and that’s the time for you to take a break. What a party-popper indeed! And for Sennhesier 170, problem is also related to the design but instead of the padded headband design, it’s more about the positioning of volume and power buttons. They’re located too close to each other. Don’t you find it so annoying when you’re trying to adjust the volume and you end up mistakenly killing the headphone?

Sennheiser RS 160 Vs 170

Sennheiser RS 160Sennheiser RS 170
Key Features- Ergonomic adjustable headband for excellent fit - Compact portable transmitter with multi-receiver capability - Digital volume control with mute function - Closed circumaural digital wireless headphones - Dynamic headphones with bass-driven audio- Dynamic headphones with clear and detailed audio reproduction - Multi-purpose transmitter also functions as an "easy charge" cradle and docking station - Multi-receiver transmission for up to 4 people to listen from the same source - Dynamic bass and surrond sound listening modes

Ratings4.2 out of 5.0 stars4.3 out of 5.0 stars
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The Outcome
With all those aspects in mind, Sennheiser RS 160 vs 170 should be won by the 160. Why? It’s almost $100 cheaper yet the specifications are almost similar. You just need to bear with the sore ears and rather narrow coverage.

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