UE Megaboom Vs Megablast

UE Megaboom and Megablast is two bigger Bluetooth speaker made by UE. This company known for its high quality Bluetooth speakers, if you are confused which to choose between Megaboom and Megablast, in this article we will give you some brief information regarding those two.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is UE Megaboom and Megablast
– What is the difference between Megaboom and Megablast
– What to Choose between Megaboom and Megablast

About UE Megaboom
Taken from forbes, UE Megaboom is just how the name sound, it is basically the bigger version of Boom 2 and also more powerful than Boom 2. Megaboom shares the same shape and build as the Boom speakers. It has the same cylindrical shape and styling, includes the natty “plasma-coated” finish. Read our article on UE Boom 2 vs Megaboom here.

One thing that might upset you from this speaker is when you try to listen to it while charging, since the charging port is located below the speaker. You will need to lay it down or make it stand upside down, whichever can produce better sound. But when it’s fully charged, you will able to listen to it for 20 hours uninterrupted.

UE Megaboom Features
To enhance its ability you should download the UE’S app for iOS, this app will open this speaker extra features, such as the alarm clock and “Double Up”. Double Up is pairing your UE speaker with another UE Speaker to play the same music together. This app will also bring you to the UE sound settings. They have four presets in total, which are the standard, bass jump, cramped spaces, and voices.

The UE Megaboom also featured with more practical feature, which is answering call only using a single press on the Bluetooth button to pick up and another to hang up. Aside from these features we can’t forget about how amazing this speaker sound. The Megaboom ability to disperse sound does stand out, you will be able to enjoy a decent spread from various positions. However what makes is a bit disappointing about Megaboom is because it doesn’t offer some significant feature to separate it from Boom 2.

About UE Megablast
The UE Megablast is build one step up from its brother Boom 2 and Megaboom to make a different family of Ultimate Ears Bluetooth speakers. This Bluetooth speaker offer you the blasting sound and its portability. The company claims that this speaker is designed to be used anywhere any time. Megablast has reach the recent technology in speaker related field. It is the result of Amazon, the Echo made the speaker market on its head by releasing a speaker with a voice control in the shape of Alexa, and made a new category of device.

UE Megablast Features
UE Megablast adapted this technology, since Amazon made an announcement that the technology will be available in third party. The Alexa voice control is the key focal point of UE Megablast. Among those many Bluetooth speaker out there UE is always able to manage itself well. They combine a tough device with a great 360 degree sound and with its waterproof convenience. These combination made this device is very suitable for an outdoor activity and active life.

As we already know UE Bluetooth speaker are famous for its IP67 rated device, this means this device is water and dust proof, so it will be perfect taking this device into your pool, your rear deck or your yacht, without the worry the device will get thrown in the water and broken. You can also bring them into your shower because the protection of the Micro USB port at the bottom is covered with a rubber stopper that shield it from water.

The Alexa voice Service in Megablast is essentially mirror the Amazon Echo. They works just the same, it always listen to your voice, so you just can talk to the speaker and Alexa will respond. To make this work a Wi-Fi is planted in Megablast, so it can connect to the cloud and allow Alexa to access all the skill available.

To set up the speaker you can start with the UE app and then shifts to Alexa app to complete the process, the system will allow you to sign in using your Amazon credentials. You will assign skills and manage the information and services to Megablast through the Alexa app.

As it has been explained above both of Megaboom and Megablast does have some difference, when you look at the products you might not realized their difference, since they does look the same. However the changes is in the internal. We already know that Megablast have Wi-Fi which is used to connect with Alexa. Other than that the sound produced by Megablast is also improved, this speaker has been reengineered to be able to produce fuller and better rounded audio. The Megablast has two passive radiators, two bass drivers and two tweeters.

UE Megaboom Vs Megablast

UE MegaboomUE Megablast
BrandUltimate EarsUltimate Ears
Key Features- Waterproof (IPX7) grab n’ go shape that is shockingly light—1.93 pounds - Connect with Echo Dot (2nd Generation) for hands-free voice control of Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM with Alexa; ask Alexa to play music from Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and TuneIn on your MEGABOOM- With Amazon Alexa hands-free voice control: Just ask Alexa to blast tunes from Amazon Music, iHeart Radio or TuneIn, change tracks, check the weather - or try any of Alexa's skills - Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled: Use the Alexa Voice Service at home or on the go whenever connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot or stream music via Bluetooth from your phone

Ratings4.0 out of 5.0 stars2.7 out of 5.0 stars
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When you compare their specification side by side, it is clear who the winner is, but when choosing which one to purchase you also have to consider the price. If you think you need a better sound than Megaboom and need your own Alexa too, we recommend you to choose the Megablast. But if you don’t need Alexa, we suggest you to choose the more affordable Megaboom.

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