Sony XB10 Vs XB20

Sony has released a line of portable wireless speakers that are suitable for people who want to stay on the beat wherever they go. Sony XB10 and Sony XB20 both belong to this line. As you may have expected, Sony XB10 is the more affordable version, whereas Sony XB20 is a step more expensive. So, which is the model that you better get? Below, you can read about the comparisons between Sony XB10 vs XB20 based on a number of factors, including design, features, sound quality, and battery life.

Although these two speakers come from the same family, they have very different body shapes. Sony XB10 is quite portable; it has a compact tubular body which you can put on almost any place. You can get it with a black, gray, blue, red, or green color. However, the tubular shape is a little bit bulky, so it is not exactly convenient to pocket. But you can slip it into your backpack easily.

On the other hand, Sony XB20 is a little bit larger overall, but the bar shape makes it more portable and easier to hold. The slim design enables you to pocket it comfortably. It is also available in the same five color choices, but it features a lighting system which looks very cool.

Both XB10 and XB20 feel quite sturdy and durable, but make sure that you don’t over-abuse them. Both models are water-resistant, as they each have the IPX5 rating. They can withstand splashes and exposure to water jets, but they are not submersible.

Sony XB10 and Sony XB20 are similar that they support Bluetooth and NFC. You can use either of the two speakers to connect wirelessly to your phone and make it act as the phone’s speaker. The process to connect the speaker to the phone is easy and straightforward.

However, Sony XB10 can only be paired with one other speaker to form a stereo system. On the other hand, Sony XB20 features the Wireless Party Chain functionality which enables you to connect up to 10 speakers together and sync both the music and the lighting. This is a very cool feature for parties.

Sound Quality
Sony XB10 only has a single audio channel with one passive radiator. Although you can pair it with another speaker to form a stereo system, the performance is not necessarily better. This is because the limitation of the speaker’s driver. For sure, the sound quality is better than your phone’s built-in speaker, but you can’t expect higher.

Sony XB20 is armed with two audio channels and two passive radiators. The additional radiator improves the bass performance. You will enjoy the fuller bass as well as the better overall sound accuracy. It is also a little bit more powerful, as it can deliver higher volume levels without compromising the sound quality.

Battery Life
Last but not least, the difference between Sony XB10 vs XB20 is the battery life. The maximum battery life of Sony XB10 is 16 hours. It does not have any lighting to power, so it consumes less power. Meanwhile, the maximum battery life of Sony XB20 is only 12 hours.

Sony XB10 Vs XB20

Sony XB10Sony XB20
Key Features- Feel the power of EXTRA BASS - Connect and stream music easily with Bluetooth and NFC - Add an extra speaker for stereo sound - Water-resistant design for worry-free listening indoors or out - Listen all day with up 16 hours of battery life - Pick it up and play with the small, lightweight design- Feel the power of EXTRA BASS - Connect and stream music easily with Bluetooth and NFC, plus LDAC - Add a splash of colored light with a single-colored line light - Connect and add more speakers with Wireless Party Chain - Add an extra speaker for stereo sound

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In the end, Sony XB20 is much more recommended. This model has better design, features, and sound quality. It is easier to pocket, and the lighting system is very cool for parties. You can link up to ten speakers for some real beats. Although the battery life is shorter, 12 hours is probably already sufficient for most cases.

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