Sony XB13 Vs JBL GO 3

Small speakers like Sony XB13 Vs JBL GO 3 are incredibly convenient because you can bring them quickly. These speakers are perfect for you who want to get the music out there but only want it slightly more powerful than the smartphone. These speakers are easy to use and pair well with most smartphones, but they differ. Before deciding the option, let’s look at what they can offer here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Are You Currently Looking for a New Speaker
  • What are Sony XB13 and JBL GO 3
  • How are the Build Quality of Sony XB13 and JBL GO 3
  • How are the Setups of Sony XB13 and JBL GO 3
  • How are the Sound Characters of Sony XB13 and JBL GO 3
  • What are the Features of Sony XB13 and JBL GO 3
  • How are the Battery Life of Sony XB13 and JBL GO 3
  • Sony XB13 vs JBL GO 3

Choosing a New Speaker

Many of us think of music as a part of our life because it can color your day and affect your mood. Everyone may have different answers when you ask who the best musician is or the best genre, but all of us will agree that a good listening device will be fun. The options are usually between headphones or earphones and something louder like speakers. The speakers are more convenient if you listen to music with other people.

Speakers vary widely based on the sound, size, and also connectivity. The consumer market mainly consists of compact speakers or soundbars that easily connect to the primary device. The choice depends on which seems to fit your preference or application the most. If sound matters the most to you, then it is wise to listen to each of the options. It is time-consuming, and you will need access to the unit, but this shopping method is the most accurate.

For the majority of us, the speakers can be almost anything. The good speakers will deliver your music just as how you like it. Most speakers sound nice for casual listeners as they are tailored to fit the general preference. But, if you will have to transport the speaker a lot or want to pair the unit with a specific device, it is wise to consider both size and connectivity. Nowadays, Bluetooth speakers such as JBL Charge 5 and UE Megaboom 3 are ideal and versatile for most people.

 Sony XB13JBL GO 3
Product Dimensions3.43 x 3.43 x 4.41 inches
3.4 x 1.6 x 2.7 inches
Shipping Weight8.9 ounces
7.4 ounces
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About Sony XB13 and JBL GO 3

Bluetooth speakers are easy to use, and many of them can pair with the smartphone or other smart devices with the connectivity type. They are affordable, and if you don’t want to spend a lot, there are even options at much lower cost coming from unfamiliar names. The most important is that you will enjoy the speaker because they sound good, have a decent playback time, or just because they are easy to carry, so you don’t have to mind about the weight and size.

We recommend famous or well-known names with a trusted reputation because it is easier to rely on them with your purchase. Chances are it is easier to find them whether you want to shop from the physical or online stores. For those who want a highly compact speaker and can deliver a lot, the Sony XB13 and JBL GO 3 are two incredible options to consider. These brands are no strangers anymore and are known for their extensive Bluetooth speakers.

We have talked about XB13 in Sony XB13 Vs Wonderboom 2 and think this speaker is a better choice if you want something cheap but offers more. Today’s competitor is the similarly compact JBL GO 3, which is about the same price and sounds pleasant for the size. But, as you can expect, they are not the same with some differences. Sound character-wise, they are very similar, but features-wise, the XB13 is offering more for the same budget.

The best thing about Sony XB13 and JBL GO 3 is their size. Usually, typical Bluetooth speakers will be about the size of your water bottle or tumbler, but these two are much smaller. It is like an extended version of your smartphone speakers for loudness and versatility. You can use them at home or outdoor but note that due to the size, they will not be as loud as speakers that comes at twice or more time the form factor.

Sony XB13 and JBL GO 3 Build Quality

Before getting into the main part, let’s see the speakers first. They are very compact or easily fit your jacket/hoodie pocket. They weigh less than a pound and are probably about the size of a coin purse, with XB13 being larger. We like the strap included because it makes the speakers convenient when attaching them to something. Unfortunately, it is not a carabiner, so we have to find something to hang them into. The samples are black, but the speakers come in varying colors.

The Sony XB13 and JBL GO 3 build quality are excellent and expected from something that we will bring on outdoor activities. The rating is IP67, so they will be okay even when you accidentally drop them on water. They do not float but are safe for around 30 minutes underwater. The build quality is excellent, and like most JBL speakers, the GO 3 is covered using this woven fabric. On the other hand, XB13 is full plastic. For the accessories, you will only get a USB charging cable.

Sony XB13 and JBL GO 3 Setup

For the most important part, let’s see what the Sony XB13 and JBL GO 3 can offer. One of the most noticeable differences between these speakers is their setup. XB13 is like a can with the driver firing from the top while the sidewall houses the control buttons. The GO 3 is similar to most JBL speakers, with the driver firing from the front. Unlike Wonderboom 2, it is not 360 sound. The XB13 has a mono 46mm driver, while GO 3 has a 1.5-inch driver or 38mm.

Sony XB13 and JBL GO 3 Sound Character

As expected, the Sony XB13 and JBL GO 3 sounds are mono, yet they don’t sound the same. Small speakers tend to be flat, including these two. They are relatively neutral, which is great for pop songs because the vocals and instruments will not get overpowered by the bass frequency. But, they don’t sound identical because XB13 gives a slight kick on the low end that gives its sound character a more solid body.

We think whether Sony XB13 and JBL GO 3 will sound good or not depends on the type of music you often listen to. The GO 3 will be suitable for music with vocals and air instruments as it sounds balanced, but the bass will not be as noticeable if you often listen to EDM or hip-hop. The GO 3 probably sounds like most smartphone speakers nowadays. We can’t say XB13 is satisfying for bass, but it gives a small body on the low end.

As for the soundstage, they are not outstanding, but it is normal. In comparison, XB13 is much better due to the design or how the driver is firing upside instead of flat. This arrangement improves the XB13 soundstage, making it more open and natural. But, as a mono speaker, you will manage the expectation because they will downmix your stereo audio into mono, reducing the overall quality.

Sony XB13 and JBL GO 3 Features

Next are the features you can find on Sony XB13 and JBL GO 3. First, both are using Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone, and there is no physical connectivity here. But, the GO 3 have the newer Bluetooth 5.1 while Sony uses the 4.1 version. Experience may vary depending on your primary device or environment, but both work well and have good distance coverage. Second, the XB13 can pair with another similar speaker to play stereo sound.

Third, none of them have a voice assistant, but you can connect the XB13 to your phone and send voice commands like with the phone. It needs to be paired with the phone, but it doesn’t recognize recorded voice unless you speak directly. Fourth, because the XB13 has a microphone, the speaker is also helpful to receive calls from your phone, a feature that is not present in GO 3.

Sony XB13 and JBL GO 3 Battery Life

Lastly, for the battery life, these speakers are nice. We don’t have any high expectations because even larger speakers sometimes have poor battery life, but it is not the case with Sony XB13 and JBL GO 3. We are surprised to see Sony claim XB13 can last for 16 hours, but you may only be able to pull 11 hours in real life. The GO 3 is claimed to have 5 hours of playback, which is very low. Thankfully it is also what we found in real life because it stands for 5 hours.

Sony XB13 vs JBL GO 3

There are so many good speakers to choose from, and these two are some of the best for portability. The difference between Sony XB13 and JBL GO 3 is the sound character and features. The XB13 has a deeper bass and more natural soundstage, so it delivers a better experience and more fun to listen to. The XB13 also has a pairing mode and can pair with more devices simultaneously. The battery life is impressive for the size or can play twice as long as the GO 3.

- EXTRA BASS for deep, punchy sound
- Sound Diffusion Processor expands sound far and wide
- Waterproof and dustproof (IP67 rated)
- Up to 16 hours of battery life with indicator
- JBL Pro Sound delivers surprisingly big audio and punchy bass from Go 3’s ultra-compact size.
- JBL Go 3’s ultra-portable design goes great with the latest styles, and its design make it look as great as it sounds.
- JBL Go 3 is IP67 waterproof and dustproof, so you can bring your speaker anywhere.
- Wirelessly stream music from your phone, tablet, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device.


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The decision is all yours because we don’t have any specific complaints about how they work. We recommend Sony XB13 because this speaker is an overall better choice. It sounds good and has more features than GO 3 while also available at the same price.


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