Skullcandy Ink D Vs Ink D 2

If you are now looking for a pair of affordable headphones, there is a good chance that you would end up considering the Skullcandy Ink D headphones. These models are very popular on the market because they don’t empty the wallet of the buyers. Now, we are going to discuss about the comparisons between Skullcandy Ink D 2 and Skullcandy Ink D. As you may have heard, Skullcandy Ink D 2 is the latest update for the popular Skullcandy Ink D headphones. Nevertheless, due to being newer, the new Skullcandy Ink D 2 is also quite pricier than the original Skullcandy Ink D. So, is the newer version really better than the original? Continue reading below to find the answer.

Skullcandy Ink D Vs Ink D 2

If we put the two models side by side, we can hardly find a significant difference. The new Skullcandy Ink D 2 actually looks very similar to the original model. Both models still use flat cables that are resistant to tangling, along with the in-line remotes. However, the new Skullcandy Ink D 2 indeed has more color options. The previous model has rather limited color choices. The new version offers various stylish color combinations that can better match your style and preference. Still, aside from the colors, there is no change to the body material, which uses plastic and silicone.

Now seeing the features, we can see a more significant upgrade on Skullcandy Ink D 2. The issue with the original model is that it does not have any built-in microphone. The lack of microphone is very annoying to some people, as it makes them difficult to answer phone calls. Fortunately, the manufacturer has heard about this issue and has implemented a built-in microphone on Skullcandy Ink D 2. In addition, the new model now has the noise cancellation feature, which is very useful and convenient for usage in a noisy area.

Unfortunately, we can’t see any improvement in the audio quality. Skullcandy Ink D 2 has the same impedance level as the original, as well as similar sensitivity and frequency response. Expect similar bass, midrange, and treble performance from Skullcandy Ink D 2. Still, the audio quality is pretty good, especially considering that this headset comes at a very affordable price point. There’s no thumping bass, but the sound reproduction is crisp, clear, and certainly enjoyable.

Skullcandy Ink D Vs Ink D 2

Skullcandy Ink DSkullcandy Ink D 2
Key Features- Driver: 11 mm - Two sizes of silicone gel earbud sleeves for a perfect fit - Input Connection: 3.5 mm- 11mm drivers with neodymium magnets for full-range sound - Two sizes of silicone gel earbud sleeves for a perfect fit

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In the end, we recommend you to choose the new Skullcandy Ink D 2 because of the built-in mic and noise cancellation. These two features are very useful. The mic will enable you to answer phone calls without having to take off your headset, and the noise cancellation helps you to focus on your music without getting disturbed by the environment.

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