Sony MDR-10RBT Vs Bose AE2W

Sony MDR-10RBT vs Bose AE2W are among the most-demanded head phone products. Let’s check out how each product offers their special features.

Sony MDR-10RBT Vs Bose AE2W

Sony vs Bose
Something that must catch your attention about Sony MDR-10RBT is how it uses neodymium magnet. What the heck is it? Is it something “Iron Man-ish”? For common people, the name surely is strange but in head phone industry, neodymium is a quite common but rather top-class magnet to use. As comparison Bose AE2W still uses ferrite magnet (iron-based magnet) and it’s quite “so yesterday” compared to the neodymium. The use of this magnet provides stronger bass sound and sharper high-note sound. It’s also lighter which surely affects the weight of the head phone.

The fact that MDR-10RBT to have 3.5mm male connector will make it easier for you to connect the head phone with common media players which have no Bluetooth connection feature like mp3 player or computer sound card.

Up to this point, MDR-10RBT seems to get the best of Bose AE2W. But, wait a minute. MDR-10RBT, despite its complexities, doesn’t have headset feature in which Bose AE2W has. It means that you can expect Bose AE2W to let you listen to sound but also to talk by using its built-in microphone. Using AE2W to have some Skype time isn’t a big deal while for MDR-10RBT it’s next-to-impossible thing to do.
Not to mention, somehow, MDR-10RBT has gone too sophisticated to the extent of how it forgets some simple-yet-really-helpful feature like the ability to charge by using common USB socket. Standard USB cable is provided along with the package and this “ordinary” cable can surely give “extraordinary” comfort to the user.

Sony MDR-10RBT Vs Bose AE2W

Sony MDR-10RBTBose AE2W
Key Features- Stream your music wirelessly - One-touch listening with NFC - Enjoy broad frequency response - Swivel function for improved portability - Detachable cord supplied- Enjoy immersive sound with wireless freedom - Cushioned around-ear fit for hours of comfortable listening - Wirelessly connects to your Bluetooth devices - Rechargeable battery plays up to eight hours

Ratings4.3 out of 5.0 stars4.2 out of 5.0 stars
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So, what to say again? Sony MDR-10RBT vs Bose AE2W has their own pros and cons. Both products provide something special which is not owned by the competitor. Well, it’s wise to say that the outcome is draw for those two devices.

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