Sony XB33 VS Marshall Emberton

Speakers are convenient and it is also easy to use or pair with your main system. There are actually plenty of amazing options based on which seems to work best in your application or preference such as Sony XB33 Vs Marshall Emberton that will be ideal for personal use or convenience when you want to bring the speaker out there. To know which you may like better, let’s see what they can offer here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Choosing a Bluetooth Speaker
  • What are Sony XB33 and Marshall Emberton
  • How are the Unit of Sony XB33 and Marshall Emberton
  • How are the Sound Quality of Sony XB33 and Marshall Emberton
  • How are the Control Functions in Sony XB33 and Marshall Emberton
  • What else Sony XB33 and Marshall Emberton can offer
  • Sony XB33 Vs Marshall Emberton

Bluetooth Speakers

Every one of us may have at least one speaker at home whether it is a small pair to accompany the TV or computer or a larger setup we have in the theater room. The speaker is a transducer that converts one type of energy to another and this is why we can listen to music coming from them. The size doesn’t really matter as long as you can put it close enough to your ears to listen to because the size of the speaker or driver is deciding the volume they can produce.

Speakers are probably an aging system but it is crucial in various settings, especially when it comes to live performance or public use. Bigger speakers are required to produce higher volume so they can be heard by the people in the area at once. In modern days for personal use most of us probably choose to invest on high-end headphone, the amp/dac, or get a TWS instead for the convenience. Speakers for personal use are quite limited due to the size and volume.

For those who listen to music through speakers alone or with few people, a small speaker like Sony XB33 Vs UE Boom 3 will be very ideal. They are small and easy to pair with your smart device that has Bluetooth connectivity such as smartphone or laptops. The speakers often sound good for the casual music listener and the big advantage is that you can pair them with so many different media players with the compatible connectivity as well as bringing it outdoors.

They can get quite loud too depending on the model or size, making them suitable for small parties or even to be listened to together with your coworker who works in the same room so everyone can listen to anyone’s playlist together. The only drawback is that they won’t sound as superb as your larger speaker because there is only so much their small woofer and sometimes tweeter can produce. Typically, they will be boosted on the low range.

Another drawback that can be an advantage is battery. With regular speakers we are getting a constant supply so it doesn’t matter for how long you want to listen to them but Bluetooth speakers use batteries to work. If possible you can play music while it charges but for those who bring their speakers out there may just want to have the convenience. Usually they can last for 6 or more hours per charge but depending on the unit, they will vary too.

 Sony XB33 Marshall Emberton
Product Dimensions10.39 x 4.96 x 5.35 inches
2.99 x 6.3 x 2.68 inches
Shipping Weight2.42 pounds 1.54 pounds
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About Sony XB33 and Marshall Emberton

There are so many good speakers to choose from based on which seems to work best in your type of application or just your personal preference. In most cases you will find them in varying sizes or from different brands. The common sound character is bass boosted because it seems most people prefer this type of configuration but some does sound more balanced or in some cases there is an app to help design the character as you want through digital EQ.

Sony for example is one of the most famous brands of speakers or electronics in general because they are known to have a good reputation in so many diverse products currently in their catalog. These Japanese brands were famous for their Walkman back then but now they carry some of the most interesting or convenient systems for personal use like Bluetooth speakers. There are other interesting brands as well like Harman Kardon and Marshall. Compared to Sony or JBL, they may not be as widely popular.

Only enthusiasts usually know these brands such as HK with their sophisticated design and Marshall mostly known as a professional equipment for musicians. Marshall amps are probably the most popular system for so many musicians but they reach into the regular consumer base too with Emberton. This speaker is like a mini-size of their amp and subjectively also one of the most attractive we have ever seen for Bluetooth speakers. On the other hand Sony is keeping the more traditional design of Bluetooth speakers.

Its XB33 for example still has this rounded shape despite not being completely cylindrical. Both Sony XB33 and Marshall Emberton are compact speakers that you can bring out there without putting any meaningful weight. The two sound really good for the general consumers but you may like one better and personally we do think they are about the same with similar sound character which you can already guess, highlight the bass range. They are actually very pleasant but XB33 may sound louder.

Sony XB33 and Marshall Emberton Unit

Aesthetics can be subjective so we will leave it to you but Marshall always has this classic design and we agree that it looks more attractive compared to the tubular XB33. In comparison Emberton is also smaller or more compact so you can hold it almost like a smartphone yet XB33 is larger, it is about the size of your water tumbler. The speaker of XB33 can be used vertically or horizontally and the most attractive is probably the light as not many speakers come with this feature.

In a glance Emberton does look like the classic amp and it is playing horizontally. The housing is similarly good and you can definitely transport them easily using a backpack or sling bag. They are waterproof but XB33 is IP67 which means the construction is protected against small particles too while Emberton is only IPX7. The unit comes with only a charger and they use regular USB cable to charge.

Sony XB33 and Marshall Emberton Sound Quality

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Sony XB33 and Marshall Emberton can offer starting from the sound quality and as it has been mentioned above, they are very similar here. The overall sound is boosting the low end so if your type of music has a dominant low frequency, they will sound pretty good. The rest of the frequency response is slightly reduced on the mid-range, very noticeable on the Emberton which may make your songs sound thin.

It is very similar to XB33 and while the bass range is boosted, it produces less richness when you compare it to the larger speakers but they do get boomy and will sound just as good for most people. The clarity is great too since they don’t sound muddle for other genres with more vocals and instruments yet they are also far from neutral and balanced if you are more serious about the accuracy.

Sony XB33 and Marshall Emberton Control 

Next is for the control panel and both speakers are very convenient even without the smartphone with the basic functions. As expected there is power and Bluetooth pairing button on the device along with the playback and volume control. You can adjust the volume as well as control the playlist through the speaker for convenience. We can play, pause, and skip track directly using these simple button arrangements. However, since they are often placed a bit further from us, we rarely use these physical buttons.

Additionally, you don’t need any app to pair and make these speakers work as they are just plug and play. You can download Sony’s app for their Bluetooth speaker such as Sony Music Center and the Fiestable app that should be useful for accessing other features on XB33.

Sony XB33 and Marshall Emberton Features

One of the features that you can control from the app is their lighting and this is quite unique since not many Bluetooth speakers come with one. Personally we rarely use it to preserve battery but also because it can be distracting. Sony’s app is very convenient when you need to change the sound EQ of XB33 so we can try different adjustments to match your preference. Additionally, only XB33 comes with a microphone which means we can use it to receive calls.

On the wider system, most Bluetooth speakers from JBL or Sony and UE can be paired with other similar speakers to play stereo or play together to fill a whole room or to increase the overall volume but in comparison only XB33 comes with this feature.

Sony XB33 Vs Marshall Emberton

Both Sony XB33 and Marshall Emberton are good speakers for the convenience and sound quality. They are more similar in sound character and equally pleasant to listen to but, the XB33 is just slightly more expensive and you can have a dedicated app for the speaker. This option also gives you features built in the unit such as the pairing function with other speakers and the adjustable lighting system. Additionally, XB33 has a higher sealing for the construction.

- Play it loud with EXTRA BASS sound
- Built to last with a IP67 waterproof rustproof dustproof and shockproof design
- Lasts all day long with up to 24 hours of battery life
- X-Balanced Speaker Unit enhances sound quality and power
- Rich, clear and loud, like the artist intended. Emberton utilizes True Stereophonic, a unique form of multi-directional sound from Marshall. Experience absolute 360° sound where every spot is a sweet spot. By separating out the spatial content of stereo recordings, Emberton produces a sound much larger than its size and outperforms most speakers in its class.
- 20+ hours of portable playtime on a single charge. Its compact size and rugged durability make it perfect to take with you. Emberton can be quickly charged, with 20 minutes giving it a playtime of 5 hours.
- Emberton is tough and resilient. With its silicone exterior and solid metal grille, it boasts an extremely durable and easy to use design. Its IPX7 water-resistance rating means you can submerge Emberton in 3ft of water for a period of up to 30 minutes.
- Simple and easy to use. Control it with the multi-directional control knob. You can play, pause, skip tracks and adjust the volume of your speaker, as well as turn it on or off.


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There is no bad option and it is wise to go for your personal choice but we will recommend getting the XB33 for its versatility and features. It sounds equally good, can get louder, and also still very affordable for what it can offer.


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