Choosing a headphone, at least, there are two most basic aspects to take note to: sound quality and user-friendly usage. Sony MDR10RBT vs MDR1RBT has come and been offered to the market as two, so-called, high end choices. How good can they be? Let’s break the aspects one by one.


Battle of Sound Quality
It seems there’s no point in talking about the user-friendly usage as both has sleek and totally “wearable” design. There’s no more dangling cord which will come in your way and it’s all thanks to the Bluetooth wireless technology planted in both head phones. Regarding the sound quality, although they come from the same producer, MDR1RBT seems to be a lot much better than MDR10RBT. Let’s focus on the sound frequency produced by each head phone. MDR1RBT has whooping 8k Hz while the competitor only has 2k Hz. This 4k-Hz difference is so significantly decisive. For you who don’t understand it, frequency quality is what makes the sound producing sharper and crispier. The result? Well, bigger head phone frequency should be more pleasing to your ears. And that’s just about the up-“est” level of the frequency. What about the lowest one? Once again, MDR1RBT can reach 4Hz while MDR10RBT can’t go pass 20Hz. And for this, well, the low-tune-based sound like bass is better sounded by MDR1RBT.

Moving to the sound pressure level, there’s 5dB difference between MDR10RBT and MDR1RBT. Once again, MDR1RBT wins with 105dB. Of course, you can expect MDR1RBT to be louder than MDR10RBT due to bigger sound pressure level. Yet, you’re not recommended to set the head phone to its highest volume unless you want to bleed your ears out.

Two points have been won by MDR1RBT. Is there any chance for MDR10RBT to turn the table? Well, MDR10RBT must accept the inevitable defeat in terms of sound quality. But, it has better “comfort” to pay. It costs less than the MDR1RBT and the difference in price tag is quite much. There’s more than $100 in difference.


Key Features- Stream your music wirelessly - One-touch listening with NFC - Enjoy broad frequency response - Swivel function for improved portability - Detachable cord supplied- Connectivity technology-wired/wireless - Connector plating-gold plated - Earpiece-earpiece sensitivity-105 db. - Bluetooth/NFC - Tangle-free cable, detachable cord, noise cancelling; earpiece-earpiece type-binaural

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Ratings4.3 out of 5.0 stars4.3 out of 5.0 stars
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What Should You Choose?
Yes, it all comes down to your budget actually. However, no matter what, between Sony MDR10RBT vs MDR1RBT, MDR1RBT tops it off. Of course, you’ll need to spend more but it’s totally worth the sound quality. After all, when you’re looking for a great head phone, sound quality should come first before price, right?

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