UE Roll vs UE Boom

Bluetooth speakers nowadays has come with so many features, they comes in different shapes, colors and also from different brands. It is understandable if you are having a hard time choosing which will suit you better. You can’t make a wrong purchase because most of them are not cheap. If you are currently looking for a reliable Bluetooth speaker, then you should read this article because we are going to compare two of famous UE speakers, which are UE Roll and UE Boom.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is UE Roll and UE Boom
– What UE Roll and UE Boom can offer to you
– UE Roll vs UE Boom

About UE Roll
UE Roll is a very compact Bluetooth speaker, it is also waterproof and has a unique design. The speaker is able to produce good sound despite its size with a decent battery life. Taken from cnet, the design of UE Roll is look like a saucer-shaped UFO, the product available in six different colors. The UE Roll is released to follow its big brother the UE Boom and Megaboom, which also has cylindrical designs. This speaker is said to replace the previous version UE Mini Boom, which is no longer manufactured.

UE Roll Features
When first getting your UE Roll you might notice that this speaker is interesting, you can place it laying down flat or pull the bungee cord and hang the speaker wherever you want, such as shower head. The front area of this speaker is covered with textured fabric with plenty of bright colors and the iconic “+,-“ control buttons. However you won’t find the pause/play button or speakerphone in the UE Roll.

The IPX7 certified UE Roll is able to be submerged underwater when the ports are all sealed off. The speaker will not float, but you will get a little inflatable life preserver that you can attach to the bungee cord in the speaker if you purchased it from UE’s website.

The sound produced by UE Roll is much bigger and better if you are considering its size. The balance sound is quite amazing, this speaker is clearly designed d to be played outside or on the go. This speaker is putting the midrange front and slightly center forward to make clarity that allows vocals and high mids to surge. The treble is also clean and crisp, however the bass is not that impressive. With the size and dimension the capability of this speaker to create powerful bass is understandably limited.

Similar to many other UE speakers, the UE Roll also has its own dedicated app, which you can use to double up the Roll with another Roll to make a bigger universal sound or use them in stereo. You can also use it to set an alarm, with this you can be woken up with your blasting music.

About UE Boom
The UE Boom is a portable Bluetooth speaker that has been released by UE years ago. Being the first version of Boom, many people might be still unfamiliar with buttons placing in UE Boom. Most of speakers that was introduced by other companies around the same time have an obvious buttons placing, unlike UE Boom. When you see it for the first time, this might seems like a weakness, but being elusive is only UE first step. (See another comparison between JBL Charge Vs UE Boom)

UE Boom Features
What will catch your attention first when seeing the UE Boom must be its color, they comes in various colors that will attract people attentions. Boom has a cylindrical frame and was coated in a single mesh fabric. This fabric covers all the machine, including the multi directional speaker, the battery and microphone. You will find the Bluetooth pairing button at the top of the unit along with the power unit. Tracing its body, you will find the iconic “+,-“ volume buttons and if you hold them both long enough, the speaker will announce its remaining battery.

To be specific, the UE Boom is IPX4 certified, which means it can stand splashing water. You can’t deliberately spray a focused stream of water at it or submerged it under water. However the mesh fabric is still easy to clean, just in case you accidentally splash wine or mud on it.

The performance of UE Boom is also good, it can produce quite vivid sound right out of the box, but if you want to improve some of its functionality, you should install its accompanying app. The app is available for free on Android and iOS devices. Using this app you can change some simple setting such as the speaker’s name that was display on the list of Bluetooth devices to connect. This app also can be used to set an alarm that wakes you to the noise or your chosen song. Aside from that, you also can adjust the equalizer of the Boom through the app, you can adjust the bass, vocal clarity and the mids and highs. Other interesting feature is that you can pair your boom with another boom to play the same song.

UE Roll vs UE Boom

UE RollUE Boom
BrandUltimate EarsUltimate Ears
Key Features- Powerful pint-sized wireless Bluetooth speaker-small and lightweight so you can blast your music out loud everywhere - Unapologetically awesome 360-degree sound with deep bass - Waterproof (IPX7 rated) life-resistant shell designed for adventure ( Waterproof for up to 30 minutes and a depth of 1 meter)- Logitech Certified Refurbished - includes a 90 day warranty; includes all documentation - Make Some Noise: UE BOOM is the 360-degree speaker that drops bold, immersive sound in every direction - Up for Anything: UE BOOM has a versatile, go anywhere shape that is designed to be spontaneous

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Ratings3.9 out of 5.0 stars4.1 out of 5.0 stars
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As you can see above, the performance is equally good between UE Boom and UE Roll. However they also have some differences, the UE Boom is IPX7 certified, means it is waterproof, while UE Boom is only IPX4, which only can restrain splash and can be submerged. If you are an active person who like to do water-related activity, we will recommend you the UE Roll.

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