Sony XB33 VS XB43

Bluetooth speakers are very convenient and this is because you can easily connect them to the main device and play the playlist. Most of them are also battery powered that can play for hours non-stop such as Sony XB33 Vs XB43. These close brothers are currently very affordable and sound good too with some slight differences. For those who wonder which of the two will be the better choice, let’s see what they can offer below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What to Consider in a Bluetooth Speaker
  • What are Sony XB33 and XB43
  • How are the Design of Sony XB33 and XB43
  • How are the Sound Quality of Sony XB33 and XB43
  • How are the Control in Sony XB33 and XB43
  • What else Sony XB33 and XB43 can offer
  • Sony XB33 Vs XB43

Bluetooth Speakers

We all love music and the reason is because they are fun to listen to depending on your mood and personal taste. The way people listen to music can vary; some can attend a live music performance, some prefer to listen from their streaming service, and some like to sing it themselves. No matter which method you like better, we will still use a certain media player and a speaker on a daily basis. Speakers can be large like those in concerts or very small that we can fit on our ears.

When it comes to speakers, size matters and while this is not always a guarantee that bigger speakers will sound better or able to reproduce the sound more accurately, they will certainly be louder. Increasing the volumes can help improve the experience such as allowing listeners to notice the subtler sounds. For speakers meant to be convenient, size equal whether you can carry them easily or not since many people may want to bring their playlist along with the activity.

If you will bring the speaker with you, make sure that it can fit in your backpack or purse. In some cases the speakers can be small enough to hang on our back pack such as the clip series. Since this is a Bluetooth speaker, this wireless technology is improving a lot from time to time and this is noticeable from the connectivity performance as well as the distance from the main device and speakers. The best thing about getting Bluetooth 5.0 for example is robust connectivity and longer range.

The next point before you decide on a speaker is the weather sealing. The reason why speakers are waterproof is because users love to bring them near water whether it is just in the bathroom while they shower and soaking or near the pool where everyone can gather and enjoy the time together. Waterproofing also has a dedicated rating so you know the safety requirement while using the speaker. Some can just resist water when it gets splashed while some can float and still work properly.

The last but not least is to decide how long you want to use the speaker. Since most of them require a battery to work, it is nice to buy the one that is playing as long as you need it. This of course varies based on the model and capacity but do note the performance listed by the company can be a good guide to decide yet they will still vary depending on the volume and features used during the application; higher volume will drain battery faster and vice versa.

 Sony XB33Sony XB43 
Product Dimensions10.39 x 4.96 x 5.35 inches
14.33 x 5.98 x 7.8 inches
Shipping Weight2.42 pounds
6.5 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Sony XB33 and XB43

Now when you are ready to find a new Bluetooth speaker, it is time to see what the market has to offer because there are so many of them out there and it can be confusing to choose one. We do recommend considering the factors above when buying a speaker because they can help reduce the time and amount to select. You can shop based on the brand too, especially those well-known names because they tend to carry lots of amazing options.

For Bluetooth speakers, there are JBL, Harman Kardon, Sony, etc. and all of them are very popular for different reasons. Some can be for the variety of options like JBL and some can be for the more refined sound like HK. Sony itself is not new in the world of audio since they have been around for so long offering a wide range of electronics. The speakers can be a great alternative because they tend to be more affordable, especially the older models.

Some of the favorites from Sony currently are Sony XB33 and XB43 that are very popular too. We have talked and compared the XB43 in Sony XB43 Vs JBL Xtreme 3 concluding the two as very good speakers and Sony as a good alternative in a lower price range. This time we will see how the new iteration is compared to the older variant which is noticeably more affordable too. The two speakers are coming from the Extra Bass series hence the XB model name.

What to consider first is that none of them will be able to produce a very fine bass or detailed response of the mix yet in comparison the XB43 is an overall more balanced or even speaker as it reproduces the sound better. From the physical and features point of view, Sony XB33 and XB43 are very much the same, almost like the exact same speakers with different names. Additionally, the XB43 is more long lasting in terms of battery life compared to the previous speaker.

Sony XB33 and XB43 Design 

Before getting into what the Sony XB33 and XB43 can offer, first let’s take a look into the unit and as you can see, they are very similar or identical. What makes these speakers attractive in so many eyes is probably the RGB lighting but personally we are not fond of it since it can be too bright when you play it in a dark room. The dimensions are different with XB43 being a larger speaker but the materials are the same.

What we like about their design is actually the shape itself because the triangle housing makes the speakers look different from the rest of the options with mostly cylindrical like JBL speakers. The control buttons are all located at the top of the speaker. There are power buttons, Bluetooth connection, the play and pause button, volume buttons, and LIVE button for activating live effect on the speaker.

Sony XB33 and XB43 Sound Quality

Now for the most important part, let’s see how the Sony XB33 and XB43 sound because they are similar but different. Being in the Extra Bass, we hope that these speakers will be producing a very strong bass and they are. The bass is more prominent on the mid range so they are quite boomy but for the sub-bass itself they are not very detailed. We still think they are easy listening however and most people will like how they sound.

What’s a bit different is when it comes to the overall sound because the XB33 is quite strong on the bass range, it also gets into the rest of the frequency creating an imbalanced performance that may reduce the details on your songs. Side by side, the XB43 is also louder and due to the size so we can hear the speaker playing the song in higher volume with the same setting. In addition, while the two are using Bluetooth 5.0, there is a noticeable latency with XB43 that is probably different based on the apps being used.

Sony XB33 and XB43 Control 

Next we want to talk about the control from your speakers but just like many other Bluetooth speakers, they are very limited and stay the same. After powering and pairing your phone with the speaker, we can start playing the song. There is only so little to do on the device itself because you can only play/pause and increase or decrease the volume. There is also option to adjust the lighting and the rest of the functions are accessed from your phone.

Sony offers the app that we can install as well called Sony Music Center app and from here we can fine-tune the sound to match your preference or access playback and volume conveniently, especially when you are far from the speakers.

Sony XB33 and XB43 Features

Lastly for the features part, both Sony XB33 and XB43 are also very much the same because the housing is still the same IP67 rated. This means the speakers are able to be submerged and protected against fine particles like dust. The speakers can be used vertically or in a horizontal setup based on your preference and for the pairing, we can pair two speakers or more together and play stereo sound so if you have both speakers, we can utilize both. In addition, besides Bluetooth the two have NFC too.

Sony XB33 Vs XB43

The Sony XB33 and XB43 are close siblings that are very similar. We love their long lasting batteries that can play for more than 10 hours and the good sound quality but, in comparison the XB43 is more balanced so it probably satisfies more ears with the same level of bass; both still struggle with sub-bass production however. The features stay the same too with NFC in addition to LIVE pairing for two speakers to play stereo sound. You can bring these speakers to work or while hanging out since they are similarly IP67 for protection.

- Play it loud with EXTRA BASS sound
- Built to last with a IP67 waterproof rustproof dustproof and shockproof design
- Lasts all day long with up to 24 hours of battery life
- X-Balanced Speaker Unit enhances sound quality and power
- Play it loud with EXTRA BASS sound
- Built to last with an IP67 waterproof rustproof and dustproof design
- Listen all day and night with up to 24 hours of battery life
- Boost your music with 2 speaker lights and multi-colored line lights and turn the lights on or off via the Fiestable App


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The choice is all based on how you want to spend the budget but personally we recommend getting the Sony XB43 for the more balanced sound and for the longer battery life while all the good things in XB33 are all still present in the new speaker.

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