Sony SRS-XB13 Vs JBL Clip 3

Sony and JBL have some of the best compact Bluetooth speakers for outdoor uses, like Sony SRS-XB13 Vs JBL Clip 3. These speakers are rugged and sound pretty good for the size. You also get a few handy features to improve user experience so let’s see what they can offer and which fits you best.

In this comparison, we will talk about the following:

  • What are Bluetooth Speakers
  • What are Sony SRS-XB13 and JBL Clip 3
  • How is the Design of Sony SRS-XB13 and JBL Clip 3
  • How is the Performance of Sony SRS-XB13 and JBL Clip 3
  • How is the Battery Life of Sony SRS-XB13 and JBL Clip 3
  • What are the Features of Sony SRS-XB13 and JBL Clip 3
  • Sony SRS-XB13 Vs JBL Clip 3

Bluetooth Speakers

Speakers are a fun way to enjoy your music or entertainment. The speakers dont  have to be big or expensive, but they should sound good. Bluetooth speakers are the ideal solution for modern applications where people often listen to music from their smart devices. This speaker type is a regular speaker that receives and sends information wirelessly through Bluetooth technology. The speaker can use direct power or a rechargeable battery depending on the size and type. Most Bluetooth speakers are compatible with different devices, so you and your friend or family can use the same speaker.

 Sony SRS-XB13JBL Clip 3
Product Dimensions3.43 x 3.43 x 4.41 inches
2.17 x 4.33 x 4.3 inches
Shipping Weight8.9 ounces
7.8 ounces
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About Sony SRS-XB13 and JBL Clip 3

You can find Bluetooth speakers from various brands and companies because the product is very popular. If you want a portable speaker, the ones with a rechargeable battery, like Sony SRS-XB13 and JBL Clip 3, are the perfect options. On the other hand, if you prefer something to stay at home, the bigger Bluetooth speakers like Klipsch R-41PM Vs The Fives look good and very loud. Size matters for Bluetooth speakers because it affects the portability and battery life if it has a rechargeable battery.

Sony SRS-XB13 and JBL Clip 3 are ideal options for everyone who needs a compact speaker for indoor and outdoor use. Both speakers are compact and perfect for several people to listen together, but not loud enough for a bigger crowd like parties and gatherings; you will need much bigger speakers for these purposes. Size is a significant advantage for both speakers because you can carry it on hand like a smartphone or attach it to a backpack or cloth hanger.

The sound quality is good for something very compact. You can’t expect the Sony SRS-XB13 and JBL Clip 3 to be very loud and have a powerful bass or impressive soundstage, but they should sound fun for most people. We also love the rugged build quality, as they can withstand stressful conditions. The price is similarly affordable, and you can go amazingly with either.

Sony SRS-XB13 and JBL Clip 3 Design

The main difference between Sony SRS-XB13 and JBL Clip 3 is the design because they adopt a completely different approach. The XB13 has a small tub design and speaker grill that face upward when placed on a surface. The speaker is approximately 3.8 inches wide and only 9 ounces, with rubber feet and an IPX7 rating. Clip 3 looks like a badge with a metal carabiner to hang it on something. This speaker is lightweight at 7.5 ounces and similarly IPX7 for waterproofing.

Sony SRS-XB13 and JBL Clip 3 Performance

Performance is the essential part of your speaker, and different speakers perform differently. The Sony SRS-XB13 and JBL Clip 3 are fun speakers to sing along with. Neither of these speakers will impress audiophiles, but they are pretty good for most applications. The XB13 is impressive for its size, especially if you hang it on something. The small housing can get shaky when producing deep bass and introduces distortion. The sub-bass is pleasantly there, even though it is thin.

The bass and low mids are beautifully recreated, while the treble is managed not to sound too bright and piercing. Overall the XB13 is a versatile speaker for varying genres. Clip 3 has a comparably thin sound in all frequency ranges which is not very surprising due to the size. But, the speaker still avoids sounding frilly like many similar small speakers and is fun to listen to.

Sony SRS-XB13 and JBL Clip 3 Battery Life

Sony SRS-XB13 and JBL Clip 3 are portable speakers and are best if you often bring the speaker to your activities. The XB13 has a decent battery life, and Sony claims it can last for 16 hours, which is impressive, but note that this is usually tested at low to moderate volume, so your actual battery performance may vary. On the other hand, the Clip 3 is claimed at 10 hours at a reasonable volume level, and surprisingly you can squeeze much longer battery life at low volume.

Sony SRS-XB13 and JBL Clip 3 Features

Come to the features side, both speakers are not very rich in features, but you should find every necessary control on the unit. The XB has a set of buttons near the button, and one feature that took our attention is the phone icon, meaning this speaker has a microphone. This feature should allow you to receive and end calls through the speaker, which is not always available in every Bluetooth speaker, including Clip 3. Other buttons include track play/pause, volume up/down, Bluetooth pair, and power button.

Similarly, Clip 3 has the basic track playback buttons to increase/decrease volume and to play or pause the track. The Bluetooth pairing method is similar as you only need to activate the Bluetooth connectivity on the primary device and press the Bluetooth button on the speaker. These speakers should maintain good connectivity for most applications, but the room layout may reduce the working distance.

Sony SRS-XB13 Vs JBL Clip 3

The Sony SRS-XB13 and JBL Clip 3 are good speakers for active people and mobile users. These speakers are compact, lightweight, and sound good. The main difference in performance is that XB13 can sound slightly fuller than Clip 3. The speaker is best when attached or hangs on something to prevent vibration that may distort the audio. The Clip 3 doesn’t have a microphone like XB13, but it has similar physical control to adjust the playback. As for build quality, the two are similarly IPX7 and rugged.

- EXTRA BASS for deep, punchy sound
- Sound Diffusion Processor expands sound far and wide
- Waterproof and dustproof (IP67 rated). Supported Codecs: SBC, AAC
- Up to 16 hours of battery life with indicator
- SOUND TO GO - Never leave awesome sound at home again. This ultra-portable, waterproof Bluetooth speaker is small in size but with surprisingly big sound. Clip it on with the built-in carabiner, press play, and make the moment pop.
- UP TO 10 HOURS OF PLAYTIME - The JBL Clip 3 features a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery with up to 10 hours of battery life, plus a metal carabiner so you can easily hook it to your clothes, backpack, or belt loop.
- NOISE CANCELLING & WIRELESS STREAMING - Wirelessly stream high-quality sound from your smartphone or tablet. Plus, take crystal-clear calls from your speaker with the touch of a button, thanks to the noise and echo-cancelling speakerphone.
- WATERPROOF & DURABLE - No more worrying about rain or spills: JBL Clip 3 is completely waterproof—you can even immerse it in water. Plus, the improved, durable fabric material and rugged rubber housing protects it on all of your outdoor adventures.


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There is no bad option between Sony SRS-XB13 and JBL Clip 3 because both speakers are awesome. We recommend getting the XB13 because it has a fuller sound production. This speaker has a rugged build quality and is very compact whether you want to listen to it indoors or outdoors.

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