Shure M97XE Vs Nagaoka MP 110

For an affordable yet reliable phono cartridge available around a hundred bucks, Shure M97XE and Nagaoka MP 110 can be attractive choices for you. Shure M97XE and Nagaoka MP 110 are relatively affordable and budget-friendly phono cartridges. However, they also offer exceptional sound quality and performance. Right now, Shure M97XE is available at a slightly lower price point than Nagaoka MP 110. So, which phono cartridge should you pick? Below, we will see the differences and comparisons between Shure M97XE and Nagaoka MP 110. Continue reading!

Shure M97XE Vs Nagaoka MP 110

Shure M97XE is affordable but very reliable. It has cool advanced features that make it very durable and reliable. It has a finely polished elliptical diamond tip, and the stylus has 0.2 x 0.7 mil radii. As the effect, it can deliver highly detailed mids and highs. It accurately delivers very detailed musical passages, especially in the treble. You can say the sound output as bright, crisp, and powerful. Shure M97XE also offers a viscous-damped dynamic stabilizer that keeps a uniform distance between the cartridge and the record, and a Side-Guard system that protects the stylus, preventing any damage if the cartridge accidentally slides across the record. The performance is exceptional. If you want to play a used record that is damaged and can hardly be read by other cartridges, Shure M97XE is your best bet. It is very rugged and durable, featuring a die-cast aluminum mounting block.

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On the other hand, Nagaoka MP 110 is quite the contradictor of Shure M97XE in terms of sound output. It is characterized by its warm, sweet, full-bodied output. The audio output has bold bass and midrange. The output is also accurate and detailed, but the emphasize is more on the lower frequencies. This is the effect from the stylus that is thicker, 0.4 x 0.7 mil. It makes an excellent choice if you don’t like bright sound and prefer warm sound instead. Nagaoka MP 110 is also loved because it is able to significantly reduce surface noise. The detail retrieval and tracking are also very good. It has very low inner groove distortion.

Shure M97XE Vs Nagaoka MP 110

Shure M97XENagaoka MP 110
Key FeaturesDigitalDJGear sells the Shure M97XE, which is one of the most accurate and smoothest sounding turntable cartridges on the market today. The M97XE has a precise tracking ability and extremely flat frequency response which is made possible by Shure's Type II low mass thin wall aluminum Alloy stylus cantilever.Output voltage: 5mV (5cm / sec) Frequency characteristics: 20Hz ~ 20kHz Channel separation: 23dB (1KHz) Channel balance: 1.5dB below Load resistance: 47KΩ Load capacity: 100pF Cantilever: Aluminum alloy Needle tip: 0.4x0.7mil ellipse, joining diamond Proper needle pressure: 1.5 ~ 2.0g Cartridge own weight: 6.5g

Ratings4.6 out of 5.0 stars4.9 out of 5.0 stars
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Both Shure SM97XE and Nagaoka MP 110 are great phono cartridges with different flavors. If you like warm sound with good bass and midrange presence, Nagaoka MP 110 should be your choice. The performance is also great, as it can reduce surface noise. However, if you prefer bright, crisp, and fine details, Shure M97XE is the way to go.

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